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June 15th

Jun. 16th, 2009 08:39 am
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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Seen on Screen: Brooks Bros. cuts custom camo suit for Colbert's Iraq visit | Los Angeles Times

I thought that was a sharp-looking suit, and it seems I was right!

  • How did it get to be lunchtime? Oh yeah, I just went to "do one little thing more" with the web pages. Oy.
  • Will I be turning over the web pages to the web producer soon? I sure hope so!

The things clients don't know, like when I managed to break some major functionality and had to go back to the earlier copy of the work and very carefully make my changes again.  Without, somehow, being able to spot exactly what it was that I did that broke things, even though I swear I only made the same changes in the same sequence.  Stoopid Javascript!

  • The Power of Twitter's "Suggested User" List - AKA The Tweet Smell of Success

Huh, I didn't know about any "Suggested User" list.  But yeah, I WAS an early adopter.  We had to go out and find our own followers then, chipping them out of stone our own selves.  ::waves cane, stamps foot::

  • Web producer seems happy with my work, needs only tiny changes. We'll see what happens when she actually starts using it -- the acid test!

It's easy enough to look good, but I think my inexperience with setting up a production web page may show with usability/maintainability issues.  Ideally, this is what CMSs -- code management systems -- are for.  Though, we're only talking about five small XML files to keep track of, and the producer seems able and detail-aware.

  • TV Guide Magazine | The Daily Review | Finale Watch: Pushing Daisies -- He says it much better than I can or do.

I said somewhere else that my emotions approaching the end of PD was confidence and acceptance -- somehow my subconscious has given enough life and independent existence to the characters that I believe in my heart that they continue past the end of the series, having quirks and adventures, and finding happiness. In fact, it's much like the end of Due South in that there's so definitely room in their mythos and characters and arcs that I feel as though it does go on....

(Also note, like DS, it shares the Magical Realism thing in big ways, and the serio-comic vibe, as well as, yes, mysteries.  Only, I guess, it's the Country of Death, not Canada, that Chuck comes from.  And that Emerson and Olive and Digby all map onto DS characters all too well....)

(And yeah -- dead/missing fathers, anyone?)

  • Personal Health - An Emotional Hair Trigger, Often Misread - -- good article about borderline personality

I'm seriously contemplating printing this out and leaving it anonymously in the mailbox of some neighbors of mine, whose 9yo is daily going into crying fits and meltdowns.  In the warm weather I can't avoid overhearing a lot, being that they're out in their yard.  So much of the behavior described in the article fits.  Something is definitely wrong with the kid, and I know she's getting at least some school counseling....

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I know I'm busy when I get involved with My Big Fat Website Project in the morning and don't get around to updating here at all.  Because it seems like all the energy I have To Do A Good Job is being spent on that.  On the up side, the Project is moving satisfactorially along, including writing some Javascript that takes XML files and puts them up as neat, formatted, organized and attractive HTML/CSS code.

I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Did they really schedule the Twitpocalypse and the Facebook name domain event for the same day? Talk about tempting fate!

Actually the big news about that is it didn't cause more disruption -- the world of programming is getting trickier and more adaptive. explains better that I can what the problem was -- in short, the unique identifier code (which was a 32-bit unique number) got exceeded when the 2,147,483,647th tweet was twatted.  (Yes, that's 2 billion served.)  The Twitter site itself was programmed right - the numbers just rolled over and restarted at the bottom of the signed integer list, but the lack of planning on some application developers is showing.

  • Ugly Overload: I Don't Want to Grow Up Cute baby frogmouth chick grows up... ugly.

Awww... it's like a tribble.  With a beak!

  • Honestly, I'm going to put down the Dreamweaver now and go do something that does not involve a computer, or code.

See what I said about getting a little, um, concentrated?  And I went back later in the evening and hammered out a kludge to get around the way IE handles XML, too!  Baby, I'm on FIRE.

  • Walked to the library and back -- now I have a backyard reading book. Time to go out on the patio and, um, read!
  • It's Sarah Vowell's The Wordy Shipmates, btw.

And... it's a Large Print version, which gives me the feeling that I'm just speeding along through it.  Rarely have the Puritans ever been this... entertaining?

  • Waiting for the last ever episode of Pushing Daisies to come on. Angry at the universe and TV program execs both.

Still angry at the way the network handled this series.  Hoping all the creators go on to wonderful work, of course, but damn why couldn't we have had at least one full season?

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PSA: Pushing Daisies shows the last of three episodes tonight at 10 PM.  Can't miss TV for me, even as I mourn the series being cancelled all over again.

I thought, therefore I twittered:

Slept late courtesy of muscle relaxant, woken in the night by Chumley getting his neck stuck in a plastic bag handle!

