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  • RT @BostonDave Cat Food...Now with LSD? Friskies "Adventureland" Commercial // More proof cats are insane, frankly.

Really has to be seen to be appreciated -- great fantastic CGI with a real kitty.

RT @tzikeh Does anyone have news about Mad Men's Season 4 premiere date? Have they schedule it yet? Are they filming?

Retweeting because yeah, I'd REALLY like to know!

  • Is working in raw PHP today, which is much slower but correspondingly much less frustrating than CakePHP.
  • I keep forgetting that all PHP variables start with $. $$$$$$$$$$. Maybe if I type $$$$$$ often enough it will stick.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • Gaaaaah... must have been in a PHP-induced coma, suddenly it's 4PM!

CakePHP wouldn't be so bad if it weren't impossible to set up.  Well, impossible for me.  I knew I was in trouble when my friend Ron asked if I was using bash or tsh (or something like that).  "I want to learn to drive a car, not how to assemble the engine first."

Straight PHP, on the other hand -- I'm working my way through to a complete catalog website, with its own control panel for the user.  I'm very sure this is exactly what Joomla or Drupal should be used for, but if I do it all by hand, I'll have all the conceptual issues nailed down, and then can revel in the ease of use, secure that I know what's really going on underneath everything.

  • Spare Cat logged me off my computer. She is talented, I'll give her that much. Grudgingly.

I sure hope I'm getting a lot of good karma for taking in Cece, because I sure deserve it.

  • RT @tweetmeme Caprica: Exclusive: 'Caprica' producer Jane Espenson explains Sam Adama's tattoos - S..

I'm not seeing a whole lot of Caprica love yet!  It's taking its time, but in the meantime the world-building is fascinating and the characters are growing.  For me the breakout character is actually Sam Adama, who seemed to be a tertiary character in the pilot and now looks to be a major player.  But maybe I should have expected this from the hyuuuuuuge cast they developed on BSG.

Anyway -- the tattoos turn out to be fascinating, absolutely.

  • Watched the last two #Leverage last night -- couldn't love the show any more, especially Elliott and Hardison, but geeze they're all good.

I had a real nice paragraph extolling the virtues of this show, and then Spare Cat landed on both the mouse and keyboard and erased it past retrieval.  Suffice it to say, you were all right about this show....

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  • Anybody want a Spare Cat? I even promise to put breathing holes in the box I mail her to you.

It's not just the knocking-things-off-things that annoys.  When she wants attention, she forces herself into your lap, or in my case, onto the keyboard because I'm typing away, typically.  And then even when you get her positioned in your lap, she's struggling to get up into your face if you're not paying enough attention.

If I wanted a dog, I'd have got a dog, damnit.

  • Almost forgot I had a party to go to this afternoon! And I can/should walk to it!
  • Cats are suspicious because I petted a Dee Oh Gee at the party -- lovely mini-dachsie named Gwendolyn! Her mom is a beekeeper!

What a little love -- she was 11, in perfect shape wth such delicate features, and completely content to sit in her Mom's arms and listen to us talk about grey hair and beekeeping and other stuff.  Nice party, cool people... I should be social more often, you know?

  • Watched two runs of the #Olympics slalom and found myself gripping the arms of my chair. Muscle memory surprisingly strong.
  • Addendum to last night's slalom-related tweet. No, never slalomed, but regular downhill skiing at least as difficult for me. Fun, though.

No, seriously -- gripping the arms of the chair and tensing my legs as I watched the guy's skis try to grab an edge.  I never got going that fast (thank goodness) but I have felt the wonderful thrill of pushing hard to control the degree of turn, feeling like you're flying down the mountain with confidence you'll get to the bottom in one piece.  It's been for sure more than ten years, but even so....

