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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • True Bromance: Eleven Great Man-Crushes In Comics - --and they name some of my very favorite ones, too!
    • Specifically Blue Beetle/Booster Gold and Wonder Man/Beast, though there are a bunch of others I've been fascinated with over the many many years.  My Bromance thing goes back a whole ways, oh yes it does.
  • Spent all too much time listening to Doo Wop this morning, and reading about it. Still entrances me after all these years.
    • AKA Vocal Rhythm 'n Blues, which some people prefer to call it.  I've been meaning to get my hands on the Rhino Records original Doo Wop Box set -- I've had the second and third for ages, but aside from listening to it once from the library and dismissing it because it featured too many of the cuts I don't find inspiring I never got around to it.  But, my musical tastes have changed on account of listening to a lot more jazz since I gave it a try, and songs that previously I was "eh, heard it too many times on Cousin Brucie" now sound much more fascinating.
    • Besides there are a bunch of songs like "Blue Moon" and "Remember Then" that I could listen to over and over and over.  Nice to know the stuff I was crazy about way back then is still worthwhile to me today....

Stayed up 'too late' to watch Mad Men which reliably keeps me fascinated despite tiredness. )

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PSA: Pushing Daisies shows the last of three episodes tonight at 10 PM.  Can't miss TV for me, even as I mourn the series being cancelled all over again.

I thought, therefore I twittered:

Slept late courtesy of muscle relaxant, woken in the night by Chumley getting his neck stuck in a plastic bag handle!

Oh, the catmanity!  However, the path of his distress was only from one side of the bedroom to the other, where he went to earth under the bed with most of the large -- it was a big stiff plastic DSW bag -- bag sticking out, so freeing him didn't even involve me getting out of bed, really, just leaning off the edge.

I suspect he's jealous of all the attention that Spare Cat has been getting this week.

I would Rail Against Fate, Woe. Woe conspiring me for not having corn flakes to eat, but in fact it was ME forgetting to buy them yesterday.

I'm finding that being deprived of my rightful Corn Flakes after not being able to eat them for so long has made me more desirous of making up for lost breakfasts.

Am well on my way to remembering how ActionScript works. What a relief!

It's surprising how a couple of months of Doing Other Things can make one rusty.  On the bright side, my mastery of OOP makes some things with the Flash programming much easier to predict and control.

I still have my work cut out for me to get what I want to do all spiffy and professional, but I can see how it's going to work, and that's a big relief indeed.

YouTube - Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version I just hurt something laughing.

Oh good loooord!  The original video was ridiculously operatic and crack-addled Over The Top and full of bizarro images like wrestlers and ninjas and football players in what looks like a boys prep school with the singer raising her arms Evita-like, and big hair and raccoon-eye makeup and unexplained wisps of red silk scarves blowing in through windows.  Add in a new soundtrack where a sound-alike singer  comments on the goings-on, and I pretty  much can't watch this with food or drink anywhere in the vicinity, because it would leap into my mouth and make me spit-take.  The comic timing/dialogue between image and commentary is very very good.

Thanks to [profile] isiscolo for this link.
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I thought, therefore I twittered:

Dreamed I was a castaway on Lost, hunted by the Others, turning into a Most Dangerous Game when I woke up. I wonder how it comes out?

I attribute this to having caught up with the last episode a short while before I went to bed.

I generally don't get nightmares -- at least the kind where I'm terribly terribly scared and being hurt and it goes on for a long time -- since I'm a light sleeper I pretty much wake up just as the plot gets going.

RT @matociquala: Overheard on the internet: "Crossbows don't kill people. Quarrels kill people."

#mostperfectpopsong 'Sugar Sugar', the Archies. My passionate defense will involve singing, miming, music scholarship and finally razors.

