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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 06:45 Just told the cats that Mommy is happy because the radiators are hot. They seem unimpressed. #
  • 07:01 Looking at: The wrecking crew: How a gang of right-wing con men destroyed Washington ( ... #
  • 08:50 Why the abbreviation tl;dr, when MEGO is already around (My Eyes Glaze Over)? No wonder I keep forgetting what tl;dr means. #
  • 10:41 Looking at: Dr Who Dalek found in pond - Telegraph UK website. #
  • 17:53 Got to class early, surprised to find the instructor and four students here already. Now I feel like a slacker. #
  • 19:41 @isiscolo -- I bet the cat's glad you're home! #
  • 22:37 Hmmm, my update from class doesn't show up here. Yet, it did when I was on the web page IN class. #
  • 06:39 wishes this were Grunter instead of Twitter, then I could just grunt at you all. #

Grunter WOULD be a fun application, at least if you were me, because there are just too many times when that's pretty much all that I could manage to utter, too many times in the past week and a half. But I fear it's not a Web 2.0 concept that is going to take the world by storm.

I wonder how many regular readers on LJ I've driven away by posting my Twitters on a regular basis? In the past, I've generally smushed impulses to post a one-line post about something cool or interesting that happened, or a funny quip that occurred... whereas, with my Twittering app at my finger tips, and limited to 140 characters, it seems like a fun and natural thing to do. Being able to collect the best of them (OH HELL YES I edit them here) all in one little neat package gives me a journalling opportunity to think over the past day and explicate more on an incident if explication seems called for.

Just because I'm twittering, don't think that I'm not reading here on LJ or slowing my participation in community discussions.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:10 It's 45 and the sky is grey, and dirty snow is still piled up as far as the eye can see. However, it IS 45F so there's hope.... #
  • 08:23 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Be a Complete Failure At Everything - Dumb Little Man via @ShareThis #
  • 08:25 I like that #3 and #4 are mutually incompatible. But then life is a delicate dance between sticking it out and giving up. #
  • 16:48 Back from brunching, all talked out. Gonna do some design work, or at least try.... #
  • 05:39 woke up early worrying about my interview today as well as what clothes to wear, should I let my references know and so on? #

In fact, the grey clouds did give way to mellow sunshine, bright blue skies and a few fluffy clouds, and 50+F. This morning, of course, it's back below freezing, but even a little break is a real mood lifter.

It also helped that I had a brunch with nice chatty people to go to, and somebody brought fresh donuts -- non-Dunkin, but definitely NE-cake style. I knitted -- I'm nearly done with a scarf that is turning out terrific and had a fine time.

While I was there, we talked a little bit about Twitter, because some people couldn't think of a purpose for it. I'm not sure what the purpose is -- for me it's somewhat like IM, but broadcast to a group -- somewhere between an IRC chat and a mini-blog. When you're confined to 140 characters, pithyness becomes a necessity.

Now that Loud Twitter republishes my tweets here, I come in and edit them -- cut out some of the ones that were just boring, replies to other twitterers that would take too much explanation, and so on, and when I feel like it expand some of the comments here. Hopefully making my daily posts something that LJers still want to read!

Later today, I have an interview with a contracting place (one with a good reputation) that may turn out to be productive -- we'll see. I am SO ready to be working again, but I'll be realistic, and only worry about details like "What happened to my dark blue interview suit, and will it fit?" and "Should I call my references to warn them them may get called soon?" and "Should I bring my references printed out or on a disk?"
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:50 dreamed that chocolate was a dwindling, and magical, substance. Dilemma was to resist eating it in order to keep civ. going.... #
  • 09:59 Oooh, I can watch the BSG I missed on, so I know what I'm doing this afternoon! #
  • 11:08 @chickwriter You're on fire, writing-wise! #
  • 13:49 There were Girl Scouts outside the CVS, vending their cookies. Guess it's cookie season early here in PA -- I'm used to March in MA. #
  • 21:38 Watched BSG via computer, then accidentally turned on K.Olbermann being interviewed at length on CSPAN, so it was a good TV-ish evening. #

Big excitements of the day, here at the Home:

* heard a loud beeping out in the hall, went out to sniff and smelled something like burned toast and the noise was coming from another apartment, so I called the front desk to say they should send somebody up. About three minutes later I could hear voices in the apartment, and somebody official telling the neighbors that their alarm was going out. (Two people there, neither of which either heard or thought the alarm was theirs. Turned out that it was tomato sauce that had boiled over onto the electric stove.

* after the CVS, I went over to the "Giant" supermarket (which is actually pretty big) and found not only did they have Amy's Macaroni and Cheeze frozen entree (soy "cheese" that is actually within shouting distance of the real taste) but also dairy free frozen apple pie and coconut-milk-based vanilla "ice cream" which got me all excited to have something that might taste like The Real Thing, which I haven't had in a decade or more.

