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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • RT @kottkedotorg Early color photography --used 3 filtered lenses to capture RGB separation!
    • I know it works that way -- if you go into Photoshop, you can go to a Channels mode to separately look at the Red, Green, Blue values in glorious B&W.  This 1900s process used three synced cameras, each with a different color filter to take the exact color value of the complete picture, and then later it could be shown using three overlapping projectors.  And what a gorgeous (pre-Soviet) forgotten world he photographed!
  • @javachik -- Really, I'm finding it kind of inspiring, or at least affirming that I can still see my floors!
    • Perhaps I've been watching too much Hoarders, on A&E, but I see and identify with some of the subjects, at least in my tendency to let things slide because I just don't have the emotional energy to deal with sorting and deciding.  OTOH, being able to see my floors is kind of affirming, so it's a win.
  • Forgot to have lunch. I got some lovely organic chicken salad yesterday, yum!
    • I'm  making a deal with myself.  No buying anything at Whole Foods that I can get elsewhere.  Unfortunately, being on a  special diet with my food allergies/intolerances means limited venues for the stuff I can eat, and since my objections are all about health anyway, I'll just have to hold my figurative nose for the wrong-headed position of the CEO and buy my stuff.
  • No class for me tonight -- my car ins. agency called to tell me that did I know my registration had expired? Eeek. Will be fixed tomorrow.
  • Am more upset about missing class than upset that I've been driving around without a valid registration. Innocence might have protected me.
    • The problem was my excise tax, which I'd thought I'd paid, which stopped the registration materials from reaching me, which led to the call from my insurance agency (which is WHY they're my insurance agency).  I'm a pretty good driver, really, but there's something about driving around KNOWING you've got an expired registration that doesn't sit well with me.
  • Watching History Channel docu about Mayan calendar and 2012 disaster prediction. Much less tooth enamel loss for me than Obama speech.
    • It's not that I don't agree with what Obama has to say, mostly, but I wasn't in the mood for politics and preferred something a little woo-woo -- at least no more woo-ish than the History Channel gets.  The Mayans really did have a fantastically accurate calendar.  However, I'm not worried about 12/21/2012 particularly, because quite literally the alignment , etc happens every 26,000 years without the Earth being destroyed, so the odds are way against it happening.
Bit down yesterday, frustrated by job-search woe, and then stymied by discovering that my registration was frelled up!  But I'm in a better head-space this morning, with birds singing and cats being adorably furry, so life seems wide open once again.
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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Aw, muscle relaxant hangover -- oversleeping sinus headache, but as it breaks the cycle of aches and exhaustion, probably worth it.
  • Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles >> one last thing from producer josh friedman.

    • A very classy goodbye from the producer.  Guess I shouldn't be surprised he produced a classy show.

  • <-- choose the Resume for Dummies option to see a good working copy of the newest version!
    • I've got a bunch of quibbles, but for the most part I'm really pleased with the result.  Now if this would only attract the attention of somebody who'd hire me.

  • It's cool in the shade, but I'm jobhunting out on the patio anyway. So there.
    • Being unemployed has perks occasionally, like being able to hang out in the back yard with my laptop (on a long long extension cord) and enjoy the buzzing bees and birds, and flowers flowering.  The columbines have rocketed into bloom this week, and the thorny crabapple is having its best blooming that I can remember, masses of white blossoms all over it.
  • Spare Cat managed to disconnect the computer from the internet. She is very talented, or clumsy, or both.
  • Faux Photoshop: 15 Incredible Images That Look Altered but Aren't | WebUrbanist
    • Yeah, I've seen some of those before, but others are new to me (especially the guy "standing" on water) and it's a good reminder that the world is sometimes more impossible than we CAN imagine.
  • Despite my best efforts, it is impossible to get Spare Cat to yodel. She thinks being held upside down, nuzzled, chuffed, juggled is FUN.
    • If you've seen the Cat Yodeling short vid currently on YouTube, you'll know how very hard I'm trying.  But then I'm of the school that a small amount of annoyance in their lives makes cats less bored, and therefore more happy overall.
    • Come to think of this, this is why I need a job.  Because despite some very sincere efforts on my part, I need the structure, and yes, annoyance of a job, which at the least would keep me pointed at learning useful things, give me feedback that I'm working on the right things, and so on.
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    From my current Twitter stream:

    • 07:40 I may have been a bit down yesterday, but considering that it was a good weekend, I suppose I can say I was recovering. #
    • 08:17 Looking at: | I'm in the Winging It contest... somewhere. Can you guess? #
    • 13:19 still haven't left the house. Going to fix that.... #
    • 15:42 Looking at: Яolcats -- In Soviet Russia, cat laugh at you, comrade! All hail the glorious catland! #
    • 15:43 finished a Worth1000 picture, about to start on another.... #
    • 21:13 is writing her final project -- a web service status update that already returns a single value. Huzzah! #
    • 22:04 finished with class, now to home and pack for an early takeoff tomorrow. All dirty clothes -- I'll wash in PA. Just like COLLEGE! #

    MUCH better day, including a new Worth1000 contest entry (contest not live until tomorrow!) and my entry for Feb 17th is now public, if you want to click the link and see What and How I Did.

    In class, we started on our final projects, which is a model social Web service (run on our local computers, but a real Web Service hosted locally). You can log in, update your status, check the latest five statuses from the database. It's all done via Web Service transactions, the Web service itself querying a SQL Server db for you. Sort of, in miniature, what Twitter does, at least in spirit if not the massive database/server/web interface and ability to determine who sees what.