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  • First online act of 2010, signing up for a card-playing meetup group! Let it be the start of a new year, right?
    • I feel like I've slipped a lot on Being Social of late -- hell, for the past year.  So trying to break out of the mold and get more involved with meat space stuff, like watching movies with friends and playing games and volunteer work is on the radar now.
  • Ooooh, I feel the first stirrings of hunger this morning. Should see about breakfast, yes.
  • Still haven't eaten anything. Suppose I should do something about that....
  • It's not really Sunday, right?
    • Yup,  New Year's Day, though I think I turned in 10-ish.  Blew off two actual in-person social events, too, which doesn't bode well for my resolution above....
  • -- One of the beautiful animals from yesterday.
    • Need to get the rest of the pictures up here -- this was at a Somerville Library event. My college friend [personal profile] luscious_purple was up for a Somerville day trip, and it just happened that I intended to check out the "Tropical Animal Presentation" put on as a Xmas week/school vacation special event.  I think Patty and I were the only unaccompanied adults aside from the librarian and the presenter, but we got to enjoy other people's kids a whole lot, who were pretty much wide-eyed and delighted.
    • My favorite animal turned out to be a kinkajou, which is actually a relative of the raccoon.  I have to say, it's the most monkey-like animal that isn't a primate I've EVER seen -- it even has a prehensile tail!  Which let the presenter keep a "leash" on him (the kinkajou's name was "Sean"?!) while he explored cooperative audience members, including me.  Since Sean's tail is meant to hold him up, it was safe to pull him back by it!  Gorgeous little thing -- too bad you need a special wildlife permit to keep one in MA, otherwise I'd be hella tempted....
  • You know you've been watching too much #Dexter when you find yourself using Michael C. Hall's characteristic diction.
  • If I watch Spaced, I can put off running through the remaining two episodes of #Dexter S2... for a couple hours, right?
    • Alas, I've now both run through all of S2 Dexter (which... wow) and the first disk of Spaced.  I was amused enough by the first three episodes of Spaced, but the final four on that disk were LOL funny.
    • Why isn't there a boatload of Dexter vids?  The art direction on the series is Florida-bright and blood-splashed, and a big bow-tied present for fandom, frankly.
Yeah, yeah this is an update a day late, but the original WAS posted on the right day, and I'd love to have a 365-streak of posting something in 2010.  Even if it doesn't show up until today....
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  • Weakened and joined Netflix last night to watch Dexter S1, which I can stream to my TiVo.
  • Have now watched 4 episodes of S1 Dexter. Will restrain self from watching 4 more immediately....
  • Finished another two episodes of Dexter. I like Doakes and La Cuerta quite a bit, even if I wouldn't want them as bosses/partners.
    • I'm not sure what I expected -- I'm interested in CSI type stories to start with, and police procedurals like The Closer, but am finding the Dexter characters very involving, as well as Dexter himself.
    • Also really loving Miami/Florida as depicted here, which is as much a character in and of itself as any actor on the screen.
    • This Netflix deal is sweet -- getting a wide variety of "instant play" choices that I can stream to my TiVo.  This quite makes up for the current dearth of My Shows that are around over the holiday season, damn it!
  • #snowpocalypse -- It's blowing fine snow all around, but realistically it's only an inch down maybe. It may not be over, but so far so good.
    • I think in the end we got four inches.  Hardly a Snow Emergency at all!  It doesn't stop me from feeling sorry for those who got majorly, historically dumped on -- because been there, done that, including the Blizzard of '78.
    • Which reminds me... have to go un-snow the car this morning.  It's not likely to melt out in the next couple days according to the forecast... and then there's that pesky "driving down to relatives" scheduled later this week....
  • Note to self: knees object violently to hunkering down, but getting up via Down Dog yoga position is painless!
    • KNEW all that yoga had to be good for something.  The remaining problem with my knees is related to weight-bearing bending. I can touch the back of my heel to my butt OK, but a squat-thrust is a very very bad and painful idea still.  Hadn't thought that through when I squatted down to get some
  • RT @sparkymonster Oh mah gawd cute. Bo Obama vs. Snow! // Awwwwww!
  • RugBuddy Portable, Plug in Area Rug Space Heaters // Solution for my cold kitchen tile floor?
    • Links of awesomeness!  Bo Obama in the snow!  More importantly for my future consideration, something that could mitigate the gawdawful, insane coldnessof the ceramic tiles in my kitchen floor, at least in the winter -- take it up in the warm weather and get the rug covering the heater cleaned, because, HEY, it's the kitchen floor with attendant higher possibility of soiling accidents (not to mention the kitties probably taking it as a Vomit Magnet).
  • Researching WWI maps and propaganda posters for website project. So much period loveliness to chose from!
  • Made a pretty thing. Maybe I will watch something on TV to celebrate!
    • Making over a website for a friend, getting to choose artwork and design therefrom.  Of course, if the next book she does involves robots and novas, it'll be obsolete, but that's how it goes.  ;-)
  • Out of my deskside window, the predawn horizon is a luscious shade of rose-orange blending to rose-purple. I hope my camera can capture it.
If you're seeing this line, I haven't yet edited this post!

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  • Woke up to a world where snow clings to every branch and twig. It doesn't last long, but it's as pretty as December ever gets.

Surprise Snow at least has the advantage of surprise prettiness.  I thought I was paying attention to the weather, because the delivery job is out in all weather, but this one blindsided me!

  • Knees are still hurty. I'm beginning to wonder if I will damage them PERMANENTLY if I keep on with the job. Opinions?

So far the consensus is No, but I'm probably right to be a little worried -- it's like I'd got stiff hurty rubber bands installed.  This morning, they're feeling much better, but I've got another shift this afternoon....

  • Oooh! Got webpage project to the point where I could upload a test version to client's site! Want to pet it, love it, call it George....