* I should have just kept my mouth shut, when I told Mom that it was coconut-milk she immediately said she wouldn't like it because she doesn't like coconut (neither do I) but my assurances that it will taste like vanilla doesn't seem to impress her any. If I'd just said "vanilla ice cream" she'd probably never have noticed.

* I'm not a bad person if I pretend to go out and "buy" some "ice cream" and then serve her the coconut-milk kind, right?

* Mom's friend is a nurse who got the bright idea that Mom needs to practice with her Jazzy(TM) power chair, so she asked if we could use the empty dining hall, which gave Mom plenty of obstacles (chairs and tables) to maneuver around and then also we could practice getting from the power chair into the dining chair and back, it being deemed not practical to drive the chair straight up to the table -- although, I noticed they were trying to do it with the foot rest DOWN, which works much like a cow-catcher on a locomotive.

* The Jazzy(TM)'s joystick is mounted way forward beyond the arm of the chair, just where you'd grab to haul yourself up. Which means if you forget to turn OFF the chair before getting up, you inevitably hit it and jerk the chair forwards or sideways or whatever. It's marvelously sensitive, which is perhaps not appropriate for someone who is new to operating the chair, and Mom can't figure out how to backup most of the time, because you have to remember that you push it in the opposite right or left direction that you're trying to back into.

* Also, I need to keep in mind that when Mom is overwhelmed, she totally can't figure out directions -- I was trying to show her how to move up a web page (she'd kept going down past the button she wanted) and I just could not get her to focus on the sliding bar on the side, and when she did, I kept saying "move the cursor UP" and she'd move it further down.

So that's the excitement around here. Note to self: do not yell at Mom, it only makes her more confused....
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If I was the kind of person who needed an excuse, I'd say it was because I've survived three. whole. weeks. of my expanded schedule, but really it was because my poor iPod Mini (iBob) finally wheezed the last few electrons out of its battery. For the past year or so, it's needed to be rebooted two or three times a day when it isn't connected to power, as the battey kept "forgetting" it had any juice.

But finally, Friday morning, it refused to come back on even when hooked up to the USB, so it was time to admit that I needed to replace it. I think I got nearly 2.5 years out of it (must check my records) so that's not shabby for a little titanium-shelled gizmo that I've dropped and kicked (accidentally) and drop-kicked even....

While I could have shopped online, there would have been the pesky waiting, so I checked the prices and determined that mostly the iPod Touch was running around $279.99 for an 8 gig, which compared favorably to the other current kinds of iPods. Yes, they're 8g and 16g, but the Mini I was moving up from only held 4g so it's not like I'm going to be more cramped....

After school, I went by MicroCenter in Cambridge which to my surprise didn't have floor models to poke at, because they had all been shoplifted and the salesguy apologized that they hadn't gotten in the shoplift-proof mounts yet. He even suggested that I go by the Apple Store in the Cambridgeside Galleria, so I said why the hell not and drove further on, getting lucky with a convenient parking space even.

Because I fed the parking meter, I made an exact note of the time that I went in, so I can report that I spent a total of 17 minutes looking at, asking questions about, and buying a new Touch.

First off, the play function is good, even though it's harder to get a visual confirmation of how far along in a podcast you are. Since I listen to a whole lot of podcasts -- NPR Science Friday, This American Life and Coffeebreak Spanish/French -- while I'm driving my car, this is important to me. But at least the screen is large enough that I can glance over and see what is playing, which I couldn't do with the tiny Mini screen.

The Touch has wifi, that is, if there's any wifi to be had. I'm not terribly impressed with the browser (tiny tiny and you have to scroll way too much) and not in love with the way you have to peck out letters with your finger -- I'd personally prefer to have a stylus. And in fact, I DO like the Palm's Graphitti script a whole lot.

On the up side, I loaded all my pictures into the Photos gallery, and they're very clear and handy. You should all be glad that I don't live near you so I could pull it out to show you pictures and pictures of my cats....

So far, the Touch isn't replacing my Palm, because it doesn't sync up the extensive contact list I have there, OR the calendar -- if the Touch calendar even synced up with my Google calendar it might help side me to changing over entirely, since I'm not going to do three calendars. Also, I have my Handy Shopper application on the Palm, which lets me keep a running tally of what I have to buy, not to mention a packing list, and that's a killer app.

I understand the iTouch is going to be opened up to developers relatively soon, so perhaps my requirements will be met sooner or later. Until then, I'm still better off than before I got it, though it's annoying to have the Palm and the iTouch almost, but not quite, doing the same thing.
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[ profile] veejane gets the Friendship Above The Call of Duty award for this month, if not year, with special oak clusters because she really stepped cheerily up to help me switch over the doors on the refrigerator.

