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Seems like a long time since I did one of these, but hey, here I am all relaxed in the back yard (the birds are chirping up a storm, frankly) and I'm cleaning out my spam folders so I came across a couple of gems:

* Enlarge your mail organ
You know what they say about the size of a man's mailbox....
* Her heaving bosom pics
I'm guessing there's a romance writer moonlighting somewhere
* Adventures of my giant mighty soldier
Describes many many military SF novels
* and he had a genius for verbal expression
strange tagline for a Viagra ad....
* Forget about small cucumber length
maybe it's some kind of fertilizer?
* Are you swinging for the home run?
Points for a baseball metaphor, but negative points for bad grammar
* Your device will make her shudder
I'm thinking joy buzzer?
* Your mom naked
And this is supposed to make me want to click TO your site?
* Big bell-rope is the dream of every girlfriend
I'm sure there's a Quasimodo joke to be made about this one....
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And now an offer from a "lawyer in Kuala Lumpur" who wants to use me to transfer funds because a client of his with the same last name (in Malaysia -- not entirely unbelievable, but slim chance, really) died leaving funds behind.

The scams are ahead of the actual legit queries about work related stuff.
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I've mostly ceased to get "interesting" spam (for a while I was getting a lot of Japanese and Turkish spam, but that era seems to have gone away....) but then one came today, whose title ("Then, in dudgeon, quickly made Off to seek the sturgeons' aid.") caught my eye, and I clicked.

Let us skip over quickly what it was actually for, since I didn't even bother to load the graphic, but the text set to get by the spam filters was so very special:

Katharine Queen of England, come into the court. I knows a lady
what's got a white swelling quick as I claps eyes on her.
Person B gets the shock of turning on a hunch and making eye contact
with person A, which is similarly shipped backwards. On the Internet,
application-level authentication routines are the minority.
The AddressOfNames field is the address of an offset to the beginning
of a null-separated list of exported function names. I have feared it.
The icon appears aligned with the bottom of the control and the right
of the control. We will see persons the scope of whose power in their
own time was extremely great.
I come but in, as others do, to try with him the strength of my
youth. The icon files each contain a 16x16 version with no 32x32
version currently in the file.
Perhaps he had given himself away to his pursuer. Ominous, revengeful
zodiacal host.
Then, before either of them could stop her, she had given both of
them a hug and dashed away, now positively howling. And then he
turned directly on his flapping, newspaper-stuffed heels and walked
swiftly away, without any limp, into the crowded sidewalks of Cork Street.
Venga a trovarmi e ci pensi. He who hates vices hates mankind.
The iconv utility can be used to convert from one character set to
another. Here come the Lords of Buckingham and Derby.
The traceroute command is usually used by system or network
administrators when there are delivery problems with messages or
network behavior seems very slow. An XML representation of the.
Well, give me the moiety. Consular processing is an alternative to
filing Form I-485 in the US.
Then they were in the thick of the crowd, headed up the ramp of the
lower level. But of course, sending us money is still always good.
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Obtain edgrees from Prestigious non-accredited Universities

Prestigious and non-accredited? That would be like Hravrad Clolege and Yael Univeristy, right? Nobody ever reads those fancy-lettered diplomas, anyway....

PS How come there is no mood for "leary" or "dubious"? I have more emotions than are contained within the Official categories, especially early in the AM when the chemicals haven't kicked in....
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Since I didn't open the GIF files that accompanied them, I have no idea what they're selling, really. But reading the "copy" that accompanies them and trying to imagine what it applies to is more fun anyway.

Injected foam or flotation a auto bilge pump a. Mounts or hand rails bow all welded low in profile. City Specials Links Faqs Location Photos Cape Fisherman is the.
Rail hydraulic steering stainless wheel navigation.
Sunbrella cover boat washdown Lenco Troll Tabs.
Mounted rod holders poly racks of port is starboard? Location Photos Cape am Fisherman am? Fax or Visit our sister store.
Lenco Troll Tabs quotlite tackle of package. Deck mounted rod in holders poly racks port. Max Hull Weight a pounds Draft Person Load a Standard in.
Cabin new Copyright inc. Lights booted switch panel or cushion set cell plug.
Scout Southport Market Street Phone am fax. Quot Cockpit Depth a aftstern Dead Rise degrees.
With and of grab rail a hydraulic steering stainless wheel. Scout Southport Market Street Phone am fax.
Steering stainless in wheel navigation. Fax Visit our or sister store Morehead.
Plug flush anchor of locker compass four is cleats am.
Sunbrella cover boat washdown Lenco Troll Tabs. Bimini top Ttop rocket.
Features console with and grab.
Features console with.
Three lites rack am bull Cabin new am Copyright?
Mounts or hand rails bow all welded low in profile. Photos Cape Fisherman of the in. Cover boat washdown Lenco a Troll Tabs quotlite in tackle a.
Weight pounds Draft Person Load in Standard Features console in with.
Cover boat washdown Lenco a Troll Tabs quotlite in tackle a. Transom Fuel is Capacity gallons rec hp max Hull Weight.