It's nice to make something pretty, and use so much of what I've learned.

  • Made Turkey Helper with Arrabiatta sauce!
  • Got WordPress blog set up for job networking group -- I'm on fire today!

I just used an off-the-shelf WordPress Theme with only mild customization, so this was not a HYYUUUGE project.  I'm still pleased to have thought of and start this, as it could be as useful for the networking group as the class blog was for my programming course.  Instead of personal posts, it will hold announcements, rosters, useful documents and links to job fairs and so on.

  • #TAR -- they had so much fun w/ Las Vegas! So... When does the next season start?
  • Watched Hot Fuzz tonight-- why did none of you people tell me how great it was?!?

Yeah, I know the movie's gotten some good word, but NONE of youse guys made enough arm-waving and squeeing in order for me to post-haste view & enjoy.  Shame on you!

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Sorry for the lack of enhanced posting, but life has been very full the past week or two what with the holiday and temporary job and interview and, oh yeah, TEH EXHAUSTION.

  • One more shift. I can do it, if I can get my legs to work....
  • You know, if I took an analgesic, I might feel less like death warmed over. I'll have to look into that.

You know, I really expected I'd have aching arms from carrying stuff, but beyond a handful of boxes that were a lot to manage (and I had a hand-truck to maneuver them!) what has been a toll on me was getting in and out of the truck... and all the stairs.  The route I'm on is in Boston's South End, which is 90% brick rowhouses, all of which have a minimum of at least five steps to get up to the door.  It's like being on a Stairmaster for an hour or more a day....

At least if nothing else I'll be in better shape by the time the job is over.  Unless I break down in the street and somebody shoots me to put me out of my misery, that is.

  • Off to networking!

There's a Job Seeker's Club networking meeting at Career Source in Cambridge that seems actually useful, if only to make me feel guilty once a week and/or give me some new hope.

I'm going to put together a blog/archive for the group -- much like the blog that my teacher for the programming class used to post class notes and example code for us.  There should be a different term for "blogs" like that, because they're more like community newsletters than individual/group journals.  Anyway, it will give me more practice, and actually could be pretty useful, if only because there will be an official place to go to for the current roster, helpful links and documents that people found and so on.  Locked down to group members, of course.

  • It's been a long LONG time since I looked forward to a weekend this much! Just one of those things you miss about a job, sort of!
  • You know, the cats would never doubt how much I love them if they only knew how much effort it takes me to traverse the stairs to feed them.

Back to the ow ow OW portion of our day.  I've got to say this about the delivery shifts -- they go like greased lightning.

It's been a pain to wear the official jacket the last two days with the unseasonal warmth --it's heavy and well-insulated and I've sweated like you wouldn't believe.  However, the POWER of the jacket is such that everybody immediately recognizes you as UPS, and so many people say HI to you in a friendly way, or are glad to see you when you ring their bell.  A lot of them know the delivery driver by name, and ask after her if they don't see her.

  • Managed to last thru #SGU, but plan on collapsifying immediately thereafter.

I've ended up liking SGU more then not, much to my surprise.  I like that they really don't all like each other, that we get glimpses of their lives beyond the ship, that they're still not in control of the ship after a half-season of sincerely trying.

And this half-season finale has some developments that they can't hit a reset button on.  Very satisfying....

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  • Garbage out to the curb in time, litter boxes cleaned... I'm on a good roll this morning!
  • Barbara Hambly -- new Antryg Windrose story for online pay! (squee!)

Novelette length and quite satisfactorily worth my $5 to read and enjoy.  Now, of course, I have to reread the Antryg & Joanna novels (This falls between them).

  • Today's Modern Marvels show's random but intriguing subject: Harvesting.

Random subjects for the win!  McCormack reapers in 1833!  Combines! (which combine reaping and threshing in one machine/vehicle) up until the present day, which has experimental robot harvesters, including a suction-cup orange harvester with cameras to aim it.  Dole lettuce harvesters which move slowly through the fields, the crew wrapping and boxing the lettuce heads right there!

  • Had to go by package handling co's office because of deficient SSN, then on to SS to prove who I am. Holiday traffic horrid everywhere.

That turned out to be even more of an annoying trip -- first I ran into traffic getting there -- even mid-afternoon on Wednesday, there were lines backed up for the highway on ramps and people going home early, but then I had to go over to the Social Security office in Davis Square, which meant more traffic, parking, and waiting.  All because of two transposed numbers, but evidently, once the number has been entered wrong, you now have to go in person to get it straightened out.  The nice clerk (everyone was nice along the way) pointed out that I should probably be grateful that they're on top of people entering numbers into the system, which is true, really.

But at least I got to go to the last Farmer's Market of the year in Davis Square and buy some local apples, pick up prescriptions at CVS and so on.

