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OMG LoudTwitter is back! I've been a little on the dispirited side, so I haven't been manually updating here, but the automatic posting of the twitters have recommenced, so I'll feel obliged to participate again. (My mind is a strange place, evidently. But, if you've been reading here for a while, you're probably already aware of that.)

So, in short: still going to school nights, still unemployed, didn't go to Worldcon (must remember to renew passport), DID go to Vividcon this weekend and have a good time where I hardly even thought about my job search or school, which I realize in retrospect I REALLY needed to do.

Also, in the last two weeks I've watched both seasons of Mad Men which is just blowing me away. From the casual descriptions I've heard about it, I expected it to be all about the male characters in the 1960 setting, with the women all being refrigerator girls and arm candy. Instead, it's as much about them as it is the men, and how patriarchy doesn't give much real happiness to either side. So looking forward to discussing more about this series!

And what I twitter about yesterday?

About to leave for airport-not sure if I'll be able to get back online b4 I get home. Good breakfast w/ random fangirls, so con ends well!

I'm home! My own house, my own cats, my own lovely if overgrown little backyard, my little patio chair and laptop. ::is reasonably happy::

Watched Mad Men finally -- hotel didn't get AMC, but the TiVo picked it up fine. Now I have to wait a whole week until the next episode!

is turning on the bedroom AC and taking refuge there. Did not go to class tonight, on grounds of being exhausticated to the Nth degree.

Have shifted over to a much stronger decongestant. It zombifies me, but I won't have a sinus headache from sniffling.

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

Off to Old Sturbridge Village for a day of fun and history and cattle. Okay, chickens and sheep, too -- can't leave those off!

All tweeting from OSV will be done the old-fashioned way -- yelling loud enough for everyone to hear.

Good Ghod am I tired, but there was much happiness at OSV, and a perfect Spring day to do it in.

Still 69 degrees here -- I can't say enough about how nice a day it was!

Oh, the cattlemanity! There were chickens and sheep and cattle, and coopering, tinsmithing, sawyering and more, and a very pleasant day spent in the presence of four delightful children (really!) and their equally nice parental units. Pictures will be posted once I'm back from the day in class -- a shame, really when it's so very nice out (53 at 8 AM!)
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I thought, therefore I twittered:

Off to Old Sturbridge Village for a day of fun and history and cattle. Okay, chickens and sheep, too -- can't leave those off!

All tweeting from OSV will be done the old-fashioned way -- yelling loud enough for everyone to hear.

Good Ghod am I tired, but there was much happiness at OSV, and a perfect Spring day to do it in.

Still 69 degrees here -- I can't say enough about how nice a day it was!

Oh, the cattlemanity! There were chickens and sheep and cattle, and coopering, tinsmithing, sawyering and more, and a very pleasant day spent in the presence of four delightful children (really!) and their equally nice parental units. Pictures will be posted once I'm back from the day in class -- a shame, really when it's so very nice out (53 at 8 AM!)
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:13 Still in PA with the MA blues again. Will wake up Mom presently. #
  • 07:44 In a nearby AU, I'm waking up in MA wondering whether I can let the new cat explore the house and meet resident cats. #
  • 09:50 Looking at: Am undr Ur chickn stealin Ur warms by Theodosia #
    Vote for my quippy Loldog, pretty please?
  • 09:55 Home Support Services still hasn't gotten back to us. I am NEVER leaving PA, evidently. I might as well start looking for a job HERE. #
  • 11:14 Hope I'm not jinxing anything by aiming to leave by 1 PM.... #
  • 12:51 OK, putting away the laptop, crossing my fingers. Next tweet from MA or somewhere quite like it. #
  • 22:29 I got in about 8:30, after stopping at grocery store on the way in. Spare cat is in the study, refusing to come out of the cat carrier.... #
  • 22:53 I may have left the connector for my iTouch at my Mom's, but I'm not going to search for it now. Sleep first? #

If all is well, Mom is finished with her MRI by now -- I hope! She was very apprehensive about it, because it hurts something awful to lie flat. I hope my supposition that the MRI technicians know many ways how to prop up back pain patients is right given that they have to work with them so very often!