It turns out that Neil Gaiman was asking what the most perfect pop song was. I couldn't resist answering, and with one that pops right off the top of my head. And yeah, I'm irrational enough about it that I would cut you. :-)

Ten years on and Columbine still feels the pain | | The Observer -- thoughtful

I finished the book I've been reading in spurts for a week or so, and dived into the newest part of The Sharing Knife by Bujold, which I read more than 3/4s of yesterday, like bonbons that you can't stop eating, even though you know you'll run out all the sooner. So not much beyond that got done -- but how often do I spend my day so enjoyably?
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 06:51 Does Rhapsody have DRM on their tracks if you buy them there? #
    I guess somebody is listening out there -- I got an @reply from @RhapsodyPR -- saying that no, there is no DRM on their purchased tracks. I'm actually impressed that they're using Twitter in a positive way. Though, if you search active Twitter for 'Rhapsody', there are an amazing number of recent hits for "Bohemian Rhapsody"! Pretty good for an old song, you know?
  • 09:02 Looking at: Nine Words You Might Think Came from Science but Which Are Really from SF. Cool! #
    The best suggestion I've seen for one they missed is 'quark' although technically that was just a nonsense word from James Joyce rather than a term that someone coined in SF. SF-adjacent, anyway.
  • 13:30 Updated LinkedIn, online job sites with Resume 2.0. Now waiting for the offers to start rolling in.... #
    Alas, not much new activity except for some Sales Job offers.
  • 17:03 Better to leave early for school tonight -- it's raining cats & dogs and there's going to be capital-T Traffic. #
    Oh yes, on the traffic, and the fierce rain, so I was smartly virtuous for once.

Spare Cat would probably be happiest if I carried her around in a sling or Baby Bjorn rig -- or perhaps permanently installed on top of my keyboard. However, she's no longer hiding if the door to the room is open -- and just stared fiercely from a Safe Place atop the printer table when Chumley came creeping into the room to check if she'd left any food in her bowl. For cats, that's Progress!

So far, I've only had to break up one brief spat, with paws being swiped when Chumley got Too Close. I'm pretty sure that all he wanted was to hold her down and lick her into submission but try telling her that.

School continues to be useful. This time I'm getting the Why of things, which I think current teacher goes into more, like why an array identifier is just a reference, not the container itself, which gives me a better intuitive feel for how it behaves and how/why you use it. Also, when he assigns in-class labs, I finish them in half the time of the other students, which given my taking-the-class-over status is as it should be. It's also a good reassurance that Yes, I'm Ready To Do This For Reals.

Now if I can just convince someone to let me....
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[ profile] oracne was asking for political songs for a mix she's making, and it so inspired me that I uploaded five to for her perusal... but you all might get in on the action.

The Presidents, Jonathan Coulton -- of course, since this song now needs an update, but it's a pretty complete list.

Get Up, Stand Up -- classic call to actions

The Star Spangled Banner -- great acappella alternative version!

Have You Had Enough?, Ricki Lee Jones & the Squirrel Nut Zippers -- Decision '04 wasn't lost because people didn't care enough.

Walk Like Me, Blondie -- Fascism never sounded so attractive.

If you want them all, there's a Box.Net link for all of them!
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First up, almost getting it right....

Then... a real stunner, because my entry of "Ear in the Snow" by Atomic Rooster came from a collection of songs from the first series of Life on Mars put together by [ profile] vonnie_k, which I dutifully made into a collection so I could keep it all together.  Except that this particular song turned up with the following cover!

I can hardly wait to see what other bad covers show up....
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Another entry in our continuing series of weird cover art that iTunes has gifted me with. For some reason, it seems that the Rhino Records cd sets are particularly, um, random.

I Don't Think This is the Cover You Wanted, Part XXvi
I Don't Think This is the Cover You Wanted, Part XXvi
Maybe it's the Japanese cover?

Now playing: Raymond Allesandrini, piano solo - Aria (La Wally) [Reprise]
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Mostly iTunes comes up with the right cover art for the Cover Flow feature (which I enjoy seeing, honestly -- I'm visual enough to want to see or be reminded what is playing) but sometimes... it doesn't.

bad cover
bad cover
Supposed to be Red Hot + Blue!!!

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You know, they're totally RIGHT:

iggy pop, basset hound
see famous look-a-like faces
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Not really a vidding post, but I found myself mildly outraged during one of the vids I saw this weekend.

No, not one of the political ones or the incest one, or anything like that. It surprised me because it was a button that I didn't know I had. I'm as prepared as anyone I know to accept perfectly nice songs being used for humorous intent in vids, but then this one came around in the last round of the Auction Vids, and it was a funny one set to "I Ain't Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You" by Aretha Franklin -- yes, the original.