  • The cats are agitating for dinner, but every time they come near, I wave an open container of Vicks Vapo-Rub at them. It's Kitty-Kryptonite!

It's been years since I had Vicks around, but I tried it for a patch of toenail fungus, instead of fancy-schmancy and potentially liver-destroying prescription medicine.  After about three weeks the fungus was permanently gone and I have a large container left over.  Now when Spare Cat gets too in-your-face for affection I can put some on my nose and have my sinuses cleared up, too.

  • I'm tired enough that I decided against a trip tonight to the supermarket which theoretically would have calmed down some.
  • Spare Cat has been full of beans tonight, galloping & jumping & meeping for apparently the sheer joy of it.

And a Happy Thanksgiving (or a regular happy Thursday to all my non-Usanians) to you all!

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  • Uphill work to get conscious this morning, but I have the part time job orientation -- unpaid, BTW-- this morning that I'd better hurry to.
  • Back from orientation, which was all about safety, safety, safety, Spam, and safety. I was not the oldest nor the only female. Not bad!

This is the temporary holiday driver's helper job with UPS, which if it doesn't get too physically tiring should move fast & furious, which if I can't have an intellectually rigorous job will at least keep me moving.  UPS seems like a fair company, to judge from the way they treated us temps.

Oh, and it turns out that orientation is paid, too -- now that's more than I expected, right there.  I'm assigned to the group that works within 5 miles of here, so I shouldn't have to travel far to meet up with the drivers.  But it's not guaranteed I'll get hours every day, though since there's a certain amount of expected attrition among the helpers, if you stick around and are reliable, you'll get work.

If nothing else, it should be An Experience.

  • Back to teaching myself PHP, which is rather untyped & wild-west-style lawless, rather like discovering that pro racers use training wheels

It's just that after learning rigorous typing for C# and especially Java, going back to PHP and realizing that you don't have to declare if something is a string or a number is... oddly disappointing.  Cats and dogs living together! Luxury!

  • You know what? I forgot to call the school to go get my Actual Certificate for the programming course today....

It was supposed to come in last week, I called and stopped by twice, guy promised to call me when it was in (he SAID that he was given a package tracking number) and looked so honest when he said it.

The important thing is, my "certificate" is official, I just don't have the physical document.  But I'd like it anyway, ys know?

  • Almost #Heroes time. I may be the only person still watching, but I love evil carnivals.
  • #Heroes might just have the best Thanksgiving episode since Buffy's Yam Sham.

I never expected a "Thanksgiving" episode from this show, but if they'd been doing this sort of thing more along the way, there'd be more interest in it for sure.  Three families, three awkward family gatherings.  Plus, Mr. Muggles has a girlfriend!  With a pink bow! Yam jokes! Fainting guests! Exes bringing new love interests!

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Huh, LoudTwitter's been down for several days!  In the meantime, there's been just a little progress on the job front...

  • Got a UPS holiday package handler interview this afternoon -- not sure if I want it, or can do it, but I feel obliged to check it out. SIGH
  • Time to go off to the interview. Wish me luck!
  • Package delivery helper job news: well, if I have an orientation to go to, that means I'll get called on to help deliver, most likely?

Not exactly a fabu job, since it is only part-time, and isn't guaranteed that I'll get anything like a reasonable amount of hours, and it's only on between Thanksgiving and Dec 24.  And it's basically a driver's helper, you ride along and run up and down the streets dropping off packages in all kinds of weather.  OTOH, it should be reasonably busy and go by fast, and probably won't invalidate my Unemployment benefits, that is if I get approved for the new Federal extension.

  • RT @zen_habits: Corporate Fakes: How To Identify Astroturfers And Front Groups

It's actually shocking when you find out what groups getting their spokespeople on national media, speaking as "the voice of the common people" are actually paid shills, or at least getting some major behind-the-scenes financial support that they don't want you to know about.  You know, while the Tea-baggers and Code Pink both have disrupted public meetings, at least Code Pink was really a grass-roots operation...

  • "It's not jumping the shark if you never come down." #Supernatural

I could hear the fangirls squeeing from over here.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love Ben Edlund and all he's brought to the show?

  • Spare Cat, as we know her and grudgingly tolerate her....
  • No one would have believed in the opening years of the 21st century we were being observed by slit-eyed aliens in our own homes....


I definitely have been in a bit of a funk, because I'm just not getting any traction on this job thing -- I'm looking into internships and volunteer opportunities.  If anybody knows of open source projects that could use my amateurhelp, point me to them, K?

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Slept in until 7:30, which made the cats frantic for their breakfast and me extra-gronky.
  • Spent 45 minutes trying to import my Firefox passwords into KeePass, with absolutely no success with export plugins, import plugins etc. Feh

In theory, it shouldn't be this hard.  I have all these handy passwords saved in my local Firefox, and it should be a snap to import them, right?  But the formatting just won't work for some reason.  If I'm having this much trouble -- and I'm good about reading instructions and being intuitive in general -- I'm surprised anyone EVER got it working.