Poor Mom. If this doesn't work, they'll have to arrange to have her dosed up for another try, which will further extend the time before they can do a kyphoplasty and stop the back hurting -- if she's approved for it, given that they have to get an MRI et cetera before they can even decide about it.

I gave her a pep talk before I left, pointing out that her best weapon that will get her through the next little while is optimism. What's wrong right now is physical, mechanical that can actually be FIXED. Oy.

My raptor count on the way up was 19 turkey buzzards and one hawk. After halfway through Jersey, though, I didn't see a one. Which is a little freaky -- I wonder if I was seeing part of a migration, because that's seriously more vultures than ever I've seen, except in Mexico where they'd hang out on top of the tallest cactuses and scan the beaches for tasty dead seals and whatnot.

For once, I decided to try the TomTom's direction and take the Geo. Washington Bridge, which somehow managed to spit me out into Manhattan and then proceeded to direct me across into the Bronx on surface roads when I missed a turn. This pretty much seals the deal that I will never EVER listen to it again when the GPS tries to lure me over that bridge. Unless, for some bizarre reason that I really really want to drive on East 181st Street EVER AGAIN.

CeCe, the spare cat, was quiet for most of the drive, and preferred to stay in the carrier when I opened it last night in my study. I finally found her this morning after looking for quite some time, in a very clever, very strategically inobvious shelf, glaring at me with the force of 1.5 burning nuns.

(Oh, and I found the iPod connector just a few moments after I twittered last night, so yay on that....)
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:54 feels some better after listing out all the things that ARENT wrong with my Mom. And reflecting that her current woes are FIXABLE. #
  • 07:59 BSG: A Minor Scheduling Conflict
    ***** 'Oh god, if Roslin starts sobbing, will you hold me?' 'Choking is a kind of holding, right?'#
  • 08:14 Looking at: Laputa Robot! Now I know what I want to put in my garden to tie it all together! ... #
    ***** I am actually 90% serious. I'd love to have some SFF statuary in my garden. This would be SO cool, especially if I could get some moss to grow on it, or at least vines. At last a use for weeds!
  • 09:46 is going to be taking a spare cat home to board for a couple months for her Mom's best friend. #
  • 11:13 Thank goodness the Roommate is cool with a surprise spare cat. Now to take care of tasks for Mom and then I can pack up the car.... #
  • 12:28 Considering advisability of setting up hamster-like water bottle for Mom when I'm gone to ensure she doesn't dehydrate. Probably not. #
  • 12:43 Looking at: Battlestar Galactica: Spike And Angel Debate The BSG Finale HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA #
    ***** Hats off to IO9 for finding this clip, which is SO appropriate given my head-desk reaction to the character decisions at the end of the series.
  • 12:44 Looking at: Malkin Grey's LiveJournal - Random Thoughts on This Week's Supernatural #
    ***** Wherein she masterfully sums up reactions that I'm too inarticulate to voice about this last episode.
  • 13:31 am caving and staying on through Tuesday, even if I've got the car half-packed. Mom way too apprehensive about the MRI Tues. #

Oyoyoy. Mom had DECIDED NOT TO HAVE THE MRI. Which she NEEDS to have if she's going to get evaluated for surgery to fix her and STOP HER PAIN.

OK, so it's "reschedule" which means that it will be even longer that SHES IN PAIN. I have to remember that Captain Logic is not in charge of her tugboat at this point, at times. She's easily daunted, to say the least and the thought of handling asking Home Health Services to give her someone to shepherd her through the process must seem like Too Much.

I'd hoped to be back in MA at this point, with spare cat, trying to get life itself back into order and get ready to go to class tonight. Instead I'm currently waiting for Home Support Services to call us back.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:02 Mom called last night, not doing well. Am headed down to PA today, it looks. #
  • 10:09 backing up files before I unplug computers #
  • 10:38 time to turn off the computers. Gah. #
  • 11:05 OK, packing up the laptop. Next steps: pack the car, get in car, drive 7 hours... #
  • 20:48 Actually got in by 5 PM, but didn't get a chance to get online until now. Mom discouraged and hurting but OK. #
  • 21:43 Raptor count on (long) drive: 29, including 15 buzzards (8 in one thermal). Also about ten turkeys on the side of the road. #

Yeah, my day was pretty much breathless announcements like that. I listened to NPR podcasts on the way down, went through a good deal of my backlog.