Also this one:
Continued donations keep running am Jobfrom navigation Bible orold details. Hitech Ambient Rock Hiphop is sure something here match.
Classics missed list is Halo tougher struggle telling of.
We receive good.
Parable maintain historic in accountin secular. Instead responded equanimity.
Immig Blog Bomb. Judaism Liturgical Approach Mystical of Islam References is Ayyub Quran Modern.
Written produced many Burger in King Bacardi is. Note want system a manual link in below in gt Downloadgt.
Mitchell Sire Sorrow or sad sets or South Park Kyles or parents.
Ktla Carscom autos a rentals Shoplocal a Fsbo in Sale Owner! Holmes fairytale Photosthe Envelope Levy!
Listed header display!
Art Crosswords Horoscopes is Lottery Stats Listings Feeling. Linksedit subject trial? Listed header display!
Tablet discovered is Hitherto shalt thou? Climax of season Fernando.
Copyright inc all Rights am is. Feedssite of map pricestips Tvpopular in Networks Pswiixbox?
Star Wars Raider.
Half dozen of offshoots changed a except. Future amp Sign up now Already Finding Easy or! Moment or redirected current product listing Please browser.
Hitech Ambient Rock Hiphop is sure something here match. Shiny Macpro spent next weeks. Village in Kingsley Pines Staffing Laurel ampthe.
Car Tokyo Emergency Shot Hospital? Village in Kingsley Pines Staffing Laurel ampthe. Powerful remarkable in creatures a lives needs whom must young!
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This one from a message entitled "slave driver appeal". I just happened to click on it when I was deleting, and there it was....

According to Agarwal, the results indicate that the Average Joe is a better tagger.
Doesnt matter what web page I try. appears to be the magic number.
Meetro is six guys and an Internet startup crammed into a three-bedroom walk-up. As a result he claims to be able to view future realities and see glimpses of what our world will be like in areas such as technology, health, future societies, Earth changes and Consciousness. If given the choice between a clothed man and a naked man, most women would choose.
The results, no matter the cause, are horrific and devastating.
When she looks at you, she thinks, Buddy. So why do saps like us work so hard for it? He subsequently took a postdoctoral position at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation where he developed monoclonal antibody technology.
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Mostly spam is very boring, but once in a while, you get something... special.

A roller coaster from another light bulb The microscope has a change of heart about a globule beyond a support group. If another industrial complex trades baseball cards with the federal pig pen, then a line dancer toward the grizzly bear hesitates. Now and then, a molten abstraction underhandedly gives secret financial aid to the usually optimal buzzard. A burglar for a class action suit tries to seduce a familiar chess board. When a prime minister is eagerly surly, a traffic light gives a pink slip to a dust bunny.
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Here's a list of the outstanding members of the latest crop:

  • Nannie Sharpe Message subject

  • Romaine Wanting to save on the annual generic relief?

  • Robert hi

  • Antone Pauline ! desicate be agony may voracious a cosh ! lawful

  • crashhura Spermamax promises you her mouthful of sperm.

  • Hajar Searching through these inexpensive curing produ..

  • Anett Wolff Looking for some vigorous activity. prolusion

  • luz richards Powerful, very powerful

  • Mirena Astonish your families with one of our attractive..

Yeah -- 'Message subject' -- how better to say that you don't even know how to work the dumbed-down spam software you probably bought from the first spam letter you ever received?

Gotta admire 'Robert' and his 'hi'. That's almost dumb enough to be something that I'd check out to see if it's a real message.

And '! desicate be agony may voracious a cosh ! lawful' is so lively it should be outlawed....

I think I need a 'bemused' icon or at least an official Mood of the same....
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Mind you, I started accumulating this list days ago.

"Names" of the senders in bold.

  • gangster equipped botanist

  • I have tamed that savage stenographic mystery.

  • sculptural schemata

  • hopeful plywood

  • Impress the guys at the office with an imitation

  • Re: you break so poetical

  • Looking for something magic and mysterious that

  • suicidaldestiny Spermamax is good not only for your penis and sp

  • Your nickname is a tortoise because of being so slow and late. Be a cheetah with Replica Classic watches

  • dead21wanker Stop reading stupid advises about being popular among the women.

  • 1-4 extra inches makes a massive difference

  • floydianporn Spermamax can get pregnant even a man.

  • shoulder.  I am ruined, my dear Trot.  All I have in the world is

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More found 'poetry' in spam mail:

eagan be humid see part and dossier it chevalier a balfour try icarus in subtrahend some shah ! glassware try yipping it exaggerate adeem or depend in scalp the englishman and polarography it's bobolink it's atavistic ! deign some on effect ! circulate butarchitect the balkan or refractometer not replicate , condemn , corvus a anathema ! hagen maylesson , smoothbore try difficult or chine and sit it meredith ! precipice or uterus on a raid or calumniate it regina be booty in artwork ! continua not gemstone a
endow the peat be inapplicable , taskmaster beleo try downstairs be confessor but coquette in purview not massage it's ordinance be.
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I've been getting more porn-oriented spam in the last few weeks, but a few are still interestingly titled:

Bubble butted cutie sexed
cyclopean on homecome it's centaur on
Positive software gives positive emotions
Letisha a cowboy, try rankle
long as the camp staff is properly


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