  • Compulsive Hoarding Affects up to 2% of the Population -

I should hope that the 2% of which they speak are actually the hoarders themselves, because it also affects family, friends, and neighbors, not to mention municipal authorities.  I'd say that it's "a disease of plenty" but really it's possible to be a homeless hoarder, you just have less space to fill, like a shopping cart....

  • Iconic Photos -- blog presenting entries of historic/iconic photos from through history. Totally amazing.

And not America-centric, either, with a good wide-ranging selection throughout the history of photography.  I spent way WAY too much time yesterday going through it slowly.

  • Caught Dirty Jobs tonight-- they went to a camel farm! In addition to a pony, I now want a dromedary. I would accept an alpaca instead....

Yes, it's a camel dairy, how cool is that?  My ambition to try camel's milk is unslaken, but closer to a reality.  (I'm allergic to cows milk, and goat milk doesn't do too well either, but I'm hopeful that camels milk doesn't have the same proteins I'm reactive to.)  However, milking a camel is a difficult process, because they only let down for about 90 seconds, and they have to have their calf right by their side to start the hormones flowing.

But it was so cute, because the camel owners are professional animal trainers who have hand-raised their camels to be ultra-affectionate and kind of cuddly, so really Mike had a fun time of it.

Also, they'd named one of their camels "Clyde" which made me giggle.  Nice to know they have an interest in novelty music.

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • You think the cats would know better than to try to trip me on the stairs when I'm headed to feed them, because if I DIE they don't get fed.

Seriously, Chumley?  In his haste to get to the food bowl will run UNDER my upraised foot on the staircase.  Good thing there's a sturdy handrail.

  • RT @tzikeh Rain Man of La Mancha #windmillsdefinitelywindmills -- Have I mentioned lately how much I love and admire you?

I bow before the brilliance that is [personal profile] tzikeh

  • Go Dairy Free | Sweet Sundays: No-Bake Coconut Kefir Cheesecake -- OMG I have to try this....

One of the sad lacks (okay, among many) in my life is No Cheesecake Ever.  If this works, I'll be majorly happy.

I realized that since I changed the filename, I should put up a redirect page, because I've sent that URL out a bunch of times.  Is 3 seconds long enough?

  • I sort of accidentally started watching Kubrick's The Shining, but remembered I had a handy TiVo to watch it for me.

Damn, but the new TiVo just rocks and rocks.  I didn't realize how much the old TiVo's problem with switching channels (inconsistently, working maybe 80% of the time) made me have to check up on it.  Plus the two channel thing means less household conflicts, and the Suggestions work once again correctly, and and and.  I should have done this years ago, you know?

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • There's still just a thin coating of snow on cars in the shadows where the sun hasn't shone yet. Earliest Boston snow I can remember?

There are still plenty of green trees around, which makes this snowfall all that more AWFUL.  I want my summer back... at least I'd be happier if we were having a proper New England Fall, which means 70s and high 60s so you can romp on the lawn in the colorful leaves.  I walked through a patch of crackly fallen leaves the other day, which made me smile fondly.

  • Oooh, cable card installer man is coming tomorrow! Soon I will be i/n/v/i/n/c/i/b/l/e i/n/s/u/f/f/e/r/a/b/l/e/ have 2 digital cable streams.

Some would think that I'm already insufferable about this, but damn, it's neat tech and it's been a while since I upgraded a Useful Toy -- already that double-recording capability has come in handy, so that Rosemary can get to watch Desperate Housewives even if The Amazing Race runs way WAY overtime.  Even better if the installation works and we can then get the higher digital channels like BBC-America and TCM and National Geographic and so on.  And I can copy shows over to my desktop PC up here and watch when Rosemary wants to watch something different!

  • Nepal's latest adventure sport: parahawking -- Thanks to my friend Larry, because not only do I <3 vultures this is NEAT!

This is genius -- first off, the guy rehabilitates raptors, and then uses them to spot updrafts when paragliding, and you can pay to take a tandem ride with him.  Not that I could afford the trip to Nepal to do so (which is described as a paragliders' paradise, because of temperature, prevailing winds and spectacular mountain scenery), but using a natural behavior like this (who doesn't want to see birds when they're flying, up close like that?) is just such a WIN.

  • JSP rocks, especially after learning Java servlets, which are like learning to dance in ski boots.

For those who don't program, here's the quickie explanation -- for this module of J2EE, we've spent most of the time writing servlets, which is Java code that gets compiled into HTML that be viewed in a browser.  Which means that every bit of HTML has to be input into strings that the compiler then outputs.  JSP, however, starts as an HTML page that you can include bits of Java into. Thus the sudden freedom, like dancing without your ski boots on....