Best was a new-ish This American Life about the banks -- money quote was "That's a nice global economy you've got there. Be a shame if... something... was to happen to it."

Also kept a running count of the raptors along the way -- caught lots in the air, on top of lightpoles and whatnot, and several groups of vultures riding thermals. Also a spectacular group of turkeys spread out along the roadside on the Saw Mill River Parkway in NY.

I'm trying to point out to Mom that her current woes are =mechanical= problems that can be solved. The compression fracture on her T8 will resolve in a month's time, sooner if they can do a procedure that injects glue into the fracture (that's the kind of procedure that you walk out of with a smile on your face if it goes right), and so on, but she's not listening Or, to be fair "can" listen, in the emotional state she's in.

Send me some coping-ma, and things will work out all right, I'm sure.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:23 Looking at: Facebook | My Photos - Recent Work -- redesigned website page. #
  • 08:42 off to the Programming Mines! Yeah, a little late.... #
  • 13:44 Lunch was Amy's Macaroni & Soy Cheeze. We've switched from Java to recapping SQL #
  • 14:47 The programming instructor knows the correct plural of index! #
  • 16:02 Done for the day! #

I didn't Twitter (or for that matter, get online) last night, because I got a distressed phone call from Mom last night, who is Not Doing All That Well. She's in bad pain, because it seems a vertebra in her back has cracked or collapsed or crumbled -- I'm not sure from her description, but according to my brother, spinal surgery may be necessary. This was just as she was bouncing back from the pulmonary hypertension, getting less dependent on the oxygen and stronger, down to one visit a day from an aide, and on her own.

So she called last night, pretty upset. I don't know if I can do much good, but I'll head back down for general hand-holding and escorting her to doctors, et cetera.

To top it all off, I woke up from an upsetting dream this morning where I and my brother couldn't get home from PA and Mom was refusing to let us borrow her car (which she can't use, even in real life) and was calling me selfish and a bitch, and was generally nasty... which you know, isn't true and definitely not what she does in reality. Definitely a Paging Dr. Freud type of dream there.

I think I'll try taking my desktop computer with me -- I can at least do some schoolwork or independent study while I spend my days down there, instead of faffing away on teh Interwebs. Luckily last night I parked my car in front of the house instead of up the street in my parking space, so that's something.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:36 I met Laverne and Shirley at dinner last night. Well, at least real people with those real names who are friends. Still wacky, though. #
  • 07:55 I've now got banana bread baking. It's a box mix from Trader joe's but it's still going to be fresh warm cake for brekkies! #
  • 10:09 Off to the front desk to see if the keys they found are indeed the ones that I lost.... #
  • 14:43 watched BSG -- they nearly undid all the good things they'd done with Ellen, but pulled it together at the end. #
  • 17:49 Installed trial version of Flash on iBook to practice some cool stuff... why didn't I think of this earlier? #
  • 19:46 ... impatiently waiting for Amazing Race to come on. Mom is actually interested, for once. Oscars can wait. #
  • 06:17 woke up early -- definitely have cold, waiting impatiently for my next dose of Sudafed. #

Laverne and Shirley have definitely been the high points of my dining experience here. I get the feeling they're used to the double-take at their names by now.

Getting the keys back was the high point of MY day yesterday, since when I got back from the grocery store the day before, I was overloaded with several bags, so I put them down on the ground, used the keys to open Mom's building's side door, placed them one by one inside the foyer -- and hurried off to get a cart to carry them all upstairs in.

Forgetting, presumably, that I left the keys in the lock... or maybe I dropped them? Anyway, after we tore the apartment apart Saturday night, somebody had turned them in on Sunday morning, so all is well. Mom wasn't blaming me, at least, considering that I was running errands for her and her friends.

We got out to the dining room two nights this visit, and she didn't flag during either run, in fact had her oxygen off for some of it, because it's easier to eat without worrying about the nasal cannula. She's making really good progress, and it looks like she'll be 'soloing' without a family member present later this week.

My brother will be up later today, but in the meantime I'm goign to hit the road so I can get back to MA in time for my 6 PM class. I really need to make it because I can only work on the final project on the classroom computer -- I haven't tried to set up a local web service (which is necessary) on my machine because it's Vista and given how much trouble the students with Vista laptops have been having getting it to run, I'm not at all optimistic about the system settings that I'll need to figure out.

