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Hey -- I realized this afternoon, as I sweated and strained over at yoga class that I had probably been going for a year now. Just checked through my old postings and discovered that indeed, it was a year and a day ago: August 25th, 2005.

I don't really feel I've improved an impressive amount since I started, at least as far as some of the flexibility and a lot of the strength (at least in the arms) goes. The best I can say for myself is that I know how badly I'm doing -- I can at least see what I'm doing wrong, and know the (theoretical) steps to correct.
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I'm attempting to psych myself up for yoga now -- I was either having to stay late for work, or stuck on a subway the past two days when the early evening classes were held, so this is my first class since the Monday before last. SIGH So much for trying to go at least three times a week. My second time in two days really whipped my ass, too.

I appear to be having a large number of people (as many as 12!?) coming over for SciFi Friday, what with the premieres and all. I need to get some serious living room cleaning done what with relative strangers visiting along with the usual suspects, whom I feel more comfortable if there's old newspapers lying on the coffeetable or whatever.

I was confused about what was showing this Friday, and I ended up IMing with [ profile] readsalot because the various listings are all strange. At 8 PM EST, it's not Stargate SG1, it's a SciFi "Special" about the ::koff:: science behind the shows. Then at 9, the SG1 premiere, then finally SGA at 10 PM. (All EST, of course.)

I must make sure that my TiVo is set to record all three hours, no matter what the current listing in the To-Do List says....

Life is pretty life-like this week -- work has been busy, but blessedly unexciting. No 500-field surprises (so far) and our meetings with the Material Master people have gone well. Even though it's only a prototype, our application is to the point that it looks like it works, so that we can get some quality feedback from the users, because they'll get to go through the motions and work out for themselves, in a practical way, if we've modeled forms and fields the way they work. I'd rather hear NOW that we've left something big out, rather than have to reprogram half a dozen forms when they pull another "Oops" on us.

The bill for the water heater came, so I've got to grit my teeth and get that paid. The next big house thing is going to be gutters -- and given what the weather has been doing, I'd better get those taken care of. And then, finally, I can see about the stoop, which, yes, is still looking drunk.
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I managed to "distinguish" myself as a yoga student once more, this time by falling literally onto my face while in Crane Pose -- I overbalanced and my left arm crumpled and I kind of slid forward and kept going. As a fall it was about as graceful as you can get if you're squatting and bent over your arms. At least it wasn't far from the floor, so the only thing bruised was my last shreds of dignity.

Up until that point, the class had been going pretty well, I was being pretty pleased with my progress on a couple things, like how far over I was stretching in some positions... and really, this was actually pretty humorous, all things considered. Heather-the-teacher pointed out that if I hadn't really managed to get all my weight up on my arms and hands I wouldn't have gone over.
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Yoga went well enough yesterday, although my crane didn't have have much oomph and I was completely confusing the beginner between me and the instructor with my inability to remember what is the difference between Warrior I and Warrior II. And I even made a small breakthrough in my attempt at a handstand -- I got one foot at a time up on the wall, so that my hips were over my shoulders and my leg was making a 90 degree angle to my hips. I doubt my form was very good, but that's higher than it was.

Alas, although nothing felt like it was breaking at the time, today my hip muscles and butt are three-ibuprofen sore. I didn't really think we'd done much more than normal, nothing really exotic, but dang. At least it's well-earned soreness!


Mar. 22nd, 2006 07:21 pm
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Feh. I got as far as putting on my yoga clothes, sat down on the bed, and admitted to myself that I feel weak and achey tonight. While it might be true that 75 minutes of exercise might help, more likely I'd be setting myself up to feel pale and unhappy all the way through the class, which isn't exactly the point of the whole thing.

I'll be over in the corner of the living room tonight, licking my wounds....

Also not helping my mood, a friend is in the hospital while the doctors try to figure out the cause of seizures. Even though I know it's actually a good thing for them to do, and it's a safe place, I'm still sorry for the friend, as well as reminding me that weak and achey isn't all that much to complain about, really.
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Christ on a crutch! I didn't discover I'd left my backpack at work until I was getting on the subway train -- and that's like a 7 minute walk back to my building and then out to the subway again, and I was already well onto the train anyway, so I'd have to switch at the next station and walk back and I said screw it!

