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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:19 @TamarasBrain -- you get a prize. What, I don't know, but I'm glad you paid attention. :-) #
  • 07:20 I never did make it to Boskone -- feeling Not Good most of the evening, ack. #
  • 09:30 feeling good, check. knitting, check. badge, check. ready for fun, check. And off to Boskone! #
  • 18:11 home from Boskone, quite exhausted, didn't see enough of anybody, but at least found some friends, anyway. #

Sorry this set of updates is so... uninspired, really. Because I spent most of the day at Boskone, which was happy-making, but couldn't update from there, and my creativity and ability to make updates by the evening was pretty much spent, you know?

I made it over to the Boskone hotel by 10, ran into friends nearly immediately when I went to hang up my coat in the DIY coatcheck, and the day ran on from there pretty much like a slow-moving freight train of people and panels and whatnot, starting with a reading by Kat Macdonald, who is the daughter of friends and I've known since she was this high and whom I once caught selling Indulgences in a Boskone hallway. She read the first chapter of a supernatural romance she co-wrote called Salt and Silver and... yeah, I may be really prejudiced in her favor, but damn it was GOOD. It's out in May, but in the meantime you can read that chapter at their website if you want.

There were also discussions about LOST, and folklore/mythology, and famine/death/pestilence, and the English countryside (fantasy vs real, with a lot of reminiscences by Jo Walton who still finds it strange to have the Welsh country she grew up in, so ordinary to her, be idealized by SFF fans).

(I confess to taking a picture of the first gorse bush I ever saw, FWIW.)

Anyway, I ran out of steam about by 4:30 and came home to generally collapse with a short moment of revival for the premiere of The Amazing Race which is still fun after all these years.

This year, I DID buy a membership for last year. LAST YEAR, I held off from buying a membership for 2009 because I thought I'd FOR SURE have a job later in the year and be able to better afford it.

We all know how that worked out.

So, I figure if I BUY a membership now, that will ensure I have a well-paid job next year. This has to work, right?
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 08:48 cats let me down and I woke up L A T E... I should be at school already! #
  • 09:07 Looking at: ... now my entry can be revealed! #
  • 10:06 Finally in class -- they were going slow, so I'm caught up. Better yet, there's lab time at the end of class that I can skip out on. #
  • 11:26 Yesterday in the subway I noticed woman in a heavy coat and weather-appropriate gear... except she was wearing FLIPFLOPS???!!!??? #
  • 16:35 we learned about cross-thread method invocation which is both neat and highly irritating. But now for the rest of Boskone! #
  • 17:04 Ack -- no programming from 6 until 8:30. I might as well eat cheap here and mosey over to the hotel when partying starts. #

Well, as it turned out it was a good idea that I stayed to have a little dinner at home, because I got noticeably ill, which would have been even more Un-Fun had I gone straight over to the convention. So I caught up with BSG and the Sarah Connor Chronicles which I could do without being too far from a bathroom, which is frustrating because there were Things to See and People to Talk To over at Boskone.

Alas, also we didn't get any lab time that I could have skived out of, so I didn't get to leave early. However, we did cover a bunch of important thread-related issues which could be of prime importance in a program... and I discovered that I really don't comprehend what 'static' implies in C#, and I'm a bit fuzzy about delegation as well....

Today will be a much more fun day than yesterday, for sure.
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From my MORE OR LESS current Twitter stream:

  • 15:53 Muppet makes the evening's first request for food. #
  • 19:32 entered a Worth1000 competition, woohoo! #
  • 07:04 Looking at: Photoshop Contests GUESS WHICH ONE IS MINE! :-) #
  • 08:32 Looking at: Diabetes-monitoring Nanoparticle Tattoos - Neatorama #
  • 10:49 checking Boskone schedule, which doesn't start until 6 PM. ::checks clock again:: #

Bizarre -- LoudTwitter didn't post yesterday morning's usual lot until nearly 10 at night, and now it repeats some of them, only it postdates them TO THE FUTURE, and still hours later than their usual time.

LoudTwitter is free, so I suppose I'm getting my money's worth.