(The Web service CODE is not at all hard, it's getting the damn service to PUBLISH on the computer that's tricky. That's why System Administrators were invented, damn it.)

Anyway, I'm set to take off by 9 AM -- in the meantime it will be breakfast and goodbyes with Mom, and then I should have a good shot at a clean run up the East Coast, presumably having to tell the GPS that NO, I'm NOT going over the George Washington Bridge, thank you very much.

Maybe someday I'll let it take me that way, just to relieve its itch, but I don't think it will do much good.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 06:51 Talechaser Flash Resume -- finally moved it to Dreamhost! What I did instead of packing... #
  • 07:47 packing packing packing #
  • 08:02 OK... all packed, at least the stuff that I can think of. After all, they have stores in PA, too, right? #
  • 14:29 Very clean run down from MA, except the part where, once again, Tom Tom tried to divert me via the GW Bridge. #
  • 15:28 Would you get work done by the Plumberama company? I guess awful names aren't restricted to beauty salons. #
  • 21:30 Mom doing pretty well, considering. Me, I'm tired from short sleep and long drive. Watching ancient animal CGI on Animal Planet. #

My strategy with the Tom Tom's directions is now to set the first part of the journey to Oakland NJ, which sets the route over the Tappan Zee instead of looping lower through the GWB. That works pretty good, but I learned the hard way that if you reset the goal while you're actually GOING OVER THE TAPPAN ZEE BRIDGE, yes, as in more than halfway over the damn HUDSON RIVER... the Tom Tom will STILL try to TURN YOU AROUND and take you back over so it can send you DOWN to NYC and over the GWB.

ASSCAPS cannot convey my emotions here. You really do need the visuals, with me gesturing and making faces, as well as raising my voice at the right places.

Other than a slight detour where it tried to turn me around and I valiantly resisted, it was one of the cleaner rides I've had, but boy was I tired.

Mom reports that the social worker is so impressed with the family support we've been giving her, which makes me proud, but not surprised. I may have my problems, but family dysfunction is not one of them.

Today, Mom has volunteered me to taxi a friend of hers out for medical tests -- not really complaining, this is a lady who's done her lots of favors, and it gets me out of the house, too.

Oh, in the links above -- it's the same Flash Resume that I had before, it's just that it's now at which is my own domain! That's kind of cool -- it only took me, what, two months to get around to moving it. Now I'll have to move the other parts of my site, but for now, that's something.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:40 I may have been a bit down yesterday, but considering that it was a good weekend, I suppose I can say I was recovering. #
  • 08:17 Looking at: | I'm in the Winging It contest... somewhere. Can you guess? #
  • 13:19 still haven't left the house. Going to fix that.... #
  • 15:42 Looking at: Яolcats -- In Soviet Russia, cat laugh at you, comrade! All hail the glorious catland! #
  • 15:43 finished a Worth1000 picture, about to start on another.... #
  • 21:13 is writing her final project -- a web service status update that already returns a single value. Huzzah! #
  • 22:04 finished with class, now to home and pack for an early takeoff tomorrow. All dirty clothes -- I'll wash in PA. Just like COLLEGE! #

MUCH better day, including a new Worth1000 contest entry (contest not live until tomorrow!) and my entry for Feb 17th is now public, if you want to click the link and see What and How I Did.

In class, we started on our final projects, which is a model social Web service (run on our local computers, but a real Web Service hosted locally). You can log in, update your status, check the latest five statuses from the database. It's all done via Web Service transactions, the Web service itself querying a SQL Server db for you. Sort of, in miniature, what Twitter does, at least in spirit if not the massive database/server/web interface and ability to determine who sees what.

Last night I got the login working through the Web service, and opening the database connection, which is good work for approximately 3 hours. I think the instructor was impressed.

