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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 08:27 Off to the races. Well, the programming races. You know what I mean.... #
  • 10:11 Derailed the teacher by mentioning that we no longer have a Return key on the keyboard -- he started explaining what a CR really is. heh #
  • 10:40 @twistedchick -- in fact, he DID go on to explain what a typewriter carriage was and how it worked! Good god we're old. #
  • 14:13 Reminder to self: put Vividcon payment in the mail! #
  • 17:31 Talked to Mom -- consulation w/ spinal surgeon on Weds, surgery Thursday if approved. I sure hope so, she's still in a lot of pain! #

The Mom news is good news indeed -- provided that she gets approved for surgery, that is. It's something called a kyphoplasty, where they basically use glue injected into the compression fracture to un-compress and stabilize it. It's pretty safe, from all that I've read -- in fact, the patient may not be sedated heavily, and many are able to walk without pain out of the operating room.

However, if she doesn't get approved, for various reasons taking into account that she's 86 and a lot of other things are going on, including heart valve problems, the "good news" is that the compression fracture will eventually heal on its own, though she'll be in pain until it does. (And I'll be wincing right along with her. She's going to be even more devastated if she doesn't get approved. Even though it's medically for the best if there's doubt, I suppose, she's getting so emotionally worn down....)

8 hours of class covered a bunch of stuff I already know, though its good to have it recapped. Fran, the teacher, was mentioning how he slips sometimes and refers to "declaring" a variable rather than "defining" it, which he said the people in the class who are old enough to have learned programming in the 80s tend to do -- which is directed to me and Bill, the other greyhair. Which made me smile and admit that I keep referring to the Enter key on as the Return, and then we were off on a digression about manual typewriters -- which isn't entirely off topic, as we still encounter LF (Line Feed) and CR (Carriage Return) characters in some languages.

There was some sort of synchronicity going on these past few days, because I was talking with the career counselor in my resume rehab session about the early days of personal computing (she was at Cognos when I was at Lotus) And then I found out one of my B.Org friends lived on the same floor at Shelton Hall (BU) just a few years after I was there. And then I'm talking about college days with Fran, where I used to have to rent a typewriter at the student center in order to type my papers....
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I think I finally am at the point where I could have a legitimate need to register a domain. What nonskanky and reasonably budgeted place(s) should I go to do this?

ETA: I've had one recc for GoDaddy so far.
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My beautiful desktop computer is away at MicroCenter now -- thank goodness I have my iBook still, so I'm not cut off from my online pursuits, otherwise this would hurt a lot more than it is.

But still -- most of my past YEAR is on that computer. And even though I think it's FULLY backed up, I couldn't verify that before I handed it over for reimaging, since I couldn't open the backup files from the iBook to check. Like... all my projects, the uncompleted 3D animation, nearly ALL the modeling I did, and ALL the programs that I wrote, too.

I'm at least 90% sure that I have them backed up, but not knowing For Sure is killing me.

The good news is, the computer has to be reimaged because of a driver problem, not because of a hardware problem --- which means that the data should be imageable by the tech, who listened to me with a large and reassuring amount of comprehension.

The past week, I spent 3 sessions of at least two hours each with HP customer support -- whom I have to say were Good at their jobs, and I've given enough tech support to know when it's being done well -- none of which could fix the problem of the computer's monitor output fritzing out when an obscure driver was failing. It was determined not to be a hardware problem, but something that would most likely be definitively cured by doing a system factory restore. And I was all ready to do it, too, but because of the worsening problem, the computer would no longer go into restoration mode even with the boot disks in.

So my baby is in the hands of strangers. Be strong, pumpkin! Mommy wuvs you!
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I gave into some long-standing temptation last week, so that when I finally found a WII on sale, I ordered it from Target. And it came today. And because I had class tonight, I did nothing more than look longingly at the box before I left, and will probably not be able to open it and attempt to figure out how to attach it before late tomorrow afternoon.

I must really like my clases.


Aug. 8th, 2007 07:58 am
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Yesterday worked out very well, I introduced Mom to the TomTom's menu and functions and she really liked it -- it may well be The Best Gift Ever, at least for the last couple of years of presents. We used it to navigate to a new-to-her (and me) movie theatre to see Hairspray -- which I selected on the basis of possibility of being entertaining yet Mom-acceptable.

She really liked it, much to my relief, and I found it adorable, not to mention that I really loved the music, which managed to be accurate to the era and homaging singers and songs without ripping them off, and the dancing was adorable. Plus, all the cast looked like they were having an absolute blast, especially Travolta (whom Mom didn't recognize, btw -- I had underestimated how much she hadn't heard about the movie).

Then we used the TomTom to navigate to a nearby Macaroni Grill, which wasn't the one that we've gone to before, and then home over an entirely new route.

And then I found that the cable here doesn't get the SciFi channel, so I'll have to wait on watching Eureka, but I watched most of Dirty Jobs, which had Mike Rowe walking up the cables on a hyoooge suspension bridge. I got dizzy.

And now I'm going to be off to the Shore for the family stuff -- pity the weather bids to be wet AND HOT, but the house is airconditioned. Pity we'll have about 25 relatives wedged into it, but at least I'll get to see everybody....
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I met up for brunch with [ profile] llennhoff and [ profile] malkaesther yesterday for brunch before packing up to drive down to PA for family duties with my Mom, only to find out that [ profile] llennhoff was planning to take the Fung Wah Bus ('Fung Wah' is Chinese for 'Catches on Fire Regularly!' or so I've heard) back down to NJ so he could be in for work tomorrow, so it eventually dawned on us all that I could give him a ride instead.
travel details )
Along with the preparations for the trip, I was poking at ideas about what classes I should take this fall, and was checking out the Harvard Extension School courses and programs. There's a Certificate program that you can complete in 8 courses, and it's possible to get a Masters, too. Unfortunately, the courses run around $1700 per, but since it would be spread out -- and I can probably find work that will pay for related education, I may go with it, at least for the first three that you have to take before they'll let you formally enroll.

You have the option of taking them long-distance, too. I'm well within commuting distance, but it would be nice to go home directly on nights I'm not feeling well!
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In Haste

Jul. 7th, 2007 09:40 am
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Oh foo -- the less-than-a-week-old Tomtom won't turn on now. I didn't drop it or anything, but it's so dead that a reset doesn't seem to wake it up. I suppose I could try a hard reset, but I've got to get on the road to R-con for a festive day of hanging out and realizing how many books I haven't read....
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The cold continues to abate, and I'm pretty much left with the mucus-plus condition, which I can function with.

So of course, Mom and I went on a shopping expedition, because what else do you do on a rainy-ish (though never technically precipitating) day at the beach?

After some adventure we found the well-hidden outlet mall, which turns out to be well-enough hidden that it wasn't hideously crowded AND it had some real bargains -- like three pairs of slacks for a total of $29, and the separate suit jacket and suit skirt that came to a grand total of $28. I had vaguely planned on buying an interview suit as I'm doubtful my old one is going to fit, so this sprang out at me so very usefully.

One question for my Flist -- do any of you have TomToms or Garmin guidance devices? I'm asking because Mom offhandedly mentioned how much she'd like one of those, and I'd like some informed opinions on which ones are the easiest to operate, particularly if you're an 85yo lady. I'm thinking voice commands might be the way to go, if they actually work, that is? Any personal experiences to consider?

If I had one for myself, at least I'd have that to judge by and get a feel for whether she'd be able to use it if she had it. (She's kind of timid when it comes to technology, but if you give her something that has immediate benefits or pleasures, she's much less likely to resist....)


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