But perhaps it is my urgency for Boskone to be starting up that is driving this posting into the future. You never know.
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Tonight in some alternate universe that's better than this one, I'm at the hotel in Chicago visiting with the folks at Vividcon, and looking forward to Club Vivid with my very nice sex-ay dress that I got in Atlanta, et cetera.

Instead I'm on the fold-out couch in my mom's condo in PA. And, probably, I made the right emotional (family) and financial (layoff) decision, but still....

I'm thinking that I may console myself by going to World Fantasy this fall, which is after all in a driveable location. Hmmmm.
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Off to the book mines -- okay, Readercon.

Yesterday there was a LibraryThing panel, where I almost had to duct-tape myself to the chair to keep from popping up every three minutes to extoll a wonderful feature that the panelists hadn't somehow managed to mention. I haven't been this proselytizing about Something Neat since TiVo.

And I dumpedleft a bunch of books marked up for BookCrossing on the Freebies table, and in less than two hours they were all gone, hopefully to good homes. I'm putting out another 10 books this morning.

And if I want to get there before stuff really starts, I'd better get gone, huh?

More details later, maybe....

In Haste

Jul. 7th, 2007 09:40 am
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Oh foo -- the less-than-a-week-old Tomtom won't turn on now. I didn't drop it or anything, but it's so dead that a reset doesn't seem to wake it up. I suppose I could try a hard reset, but I've got to get on the road to R-con for a festive day of hanging out and realizing how many books I haven't read....
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Oh lord, so very tired, after a nearly 6 hour drive, I was literally dragging myself and my stuff into the house. But I've had a little to eat, changed my clothes, caught up on four days worth of emails, sync'd up iTunes and all that.

Even fed the cats, who hardly acted grateful, or were talking to me much because of my disappearance.

Mostly, though, I've got to haul my tired carcass over to Burlington, so I can attend the special this-time-only Thursday programming tonight. Not going to make a late night of it, for sure. Even though I'm dragging, I can't miss this, so it'll be just a small Theo sitting in the back of the panel room today/tonight.

More on the actual Maine Details later, but let us just say that it was a very fine vacation-let with [ profile] la_perkins to go hang with!
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Today is the last day of the con, which has gone on for about a week, I think. It's been a blast, and even though it's a tad expensive (I had my own hotel room) it's been worth it.

Now I get to go visit some friends I haven't seen enough of, and fly home on Wednesday, which seems like the perfect ending!

I haven't mentioned the hotel pool and workout center. The pool is about 80 and the whirlpool is 105 -- which for once is Hot Enough for me. Also, yesterday morning, [ profile] cofax7 came down and did her exercise routine, so I watch for a bit and did some light exercises for my shoulder while she exerted. I should find a workout buddy, truly, as it would probably spur me on.

I lasted later than ever last night -- past 11! And hung out with a bunch of LJ people like [ profile] ellen_fremedon and [ profile] oursin, not to mention long-time Flisters like [ profile] jonquil and [ profile] oracne. Already several friends have had to leave, so the gang is already breaking up, alas. I hung out chatting madly in the LiveJournal party, but moved over to the Dr. Who party when [ profile] ellen_fremedon brought up her laptop to show us the newest ahemed Dr. Who episode -- which ended in a desperate cliffhanger! At least it was good to share the frustration, and even if we were watching on a 12-inch screen, the viewing company was hard to beat.

Ate spicy Italian for lunch, Thai/Chinese for supper. There are an amazing variety of non-chain restaurants (not to mention non-chain everything-else) along State Street, which starts a block from the hotel, so it's been fun just to stroll, not to mention a good reason to Leave The Hotel. (Which has windows that open, so the sinuses haven't been trying to kill me.)
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I collapsified at 9:30 last night! Which is so very pitiful, but if I push my body too far, I'd be useless today.

And I ran into [ profile] cofax7 in the fitness center this morning, which inspired me to do my gentle little shoulder exercises while she ran five miles or so on a stair stepper-type machine and lifted serious weights. :: is wimpy ::

Ate East African for lunch, Turkish for supper -- I suppose I could very well continue a multi-ethnic theme for food. Hmmmm.

Many panels, which reminds me that I'd better get a move on right now, and fill in the blanks later. I'm definitely making it to [ profile] veejane's panel at 10 AM.


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