BUT today -- I had planned to hit the road by, um, NOW. And am not packed, though I'll start that as soon as I enter this. Wish me good driving!
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 09:56 Apt is cleaned up enough for the cleaning lady, according to Mom. SIGH #
  • 12:44 OK...time to hit the road... and hope the road don't hit back.... #
  • 19:18 Door to door time, something very close to 6 hours, 4 of which was spent listening to NPR podcasts #
  • 06:37 kitties remind me that THEY MUST BE FED omgWTFMONKEES #

I gratefully left Mom in the tender clutches of my brother, who I'm also leaving to unsnarl the misunderstanding -- the cleaning service should have been scheduled to do a two-hour apartment cleaning, instead of the Home Service lady. However, in the interest of being paid (she does truly need the money, with a husband in the hospital) she kept herself truly busy for two hours and dusted everything in site, swept, wiped down counters and et cetera.

This was after I picked up enough for her to visit, of course. :-)

The drive was a pretty clean run, though the 6+ hours driving BACK always seems at least twice as long as the drive DOWN. I was going through Hartford CT just at dusk, and there were THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS (I'm NOT over-emphasizing) of CROWS coming into roost on the treetops near the highway and Connecticut River. The sky FULL of black birds was pretty awesome, though I'm glad not to be living under any of those trees.

Home was still there, cats were still furry and demanding. I watched Intervention and collapsified immediately thereafter without unpacking more than the perishable food I brought back from PA.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:01 Flexeril (half a pill) seems to have done its magic last night! #
  • 08:47 Caught Mom trying to pour out the coffee I'd just brewed -- nearly wrestled the pot out of her hands because she kept going for the sink! #
  • 14:19 is taking Mom for a walk... down the hall and back, which is further than it sounds if you're in her shape. #
  • 17:44 Got Capote from the library here, but Crank is coming on at 6:30! #
  • 21:23 Crank was unfollowable, Capote couldn't keep my interest, but there was a documentary on skunks, thank goodness. #
  • 06:24 If all goes well, today I should get to drive home! #

The Jazzy chair continues to be a challenge for Mom -- that joystick control is harder to comprehend than the handlebar/forward/back switches on the scooter. On the other hand, she's motivated and we made it down to the other building's elevator and back. Walking-wise, she made it further than her walk the other day, too, and much faster for the first half with less unsteadiness.

I ran over to the library and got a DVD of Capote which I have seen before, but I was too tired to appreciate it. Then I headed over to Banners, the cafeteria, and got takeout for Mom -- they will let you pick up the main restaurant entrees there, so there was Ham Steak and Chicken Gumbo Soup and so on. Mom was amazed that I did it all so quickly -- I don't think she's used to the rate at which I'll walk, which is 90% faster than the average resident here.

After my brother arrives this morning, I'll hand Mom off to him and take off for home, happy that I can help Mom out, but grateful I don't have to do this 24/7....
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:35 got the garbage out. TAKE THAT, THE MAN111!!! #
  • 07:38 Watching: Wordle - My Resume -- because how can something so dry look so fun? #
  • 07:54 Looking at: Obama Action Figure! as you always thought he'd look vs Vader! Thanks @tzikeh! #
  • 09:25 #
  • 10:32 is packing like a mad packing thing that packs madly #
  • 10:43 is finally ready to LEAVE. See you in PA #
  • 20:32 Arrived in PA around 6:30 -- good run up. Mom is doing OK, though still needs some help. #
  • 21:27 watching Supernatural, Castro Convertible is set up and waiting for sleepytime. #
  • 22:40 I'm just this side of being too tired to sleep. Going to give it a try, though. #
  • 02:45 ...all I needed -- a touch of insomnia. Too late to take a sleeping pill, though. #

I was indeed too tired and too wired to sleep well. I'd got a prescription from my doctor for Flexeril during my visit just before taking off to PA, but couldn't stop to get it filled in my haste to get on the road, and didn't want to run around yesterday evening about it either.

The appointment went well, they wanted a urine sample, but being as the stone was teensy and passed, there's not much they can do other than see if my mineral content is off or whatnot. I still will have to have a complete physical, which is about 2 years overdue.

The drive down to PA was as excellent as they get, no slowdowns in CT, and I went over the Tappan Zee without a problem, either. This time I set the Tom Tom to go to Oakland NJ which is too far north for the George Washington Bridge to be practical even in the GPS's strange reality. Once over the Tappan Zee, I shifted the destination to Warminster and got a reasonable route via the NJ Turnpike... where there were a couple rolling slowdowns as we hit rush hour, but for the most part was swift going. So it was just about a 6 hour drive, at least if you start off in the Back Bay two blocks from the Mass Pike entrance.