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • I now follow both a Kakapo and Simon's Cat twittering ... I should probably find a twittering dog to complete the set, really.

The kakapo is @SiroccoKakapo, ie the rare bird who had altogether too much fun with Stephen Fry and a wildlife expert recently.  Evidently the keepers have been letting him at the computer too often and he's taken to promoting New Zealand wildlife.  I find it all too cute.

  • RT @TelegraphPics Bodypainting art by Andy Golub - Telegraph -- Not SFW but beautiful/odd and not lascivious.

Seriously, worth checking out, but if you found the bodypainting cover of Esquire too racy, it's not for you.

  • Amazing Race's Justin Takes the Blame for Losing Zev's Passport -- couldn't love these guys more!

What a damn shame, I will say more than once!  Occasionally there are eliminations that are just heart-breaking, because TAR is a game played fair and square for the most part, and sheer chance (or mild player error) can knock the best players out.  These guys are a class act, and so are at least "winners at real life" in my book.

  • Starting my UPS delivery vigil. I don't want my TiVo delayed because I didn't hear them! I have a note on the door and the LR shades up.
  • Still waiting for the UPS man or someone like him.

And I waited from like 9 AM to 5 PM when it finally showed up!  Well, it meant that I stayed downstairs near the door, read, played with my laptop and job-searched on it, straightened the living room, watched TV and all that.  Not exactly a too-strenuous effort.  It's just that I've been burned by "deliveries" where the total effort by the driver was to slap a prewritten "you weren't home" slip on the door without attempting to knock.

  • @TeresaKopec -- yes, on the not joking. The boy worked on the balloon w/ his dad, if he's a bright kid, he may have his fear under control.
  • The balloon is on the ground! Now to see if the kid is OK.
  • Please don't let him have fallen out -- no one in the balloon? #balloonkid
  • RT @tomtomorrow Reality check about what ppl are joking about here: possibility that a small boy fell to his death. -- Hear, hear.
  • @TeresaKopec -- FoaF says that a balloon that size could maybe lift 30lbs with the volume of helium involved -- reason for hope?
  • UPS finally arrived -- now if they just find the balloon kid safe and sound my day will be made.
  • CNN SAYS FOUND ALIVE!!! woohoo!

Heh -- I'll preserve the rest of my afternoon's twittering as it developed, because against my better judgment I got caught up in the story as much as anybody could.  Although, I never did get my theory that the kid was hiding written into a tweet (I did, on Facebook!) well before it was found that the kid was indeed doing the entirely-6yo-logic dodge of hiding out until his parents weren't mad.

I SHOULD have been suspicious because of the size of the balloon -- I remember the Mythbusters episode where they put together enough regular-sized balloons to lift a small child, which was, um, a huge number that almost filled a warehouse, and the saucer-balloon wasn't nearly as big as that, though in my defense, when I first saw it flying along, there wasn't much reference for how big it really wasn't.

I honestly don't believe it was a hoax, and this is one reason why: the local cops who spent the most time with the parents and other kids weren't suspicious, before or after the kid was found.  Cops do really get good at reading suspects' emotions, so if there was some hinky hoaxing for attention, I think they would have twigged.

  • Now getting the new TiVo working -- it's doing a long download of programming info, but it's already watchable!

This is a Series 3!  I've got a WiFi connector for broadband, so bye bye telephone line, hello cool stuff like Netflixing and watching on my computers upstairs!  And when we get a cable card installed, we can get rid of the cable box AND be able to record two shows at once.

I love tech toys.  Shouldn't have spent the money now, when Unemployment is soon running out and I'm looking for a 'survival job', but I do have enough savings that I'm not criminally negligent, AND its a good pickmeup for right now, right?

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I thought, therefore I twittered:
Two Day Catchup Special Edition! )

Still haven't heard back about the job.  Putting in a bunch more applications now that I've retooled the resume and all that, hitting up some nonprofits on in the hopes that I'll find a nice place that doesn't pay as well so it's getting overlooked in other places.

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • FABULON I should just move to Planet Fabulon.

They consistently find the most luscious over-the-top fashion/cultural/historical pictures, plus snarky commentary, plus NSFW homoerotic nudes, plus bad really bad King Super Bad fashion photos

  • RT @pvanb Nothing runs over your foot like a Deere #madmen

This week's Mad Men featured one of the all-time GREAT product placements... which didn't work out so well for one of the characters, but should definitely cement the image of John Deere riding mowers in the minds of all viewers.  Just one more reason to love this show.