    Last night I got the login working through the Web service, and opening the database connection, which is good work for approximately 3 hours. I think the instructor was impressed.

    BUT today -- I had planned to hit the road by, um, NOW. And am not packed, though I'll start that as soon as I enter this. Wish me good driving!
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    is up, at least for Beta... and of course general wonderment and praise (always happily accepted) because I think it could be a good project to show off my general cleverness and especially my Actionscript and Flash chops.

    So go gaze in wonder, already!
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    Apple made in Photoshop, originally uploaded by moxie58.

    This took me a couple hours yesterday -- it was a 20-part tutorial!

    Showed me some neat things about highlights and shadows and the way to set them up. I'm not satisfied at all with the stem, though I followed the instructions exactly-- twice!

    I should try to make the same object in 3dsMax, which is a whole different approach....

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    ChumleyExposed, originally uploaded by moxie58.

    Thought I might share a Chumley picture with you -- haven't done one of those in a while. Here's he's been a little overlaid with some filters....

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    marysue marysue icon
    marysue icon
    spidery icon spidery large
    spidery icon
    spidery large
    dame icon dame large
    dame icon
    dame large
    gator icon gator icon with tag
    gator icon
    gator icon with tag
    flame icon flame title
    flame icon
    flame title

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    I found a cache of old pulp magazine covers on the web yesterday, so went a little crazy using my Mad Photoshop Skills to make some of them into icons. Take if you want!

    Evile Doctor Mystery Icon
    Taken by beledibabe!
    Mystery Icon
    taken by libkitty!
    Train Bandits
    Taken by beledibabe!
    Mystery Icon

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    20080912 - eyesClosed, originally uploaded by moxie58.

    Been a while since I did some self-portraits! I've been thinking about them, maybe I should start again.

    Now off to call some people back about jobs....

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    TC Logo 2
    Originally uploaded by moxie58
    And we're starting out with "Photoshop for Video", as it turns out that there's a lot of tools that I didn't know about that lets you turn out some accomplished-looking AVIs and whatnot.

    I think the quality of what's been uploaded is pretty crappy, but it should give you an idea!
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    Apr 11 - Forehead, originally uploaded by moxie58.

    Lived through another week of school here -- in pretty good shape, so long as I make some progress on my programming assignments this weekend!

    I took out some time this afternoon to play with Photoshop after a layoff of a few days, so I thought I'd share the result. Even if it doesn't disguise the bags under my eyes.

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    Jan 28 - Hall Shot, originally uploaded by moxie58.

    Oooh, I want to share this one, as it came out purty. I took advantage of my break from evening class tonight to go out into the office building's swanky, empty reception hall and try some dramatic poses by my lonesome.

    (I realize I've been mostly concentrating on my face and hands for the 365 project, partly as a result of it being, oh, JANUARY and partly because I'm heavier than I want to be at the moment.)

    And when I got home, I played around with the 30day trial version of Photoshop Elements I'm using while I'm waiting for CS3 to get in, and figured out how to make a mask, which isn't as self-evident as you might expect. Then I isolated myself and the chair, used the Watercolor effect on the picture as a whole, and then used a transparency at around 50% to blend back in myself and the chair, which boosted the detail and color on the subject of the picture, while still giving it a art effect.

    Not bad for a night's work. And oh yes, I rocked in programming class tonight, too.

    (PS -- I uploaded the raw original to my Flickr stream, if you want to see the raw, unenhanced original that I transformed.)
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    Jan 24 - Purple in the face, originally uploaded by moxie58.

    Just to keep my hand in -- I'm trying out GIMP, which is the Open Source equivalent of Photoshop. Most of the same functionality, with just enough differences that some things I struggle with, some things I find easy or easier. I've finally figured out how to make brushes large enough, since the easy facility that exists in PS doesn't work -- "[" or "]" to make them larger or smaller. I'm sure there's some equivalent, but I still haven't tried to look in the documentation. Er.

    But then, after much soul-searching I ordered the student version of the Adobe Master Suite CS3 today -- which is a pretty penny, but still thousands less than it would cost for the non-studenty cost AND I will be able to use them all. So I'll only have to gimp along for a little while longer.

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    Chumley Out of Frame, originally uploaded by moxie58.

    Hey, I came across a cool tutorial for an effect called OOB, for Out of Bounds, so I gave it a quick try with an otherwise ordinary picture of poor little Chumster, and goodness, it came out nice!

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    Jan 11A - RadioactiveEye, originally uploaded by moxie58.

    It's supposed to snow all day, so most of the schools around here shut down INCLUDING MINE!!!

    So of course, I'm going to spend my day catching up on TV and internet stuff, and oh, yes, playing around.....

    So here, I'm revisiting one of the 365 pictures with Photoshop and a need to Do Something while the snow is falling this morning.

    Photocopy Effect, screened down to 26%, with the eye masked out fully and the eyelid area faded by about 30%. Then a Hue/Saturation layer moved way over into the blue/green....

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    Jan 10 - The Eyes Have It, originally uploaded by moxie58.

    Click through to Flickr to see notes from how I Photoshopped this one, if you want.

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    Jan 03 -- Manic Grin, originally uploaded by moxie58.

    Sometimes, I scare myself....


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