Mom is doing well enough -- still way back from where she was in October, but up and moving with her oxygen on and determined to Do Stuff like make her own coffee. I'm somewhere between the usefulness of a second versus a third wheel. That's me, the Human Sidecar.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 11:38 organized all my bills (2009), started actually sorting 2008 bills and paperwork #
  • 12:18 wants some thing to eat -- could it be lunchtime already? #

Watched ALL of Lost much to my surprise and roommate's extreme boredom, but I was interested enough to stay with it for most of 3 hours (minus commercial time via TiVo).

I made vast and important progress on getting paperwork (mostly bills) from 2008 sorted and put away properly, so Go Team Me.

I'm having cognitive difficulties this AM believing that I've got not only a doctor's appt in 3 hours, but also will be driving to PA right after. Still seems like it should be some comfortable distance in the future, like sometime next week.

At least this time it will be only Mom and me, instead of too many relatives in a one bedroom. Also not having the Death Flu would be nice, too.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 06:53 Had a dream where I was visiting the Shore in February and you couldn't tell the snow on the dunes from the clouds on the horizon. #

  • 09:24 Family so nice this AM that I may barely forgive them. #

  • 10:48 Time to get going -- warm enough, snow ending in MA, big game on to keep down the traffic #

  • 17:43 back at home, but had to run back up the block to get my keys out of the car. FEH! #

  • 20:41 soooo glad to be home #
  • 21:44 time for a faceplant? (aka that thing they call 'sleep') #

I still managed to dawdle till nearly eleven before I got going -- why is that? But it ensured I was completely awake and the roads were clear, especially because the "big game" (which just happened to include the fans of most of the areas I was driving through) was taking place, so people WERE staying off the damn roads. I sailed through the Tappan Zee.

I managed to fool the GPS by first telling it that I wanted to go to Flemington NJ, which put me north, and when I got there, my aunt's in the Catskills, which took me up to 287 North just before it diverts you onto 87 (the NY Thruway) and then changed the destination again to home, so that it more or less agreed that when I got onto 684 that I'd go through Hartford.

Home was still here, still warm, cats were curiously non-standoffish, as perhaps they were worried that their reception the last time around had driven me away so soon again.

Or they're little furry psychos.

Talked to Mom and Aunt on phone, they sound like they're going to be two small elderly cats who don't quite want to start a fight, stuck together in a small cage, with one cat determined to lick the other cat back into health. They DO love one another, but there are interesting personality clashes going on.

I'm sure that's best appreciated from 300 miles away.

And now to figure out all the things that I've put off for the past couple weeks, and get started on them, like getting my car inspected and so on....
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 09:49 House cleaner still cleanerating -- me, dizzy but not nauseous. Family moving from room to room. And I had a piece of toast! #

  • 13:21 Now to see how a small ham sandwich goes down #

  • 16:50 House rearranging and aunt cooking a chicken for dinner. My excitement: a shower! #

  • 22:12 Goodbye, SGA! Nice to see a few old characters for the last time! #

Aside from some stomach cramps as food starts to move through my system again, and a whole lot of dizzy/tiredness, I did pretty well. It also helped that we washed all my sweaty pajamas. I SURE didn't pack for a week+ trip.

Four adults in a one bedroom apartment is a cramped situation, indeed. I suppose it's a testament to how we get along as a family that it's relatively peaceful!

Mom's feet swelling is way way down. She's getting visits from TED hose ladies, but I think that service can be discontinued in the next week, which just leaves her with home support services like laundry and light cleaning. She actually had a bit of appetite yesterday and is sitting up longer and without her oxygen, too.

