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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Slept in until 7:30, which made the cats frantic for their breakfast and me extra-gronky.
  • Spent 45 minutes trying to import my Firefox passwords into KeePass, with absolutely no success with export plugins, import plugins etc. Feh

In theory, it shouldn't be this hard.  I have all these handy passwords saved in my local Firefox, and it should be a snap to import them, right?  But the formatting just won't work for some reason.  If I'm having this much trouble -- and I'm good about reading instructions and being intuitive in general -- I'm surprised anyone EVER got it working.

  • Compulsive Hoarding Affects up to 2% of the Population -

I should hope that the 2% of which they speak are actually the hoarders themselves, because it also affects family, friends, and neighbors, not to mention municipal authorities.  I'd say that it's "a disease of plenty" but really it's possible to be a homeless hoarder, you just have less space to fill, like a shopping cart....

  • Iconic Photos -- blog presenting entries of historic/iconic photos from through history. Totally amazing.

And not America-centric, either, with a good wide-ranging selection throughout the history of photography.  I spent way WAY too much time yesterday going through it slowly.

  • Caught Dirty Jobs tonight-- they went to a camel farm! In addition to a pony, I now want a dromedary. I would accept an alpaca instead....

Yes, it's a camel dairy, how cool is that?  My ambition to try camel's milk is unslaken, but closer to a reality.  (I'm allergic to cows milk, and goat milk doesn't do too well either, but I'm hopeful that camels milk doesn't have the same proteins I'm reactive to.)  However, milking a camel is a difficult process, because they only let down for about 90 seconds, and they have to have their calf right by their side to start the hormones flowing.

But it was so cute, because the camel owners are professional animal trainers who have hand-raised their camels to be ultra-affectionate and kind of cuddly, so really Mike had a fun time of it.

Also, they'd named one of their camels "Clyde" which made me giggle.  Nice to know they have an interest in novelty music.

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Spare Cat Desk, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Why I don't get more writing done. She INSERTS herself between me and the keyboard...and climbs up into my FACE if I get any closer.

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It appears that yes, I can post a Flickr picture here.

This is CeCe, AKA Spare Cat, whom I'm catsitting for my Mom's BFF who is not only infirm but temporarily hobbling around in a foot cast, so chasing after a young, playful and high energy feline is NOT what the doctor prescribed.



Apr. 15th, 2009 12:29 pm
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Originally uploaded by moxie58
When I assembled all the trash this morning, I left the empty can sitting in the office. Was just about to put the new trash bag in when I realized it was Occupied.
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CeCe Is Looking Up, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Spare cat, posed atop my desktop CPU, in an UN-characteristic still moment.

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GlareOfDeath, originally uploaded by moxie58.

This is CeCe, aka Crazy Cat, aka Spare Cat, who is presently hiding in the closet and glaring fiercely (her only weapon) at the injustice of being ripped away from her owner.

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vernalSnow01, originally uploaded by moxie58.

What I saw out the window nearly first thing this morning, except that the snow hadn't melted off the cars. What a way to begin Spring, huh?

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chumley_schnozz, originally uploaded by moxie58.

This was taken back in November, but I just saw it now on the sidebar slideshow and realized how much I like it. He's such a catly cat.

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PawKnowsBest, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Been a while since I posted a picture. This one turned up this morning in the slideshow widget in my Google desktop. It was taken last year, but I think it's cute now.

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basement_snowman, originally uploaded by moxie58.

This is the culprit, your Honor. (Picture has notes on Flickr.)

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sunset_contrails, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Been a while since I posted a picture, right? This was snapped while driving (in very light traffic) on the NJ Turnpike.

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Wordle: Cover Letter

Now playing: The Poozies - Another Train
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jan02_newhaircut, originally uploaded by moxie58.

After dithering about it for the past 9 months or so, I got around to getting it cut today! I figured I'd get it cut when I started getting interviews.

::pause for hollow laughter from the gods::

Maybe if I cut it, I'll get interviews? You never know, it COULD work.

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3d Bookshelves Tests, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Not bad for a test, eh? Yes, it's the same picture of "books" repeated three times, but I can set it up with alternative shelves when it comes time for the full-dress setup -- the books are actually a textured picture imposed on a chamfer box.

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Apple made in Photoshop, originally uploaded by moxie58.

This took me a couple hours yesterday -- it was a 20-part tutorial!

Showed me some neat things about highlights and shadows and the way to set them up. I'm not satisfied at all with the stem, though I followed the instructions exactly-- twice!

I should try to make the same object in 3dsMax, which is a whole different approach....

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ganked from [ profile] e_juliana :

1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instructions with your picture.

Sept 17
Sept 17

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ChumleyExposed, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Thought I might share a Chumley picture with you -- haven't done one of those in a while. Here's he's been a little overlaid with some filters....


Sep. 14th, 2008 03:49 pm
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rainbowMe, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Could this be the start of... a trend? Like, taking up the 365 challenge again and getting all the way through it? I guess going through some of the pictures I made for the DVD portfolio has made me actually want to try doing this again....

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20080912 - eyesClosed, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Been a while since I did some self-portraits! I've been thinking about them, maybe I should start again.

Now off to call some people back about jobs....

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Summer Garden Flowers, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Among other names, this is known as pigweed. It's a w/e/e/d/ volunteer plant which I let grow on the tiny plot by the side of my lot. It'll grow over 5 feet tall, with broad leaves and tiny flowers that swell into (poisonous) berries that the birds love.

Here you can see some of the leaves, and the flowers, too.

More pictures over at Flickr!


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