  • Cities of the Underworld host just speculated if the Freemasons can be linked to the Templars. No, I'm not making this up.
  • He also noted that the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia is covered with Freemasonry symbols. Ya think?
  • @Zenkitty714 -- Aside from the 10% woowoo about Templars it's pretty good. I picture a producer w/ a cue card: "TEMPLARS!" to remind him.

Scene: the producer is trying to pitch an episode to the History Channel execs: 

Producer: "A show about the Anasazi in Arizona would be fascinating -- preColumbian ruins! Cave paintings!  Spanish missionary buildings and a Conquistador outpost!"

Exec: "I don't know, it would be awful expensive, and who would be interested, anyway?"

Producer: "...some of the Conquistadors might have been Templars."

Exec: "Good, good... can you find some symbols, like in one of the missions?"

Producer: "Sure!"  (Thinks: "Thank goodness just about all Roman Catholic symbolism overlaps with the Templars...")

Exec: "It's a go, then.  Hmmm, have you considered visiting this Crusader castle in Turkey?  We hear there may be some Templars there...."

  • Went to Whole Foods/Trader Joes, stopped to try vegan deli stuff at the WF cafe. Vegan pad thai was pretty good, not so the chik'n salad.

There were also Vegan potstickers, which weren't very good cold.  The buckwheat soba was not too bad.  Alas, the "chick'n" protein substitute was terrible, but I only took three little cubes of it in my dish.  I also added some definitely-NOT-vegan real chicken from another section of the deli bar.  It cost me $7 with the addition of some Nantucket Nectar lemonade, so all in all it was a good run.

  • RT @hoardersTV: Don’t forget to tune in to A&E tonight at 10/9c for an all new #hoarders !

I identify far too much with the subjects... or well, maybe just enough.  Because if I just gave up caring my house would soon look like that.  (And yes, there was another house where some of the rooms had to have shovels brought in.)  So I sympathize, even while I'm moved to action to remedy some of my own clutter.

  • -- The View From Your Sickbed/Daily Dish -- outdated insurance info kills insured woman.

Quick version: needed a liver transplant, hospital had old insurance info, family too upset and rushed to check that it hadn't been updated to a much newer, much more complete policy.  Family didn't find out until weeks after she'd been dead and the original insurance company paperwork saying "we don't cover her any more, why don't you try the insurance that does?" reached them.

  • RT @Cashmere Telling me not to be snarky is like asking me not to breathe.

I bow to Cashmere's facility with words and general sentiment.

  • We covered handling passwords in ASP.NET tonight -- how to hash them and as importantly WHY you want to take the trouble.

Part of why I like this class so much -- Fran (teacher) wants us to understand the bigger picture as to WHY things are done a certain way and help us avoid common misperceptions that a shortcut or three wouldn't hurt just this one time.  Once I have the Big Picture the little pictures start falling into place for me, because I have a map of where I'm going.

Hey, today is the start of Fall!  Already I can find a few trees around here turning, though most remain leafy and green.  Here's hoping that after the bizarre summer we had, we can get a long, slow and perfectly typical New England Fall, with glorious warm (not hot, not cool) weather.  Come on, we deserve it.

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • True Bromance: Eleven Great Man-Crushes In Comics - --and they name some of my very favorite ones, too!
    • Specifically Blue Beetle/Booster Gold and Wonder Man/Beast, though there are a bunch of others I've been fascinated with over the many many years.  My Bromance thing goes back a whole ways, oh yes it does.
  • Spent all too much time listening to Doo Wop this morning, and reading about it. Still entrances me after all these years.
    • AKA Vocal Rhythm 'n Blues, which some people prefer to call it.  I've been meaning to get my hands on the Rhino Records original Doo Wop Box set -- I've had the second and third for ages, but aside from listening to it once from the library and dismissing it because it featured too many of the cuts I don't find inspiring I never got around to it.  But, my musical tastes have changed on account of listening to a lot more jazz since I gave it a try, and songs that previously I was "eh, heard it too many times on Cousin Brucie" now sound much more fascinating.
    • Besides there are a bunch of songs like "Blue Moon" and "Remember Then" that I could listen to over and over and over.  Nice to know the stuff I was crazy about way back then is still worthwhile to me today....

Stayed up 'too late' to watch Mad Men which reliably keeps me fascinated despite tiredness. )

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Cat mommy not up until 8 am. Cats most disappointed with cat mommy. Cat mommy waiting for caffeine to start percolating in her veins.
  • Oh look! Jim Beaver! On an episode of Psych. Well, I guess I should give the show a chance, right?
  • Test to see if @LoudTwitter is working correctly #lt
  • Aha! The problem with LoudTwitter is that I made all my tweets private, therefore it didn't have anything to ship to LJ. Duuuh.
  • Still reading GENIUS SQUAD and already regretting that GENIUS WARS won't come out until next year....
  • Empty house behind mine is now 'Sale Pending'-- I wonder if I could sweet- talk someone into letting take 'as-is' pictures?
  • Mad men over way too quickly! Setup episode, looks like fireworks next week.
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OMG LoudTwitter is back! I've been a little on the dispirited side, so I haven't been manually updating here, but the automatic posting of the twitters have recommenced, so I'll feel obliged to participate again. (My mind is a strange place, evidently. But, if you've been reading here for a while, you're probably already aware of that.)