Unfortunately, it's predicted to along the East Coast, so none of us is going anywhere. I MAY be able to take off tomorrow, especially if I continue to feel good all through today, but I don't want a 6+ hour drive in bad weather when I feel like a used tissue!
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:02 Watching civil twilight creep in through the trees outside my bedroom. Pretty much have to -- no windows. Hotel loses a half star. #

  • 07:40 Yay! Signed up with Dreamhost for Better yet, it's a fantastic deal that costs pennies a month. (I'll post the link next) #

  • 07:41 The deal is good through today (1/4): #

  • 15:10 In a rest stop on the NY Thruway. Mom sounds seriously worse, so I'm headed down to PA rather than home to help things get sorted out. #

  • 19:43 in PA, Mom seems to be better than rumored, but I'm still glad I made the effort, and can be here to negotiate w/ medical staff. #

  • 19:45 But ohgawd am I tired -- long, long drive in heavy traffic most of the way. #

Mom sounded rough on the phone on Saturday morning, but I expected to be called if she was feeling worse -- it turned out that none of us staying at the resort got any cell reception at all, so numerous calls from my Mom's best friend went unanswered. (She also called my Aunt's... who was at the reception, of course.) Mom managed to scare said friend pretty well, but not so much that she would pull the emergency cord.

So when the situation became clear on Sunday AM, there was some family powwow, and I volunteered to drive right down. (I'd packed for more than overnight, on the basis that with winter travel, you never know when you're going to be snowed upon.)

When I got to PA, after a long and so tiring drive, Mom was upright and moving slowly about, also eating and drinking enough to be reassuring. NEVER underestimate the stubbornness of my Mom, if she's put in a position where she has to perform, which is probably why the doctors are underestimating how sick she is.

Hopefully today I can get her to the doctor and keep insisting that More Can Be Done until it is.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 08:03 Looking at: SF Gate: Walruses! #

  • 09:58 time to pack! #

  • 10:02 immediately breaks a nail getting out the suitcase! #

  • 11:28 all packed but for laptop and knitting bag! Wish me pleasant travelling! #

  • 17:13 Good run out to the Catskills, except for the bit where I poured some antifreezewindshield washer fluid into the radiator coolant reservoir. #

  • 17:14 I hope that doesn't destroy my radiator. Maybe I should get it flushed out tomorrow morning? #

  • 22:10 back from uncle's 80th birthday party -- family and about a hundred of his closest friends. Now in B&B living room with bro's family #

I keep saying "antifreeze" when I meant windshield washer fluid, which should probably be a clue why I started pouring it into the radiator reservoir. In my defense, it was colder than hell, and windy and my hat kept nearly blowing off and the glove I took off DID blow away into the parking lot and I had to chase after it. Only a couple cupfuls got into the wrong hole, anyway, and the consensus among the automotive experts is that it probably won't hurt... much.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:28 @MitchWagner -- if your cat keeps dribbling get her checked out by vet -- can be a tooth infection that causes it! #

  • 07:29 Found out that I go to NY tomorrow, not today. Which simplifies life a whole lot! (Better than finding out the other way) #

  • 08:43 Looking at: Gothic Charm School -- For Goths of a Certain Age #

  • 14:33 going to get a hair cut at the cheapass mall place! #

  • 19:15 Looking at: jan02_newhaircut on Flickr - my new hair cut! #

  • 05:57 Hair still nice. Cats still furry. Caffeine still good. #

Hmmm, looking back, I wonder if looking at Gothic Charm School inspired me, or it was just the upcoming family gathering (which is tonight, gack!) that finally spurred me to Get Out Of The House And Do Something.

Cheapass mall place was still $40, but the haircutter was nice and did a good job, so it worked out pretty good. The mall was FULL, seriously -- I guess a lot of people had off for the 3rd, more than I expected, anyway! Pre-Xmas full, except I guess they were all returning stuff or taking advantage of yet more cuts.

And now to pack and see about getting on the road. The plan is to drive out on the early side, check in and hang out with any relatives who come early -- better than turning up at the last moment. I may yet get smarter in my old age....
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:32 prays that caffeine will make packing up and driving 6+ hours at least seem POSSIBLE. #

  • 10:11 caffeine has done its miracle, and I'm packed except for laptop and saying goodbye to Mom. Which do you think is harder to do? #

  • 17:25 HOME! #

  • 23:29 Sooo DED. But tomorrow? Snow Emergency time. Good time to collapsify #

The motivating power of caffeine cannot be understated.

I figured out how to (mostly) fool the Tom Tom -- set my destination first for my Aunt's house in the Catskills, which the GPS can't possibly decide to cross the GWB to get to. When you hit 287, it's safe to switch the destination to home, since the Tappan Zee bridge is Right There. It still tries to hook you up with I95 through CT, but once you're on 684 it begins to bow to the inevitable.

Tom Tom, you are my BITCH.


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