Technically, it's Rosemary's refrigerator, and over six years ago now she was on hand when it was delivered and set up -- with the doors opening the wrong way, so that you couldn't shift stuff in and out from a counter directly -- you always had your hands full. This has annoyed me no end, that the Sears guy was right there and it didn't even occur to her to ask if it could be fixed.

And then for the last six years, she's claimed that she's going to call Sears and get a handyman out to re-hang the doors... soon.

So this weekend I decided enough was enough and had the brilliant idea of asking [ profile] veejane if she'd some over and help me with the project -- which really is a two person job, since getting the doors off and on the hinges and all is kind of awkward.

Unfortunately, it turns out that I don't have many of the right tools, since the fasteners holding the whole shebang together turn out to be many many hexagonal-headed screws and other weirder items, some of them in unconventional sizes. So we had one preliminary trip out to Home Depot in order to get a monkey wrench, which I naively thought would be good enough to get us through all the weird fasteners.

Oy. And it would have been, too... but it turned out that after we'd taken off nearly all the hardware, the bottom bracket which supports the whole hinge assembly... is attached by hex-headed screws deep within a very small space into which no monkey wrench is ever going to fit. We needed some proper nut drivers, and they had better be long-handled ones, at that.

And it took us two more trips to various venders of hardware in order to get the correct sizes.

So the whole sideshow took over four hours, of which we estimate 1/2 hour was taking the stuff apart, and the last half hour was putting it back together.

I learned a lot about tools this weekend. I have a great many more tools than when I started. And I'm in awe of [ profile] veejane, who remained cheery and calm through the entire thing and was so happy to be using power tools it's positively inspiring.

As for the refrigerator, it's completely put back together, opening on the correct side. With one weird side effect -- I find that if I go into the kitchen in the semi-dark, I'm still reaching for the handle on the wrong side. Ah well, it may take a couple of years to get used to it...
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In a move that really is quite typical of me I went over to the Apple Store to seek help for a problem with my iTunes... and came back with an external hard drive for my iBook.

It's not like I haven't idly contemplated getting extra drive space now and again, but haven't done much about it. I mean, this iBook has 40 gigs, right? That seemed like so very much when I got it back 2.5 years ago... which was well before I really ended up downloading half the shows I watch, and dabbling (rather unsuccessfully) in vidding... and suddenly I'm feeling cramped up much.

It also didn't help that through assiduous adding of my existing CD library to iTunes that my MP3s are taking up like 1/3 of my iBook's working space! Iyiyi!

So I poked around with the external hard drives on offer and came home with a LaCie Hard Drive Extreme, which as 250 gigs on it. Which lets me back up the WHOLE of my iBook, plus have room to keep my iTunes files on there, plus have lots of TV shows and et cetera. I deliberately bought UP, in hopes that even if I end up trading up my iBook to something faster and roomier, I can still use it for backup.

But on the other hand... my very first hard drive, all those years ago (1985... something like that!) was an incredible-to-me 20 megs. I have more than that on my Palm Pilot these days. Hell, I have 256 megs on my little pocket flash drive that's only a bit bigger than a stick of old-fashioned Trident gum.

I know computers keep getting bigger and faster as a rule of thumb, but geeze, now I know I'm an old fogey....
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I didn't get a lot accomplished yesterday, about the only thing was getting out to MicroCenter because [ profile] veejane needed to drop off her ailing computer. I'm going on the MooTour with [ profile] mabfan and [ profile] gnomi and other good people (I think [ profile] tsuki_no_bara too) so I'd already cleaned out a lot of photos out of my Palm Zire in anticipation, but you know, a project to take pictures of all the CowParade really could take up a lot of room....

So I wandered over to the Accessories department, and what to my surprise, I found an SD Cards (for extra storage) from Verbatim, which was priced at 1 gig for ~$38, which seemed pretty good -- but then I took it over to the registers and it turned out to be $28.

That's 1 gig of storage. For my PDA! I mean, geeze, my very first harddrive, for my Mac Classic (back when they were sold without harddrives!) was an incredible 20 megs! And I'm carrying it around in my purse!

Now off to the CowParade. I transfered over the remaining bunch of my pictures to the card, and I have like 990 megs left. I don't suppose I'm going to have to worry about how many pictures I can take today....


Feb. 25th, 2006 02:29 pm
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You know that I'm in an 'eh' mood when I spend about a half-hour going through my tags as well as through the last two months of untagged entries and tagging things up.

Does anybody have a pointer to a good instruction on how to add a 'tag cloud' to your LJ page? In, like, small words in English? *sighs*

Went out grocery shopping this morning, so at least I have a better accomplishment to point out than some Saturdays. Now if I can just get over to the library and return some books....

Have I raved here about [ profile] jcjoeyfreak's wacky Sims-generated vids of HDRC songs? They make me smile so very much!


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