So, in short: still going to school nights, still unemployed, didn't go to Worldcon (must remember to renew passport), DID go to Vividcon this weekend and have a good time where I hardly even thought about my job search or school, which I realize in retrospect I REALLY needed to do.

Also, in the last two weeks I've watched both seasons of Mad Men which is just blowing me away. From the casual descriptions I've heard about it, I expected it to be all about the male characters in the 1960 setting, with the women all being refrigerator girls and arm candy. Instead, it's as much about them as it is the men, and how patriarchy doesn't give much real happiness to either side. So looking forward to discussing more about this series!

And what I twitter about yesterday?

About to leave for airport-not sure if I'll be able to get back online b4 I get home. Good breakfast w/ random fangirls, so con ends well!

I'm home! My own house, my own cats, my own lovely if overgrown little backyard, my little patio chair and laptop. ::is reasonably happy::

Watched Mad Men finally -- hotel didn't get AMC, but the TiVo picked it up fine. Now I have to wait a whole week until the next episode!

is turning on the bedroom AC and taking refuge there. Did not go to class tonight, on grounds of being exhausticated to the Nth degree.

Have shifted over to a much stronger decongestant. It zombifies me, but I won't have a sinus headache from sniffling.

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::peeks cautiously out, like a prairie dog in black-footed weasel land::

I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • I really feel for the administrator on Primeval - his team members are more suicidal than lemmings, and even less likely to listen to orders

I can't of course remember what his name is -- never a good sign for the overall worth of a show with me -- but I do enjoy his Blackadder-like disgust and haughtiness.  Given that his leading team members are all brilliantly stupid, and in fact at one point their team leader was a marketing/PR person originally, I have to say by now I totally respect his disgust.

And yet, I'm still watching, partly because Connor is cute and Abby is adorable, and partly because their adventures on the whole are so much fun to heckle in my head.  Plus, they make Torchwood look remarkably competent, on the whole.

  • Made much progress with the WP theme this weekend, though it appears that the ability to put Flash in the sidebar is severely limited.
  • Oooh -- sent off very advanced WP Theme to client, to the point where they need to make Decisions. Decided to go off to a movie this aft!

Yeah, the website that sucked my life away -- but it was fun (when I wasn't tearing at my hair in frustration) and I've learned so very much doing it -- geeze Louise, I built a WordPress Theme from scratch with the help of a tutorial!  Not to mention all the Flash and JavaScript/XML besides.  I guess I HAVE been paying attention in class.

  • Going to a movie -- what a strange, wonderful idea!
  • So... movie didn't happen on account time being mislisted-- 4 pm is too late to watch and get to class on time.

R is off work this week, so she is available for movie-going.  I may try again today....

Has anybody reading this seen Sunshine Cleaners?  And if so, is it very gruesome?

  • YouTube - Roland Emmerich's "2012": Trailer 3 (June 18) 720p HD Not one cliche is left uncliched!

Seriously, an aircraft carrier is swept by a tidal wave... onto the White House!

Amazing, there is no shot of a dog running to safety just before it hits.

Or maybe I'm just jaded -- this week, with so little on TV, I turned to Comcast On Demand and watched a whole bunch of episodes of Life After People from the History Channel, where we go on an extended tour of a future where humankind disappears and everything decays to the point where you can't hardly tell we were here.  And the CGI artists just love knocking tall iconic structures over!  Yet it does not hit my cliche buttons in the same way that Herr Direktor Emmerich does....

  • Traffic was terrible -- crawl onto 93, most of the way north. Roadwork plus the all-day Noreaster!
  • Is 'frabulous' a current slang word? If not, it should be!
  • The difference between an interface and an abstract class is like the difference between a guideline and a rule. #OOP

We're back into the heart of object-oriented programming, and now I have to pay attention again, because we're dealing with Concepts again.  'Frabulous' came up because the instructor put together a list of madeup slang words to run against a spellchecker and I suspect he's making them up.

But 'frabulous' just sounds fun.  In the meantime, we've got a lab where we're going to use both interfaces and abstract classes and have polymorphic virtual methods and whatnot.  Of course, by the time 9 rolled around last night, I was tired enough to need help figuring out to format an ENUM (which, if you don't program, is very very simple).


Oh good, while I was writing this, notes from the client came back, so I guess I know what I'm doing this afternoon!

PS -- [personal profile] cupcake_goth's book Gothic Charm School is out!


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