Which would be fine, except I didn't remember until I was leaving the train at Davis that I'd stashed my car keys in the backpack. Which was at work.

Fine, fine, I say, even though my car is parked at Davis, I can go home on the bus, because I need to get home ASAP so that I can put my laundry into the dryer, so that I can get dressed for yoga.

So of course the bus is late, and I've got about another 20 minutes or so before my laundry is dry, before I can go running back halfway to Davis (WITH the spare car keys) to the yoga studio, so that after yoga I can walk the rest of the way (with my legs feeling like noodles) and get the car.

I probably should say screw it and stay home with my cupcakes, but really, going to yoga will be good for me....
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Possibly of not much interest to anyone but me, but in yoga this morning, I had a very small breakthrough. One of the advanced positions we try involves squatting down, resting most of our weight on our hands and arms, so that the shins are pushing into the backs of the upper arms. From there, you're supposed to be able to shift your weight entirely onto the hands and arms, lifting the feet up from the floor.

Today felt just like any other yoga class where I'm straining to coax my body into doing things that it finds dubious at best. However, during the aforementioned position, I dutifully did my best, and to my intense surprise (I actually said "Oh!") for a quarter-second or so, my feet were off the ground and I felt... balanced!

So I came away from yoga feeling like it had been a red letter day -- just a little progress in the overall scheme, but a moment that I can say that something changed for the better!
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So... 9:05 AM I jump up from my couch where I've been watching Walking With Dinosaurs, remembering that I'd better get a move on for my 9:30 yoga class, what with the car needing clearing with the snow and all. Go up to my bedroom, and open up the drawer where my exercize clothes are supposed to be, except they aren't....

I spent the next 15 minutes going though a pile of clean clothes, going through other drawers in case in a fit of forgetfulness, I misfiled, until I turn to the dirty clothes hamper, going "oh no," because instead of having one clean set and one dirty set, I'd forgotten that I'd gone on Monday and Thursday this week, which means that both sets are dirty.

And by dirty, I mean, seriously sweated-up, which even if they've dried out by now, once I break a sweat, they're going to reek.

I either need to start doing laundry twice a week or else I need a third set of yoga-appropriate clothes. I actually checked through my older exercise clothes, left over from aerobics years ago, but they're all thread-bare and/or hole-y.

So I'm back to sitting on the couch all grumpy. I've started the laundry going, at least, but it just ain't the same....
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Yoga was done this evening. I didn't make any humorous exclamations (I'm thinking of adding a gag to my exercise outfit, but I did snirfle a little when the teacher mentioned that a Down Dog with the right leg lifted and bent over to the left so that the right hip stacks over the left is sometimes known as the Fire Hydrant Dog.

Something went spang in my inner left thigh when we were doing a non-drastic stretch -- I blame it on all the sitting I was doing this weekend.

And today -- well, I watched a lot of TV, including 2 of the last four Lost episodes, as well as House and 24 -- much to my surprise I'm actually watching the latter this season.

(It's nice to have a First Lady who's a good guy. She should get together with Chloe, and they could Fight Crime (or Terrorists) together.)

I also knitted a whole lot, and having finished up the sleeves, have returned to the body, and maybe I've added two inches or so. That doesn't sound like much, but suddenly the whole thing is startign to look sweater-like. A number of people at Boskone were asking if I was working on a scarf....
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You know, I think I must be getting serious about this yoga thing when I got a link to a Yoga Journal article on Chaturanga Dandasana and not only read it carefully, but print it out for future rereading.

(It's the damned push-up. Anything that can make it easier would be a blessing. There's a couple exercises that could help build up some upper-body strength in here.)

In other yoga news, I inadvertantly managed to crack up the entire classroom last Monday. We were doing a cross-legged sitting which was sort of like a lotus seat, only more extreme, or at least trying to, in my case. I'm beginning to wonder if I have congenitally short thigh tendons or something, because while I can do torso stretching quite handily, getting the outside of my knees to touch the floor in a tailor seat is not going to happen for a long long time.

Anyway, here I am, pathetically but determinedly trying to relax my legs into the cross-legged pose without much progress when it occurs to me that if I use the block to sit my tailbone on I might be able to hold it better, so I twist around to reach for it... and my right leg pops out from under the left where I'd finally eased it.