Oh, the catmanity!  However, the path of his distress was only from one side of the bedroom to the other, where he went to earth under the bed with most of the large -- it was a big stiff plastic DSW bag -- bag sticking out, so freeing him didn't even involve me getting out of bed, really, just leaning off the edge.

I suspect he's jealous of all the attention that Spare Cat has been getting this week.

I would Rail Against Fate, Woe. Woe conspiring me for not having corn flakes to eat, but in fact it was ME forgetting to buy them yesterday.

I'm finding that being deprived of my rightful Corn Flakes after not being able to eat them for so long has made me more desirous of making up for lost breakfasts.

Am well on my way to remembering how ActionScript works. What a relief!

It's surprising how a couple of months of Doing Other Things can make one rusty.  On the bright side, my mastery of OOP makes some things with the Flash programming much easier to predict and control.

I still have my work cut out for me to get what I want to do all spiffy and professional, but I can see how it's going to work, and that's a big relief indeed.

YouTube - Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version I just hurt something laughing.

Oh good loooord!  The original video was ridiculously operatic and crack-addled Over The Top and full of bizarro images like wrestlers and ninjas and football players in what looks like a boys prep school with the singer raising her arms Evita-like, and big hair and raccoon-eye makeup and unexplained wisps of red silk scarves blowing in through windows.  Add in a new soundtrack where a sound-alike singer  comments on the goings-on, and I pretty  much can't watch this with food or drink anywhere in the vicinity, because it would leap into my mouth and make me spit-take.  The comic timing/dialogue between image and commentary is very very good.

Thanks to [profile] isiscolo for this link.
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How much do I want a, you know, JOB? Enough to drag myself out of bed and get into Boston at 8 AM for an interview at a job recruiter's... which took all of 20 minutes, but actually went fairly well, i.e. the guy seemed to be really excited about placing me and seemed to think my prospects were really good. ::crosses fingers::

Of course, they nearly all say that, since it comes with the job, but still I can use a little ego-boo, and realistically, if I want to get some resume credits for .NET developing, getting a bottom-rung position at a bottom-rung company may be the way to go.

Because, realistically, this is not a top-notch placement firm, by a large measure. I did very little Googling to find them rated on a recruiter-rating site with some comments about how they troll and call all the likely job-seekers from it, and also pump them for where else they're interviewing (with an eye towards sending other candidates there). This isn't terribly unusual, actually, but I know what to expect.

Since I was done by 9 AM, I wandered over to the nearby Borders, where a friendly staffer helped me find the very last copy of the Pushing Daisies box set in the store. He made sure that I knew that Bryan Singer was also responsible for other wonderful shows, so I told him their names and reassured him I not only knew about them, I already owned them.

(One week and one day until the season premiere!!!1!)

Also got French Toast Sticks at the Burger King, and a bag of bagels from Finagle-a-Bagel. The recruiters was just across from the Boston Public Library in Copley Square, i.e. just two blocks from where I used to work, so it was a little like coming home. I felt all kinds of hopeful this morning, like it will all work out.

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Jul. 7th, 2008 08:44 pm
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* The Video Editing class has moved through After Effects and motion graphics, and now we're into a unit on Sound Booth, which allows some basic sound-editing -- enough to clear up some pops and clicks and background noise, nothing really fancy like multi-tracking. Today was nearly all lecture, though: one of the things I love best about these classes is that we get hands on pretty quickly.

One of my B.Org buddies is a professional sound designer who does work not just for theatres but also amusement park rides. Previously, I pretty much thought that he was a genius and all around clever guy... but now I'm really IN AWE.

* I sat down this weekend and did a very little clipping of a Pushing Daisies episode with an idea to actually Vidding it. Such a beautiful, dayglo-bright show, is my first thought. And my second -- how the hell am I going to keep 30,000,000 clips (my honest estimate of how many I'll have when I'm finished) organized? I don't think my brain is big enough to hold it all.

As I've said with movies: it's a bloody miracle that a bad one ever gets made, let alone a good one -- they're COMPLICATED. And it's that way with vids, too.

But still... I have TEH PERFECT SONG, or at least one that would do magnificently -- the Ditty Bop's "Growing Upside Down". Maybe I need to listen to it another ten or twenty times

* Just finished Kage Baker's The Sons of Heaven, and right before that Mary Roach's Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, and right before that I plowed through Terry Pratchett's Bromeliad Trilogy, 2/3rds of which I hadn't read before. And that's just in the past week, folks.


Oct. 27th, 2007 03:42 pm
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thedabill, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Still working on the project....

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Olive & Digby
Olive & Digby
Pushing Daisies clip art

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Just got a little inspired as I sat here watching again, and copied down some of the quotes from the last half of the 10/10 episode: "Dummies"

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