And I said, "Oh fiddlesticks."

Er... well, it was a similar word without so many syllables.

And it wasn't like I yelled it. However, a yoga class, where everybody is concentrating on their breathing and a difficult position... it's pretty quiet. And the acoustics are good, too.

Oh, did I mention, the teacher on Monday nights is the owner of the studio? And this was the first class I'd had with her, and boy is she good? This was just exactly the kind of first impression as a student you don't want to make. ::sigh::

However, she laughed, and a bunch of other people laughed too, and thank goodness, you can't actually die of embarrassment, anyway.

After the class I looked for her and apologized, and she said that she understood that brain filters get disabled sometimes, especially when working hard.

I still feel like The Worst Yoga Student Ever. On the other hand, still getting good things out of it, so it could sure be worse....


Dec. 22nd, 2005 06:48 pm
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I'm trying to decide whether to go to yoga tonight or not.

Pro: probably won't get to another session until next Tuesday or Wednesday
Pro: it will help relax me so that I get a good night's sleep before having to drive a whole lot tomorrow
Pro: fire bad, exercize good

Con: Less than an hour left before I have to leave the house to get to the class on time
Con: won't have dinner until after class
Con: I'm already tired
Con: need to start packing and stuff

The fact that I can't decide is I suppose a 'con' but then I've proved to myself that I don't actually need a fully-working brain to do yoga, since quite a bit of it concerns the lower brain faculties.


Aug. 25th, 2005 10:39 pm
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I was still kind of upset last night -- this has been an emotionally rocky week for a variety of annoying and/or stressful-if-good reasons -- and knew I had to do something to get me moving and thinking about something other than my friending and rejection issues.

So I screwed my courage up and went over to the yoga school O2 Yoga on Highland Ave, which I've been meaning to check out. It looks very fruits-and-granola when you walk past on the street.. but I'm not sure you ever get very far from the nuts in yoga, so to speak.

I checked out the website last week and found out that they have frequent Basics classes, and one was last night, so I threw myself into a t-shirt and leggings and drove over so I was there a good 20 minutes before class began.

Somehow, I'd thought a 7:45 yoga class would be sparsely attended. Instead, there must have been a good 20 people in the small waiting area, most of them with yoga mats slung over their shoulders. I gradually made my way up to the reception desk and asked if this was the Basics class.

Thank goodness, they were very helpful and welcoming. They have a special two class introductory special price, so I committed myself to at least one more class.

O2 Yoga, it turns out teaches a fairly strenuous version of yoga... and their Basics class isn't so much pitched at beginners. I'm guessing it's more like they slow it down a bit, and avoid the really challenging poses. (The website has some pictures of the instructors in poses that would do Chinese acrobats proud.)

The room was also damn crowded. I found a place way to the back, which was good because I didn't want to think that everyone was staring at me. It probably didn't help that I was perhaps the fattest person there... and I'm close to Dove Girl territory.

But the instructor was pretty good with his instructions, so that I didn't get too lost or confused about right or left, and while my stretching wasn't the best, I felt like I was reasonably keeping up with the class, which is better than I expected. I really started to fade on the Downward-Facing Dog pose (which is where your body is like an inverted V, folding at the waist -- my legs were OK, but my arms started trembling pretty bad) which would sequence into an airplane-type stance.

I was dripping sweat fairly soon, and I realized why some of the other students had brought small towels in with them. For exercize that isn't particularly fast, that doesn't raise the heart rate all that much... it sure is a work out and a half.

(One odd thing, to me -- there was a lot of instruction on where to look as you did a particular pose -- eyes to the farthest left, or loosely focussed on the tip of your nose or whatever. It makes a kind of sense, but I never thought that would be part of an athletic endeavor.)

But best of all it helped to bring me out of the down mood I was in, because I stopped brooding and just thought about how I was going to get through one more god-damned Down Dog et al -- I got into the moment, which helped get some emotional perspective on all that's been going on in my life.

Today my arms were a bit heavy, but by and large I ended up with more energy not less. I can try another lesson this weekend, though I've written the email address because there's a mention that they do offer an occasional "Basics for Beginners" class, so we'll see.


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