I mean... I mean, it's a SERIOUS song. Not only that, it's a classic, it's one of the finest performances of the Soul era, it's one of the premiere female compositions in popular music history. Had I not been in a darkened room full of rapt fans, I would have sputtered.

I very suddenly found myself being viscerally outraged -- really just a flash, but in that moment I fully understood how a veteran must feel when the flag is trampled, a capital-C Christian feels when there's blasphemy, et cetera.

So I do have an unwritten rule I was previously unaware of and it's this: You Don't Make Fun of the First Lady of Soul.

There's not many vids that hit me this way, for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if I was the only one in the audience who felt that way, from the laughter and general attitude on display, either. Maybe this is just another example of my descent into old-fogey-tude?
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Re: Your Brains, originally uploaded by isaiahlt.

You have to go to the large size to read it. But if Jonathan Coulton's "Re: Your Brains" is a favorite song, you really should.

The Song Charts Flickr Pool is a genius idea.

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I so hope this works....

Some music to share this evening:

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This is not who you think it is, not singing what you think they are.

Also, I found out that Hugh Dillon is going to be second-billed in a CBC series with Enrico Colantonio. Talk about worlds colliding....
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I haven't been sleeping at all well, and last night was just part of the string, I'm afraid. I've run out of Flexeril, which I was doling out in half-pills -- took me something like 8 months to run through two prescriptions of ten pills apiece. They're definitely not something that I want to use regularly, but they're great for breaking up a string of bad sleep nights that make me too tired to get quality sleep -- sigh!

Time to call the doctor for a checkup anyway, right?

In other Me news, in no particular order:

* We've gotten to the first of two Adobe InDesign modules in Visual Design class, so we're getting introduced to the amazing intricacies of the program. It's almost a case of "what can't you do?" rather than a mere list of abilities. I used to play around with Ready-Set-Go back in the days when desktop dinosaurs roared, so some of the concepts aren't entirely new.

* I bit the bullet and transferred my main iTunes library over to the PC, which went much easier than I had anticipated -- I thought I'd be having to search and replace XML files and so on, but the program recognized and converted the songs right off the bat. I still feel like a traitor, but now I don't have to have the crossover cable trailing across the desk over to the stereo to be able to play it loud, like God and Steve Jobs intended.

* I've got everything backed up, remembering all too well the Crash of '07 last January. In fact, to move the music files, i was having trouble getting the Mac and PC to talk correctly, so I ended up burning my complete music files to 4 DVDs and copying those onto the PC, so I'm doubly-backed up now.

* I watched the first installment of The War last night. Just wow. But I have to wonder, WHY OH WHY is PBS running this in the week when most major networks are premiering new shows? This documentary series should be appointment TV that the public can bond over, and instead the general public is going to lose interest to all the shiny shiny promotions and premieres. SIGH

* And yet, I am happy as a clam over the premiere of Heroes tonight! Shiny shiny angsty characters! Weird powers! Stylish direction! It's like they went down a checklist of all the things that would make me happy.

* But of course I won't get to watch it in real-time. Part of the downside of the whole school thing, but at least I have TiVo to comfort me in this the time of my need.
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Another try. Eventually, I'll find something that works....
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NY Times Magazine Video: Code Monkey story

A nice little interview with Jonathan Coulton about "Code Monkey" and how it's become a viral hit on YouTube and elsewhere.
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Skip this if you've already seen the earlier posts )
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Last of our three part series! All links to

9. A song for filling out paperwork

Canceling Stamps At The University Of Ghana Post Office

Oh, how could I resist this song for this prompt? One of my favorite songs, no less, and so very on topic -- yes, the singers are actually doing paperwork, cancelling stamps at the University of Ghana Post Office, on this folk music field recording.

10. Your favorite mash-up (or a remix, if you're not the mash-up type)

Boulevard of Broken Songs, Party Ben

Take a whole lot of Green Day, add a sprinkling of earnest Oasis, and top off with an Aerosmith cherry? What amazes me about this mashup is how smoothly it all fits together, like it was intended to be heard this way. Talk about value-added music.

11. A song for being stuck in the elevator with an attractive stranger

I Can't Believe You're in Love With Him, John Buzon Trio

Okay, I went through a couple hundred songs trying to figure the right lyrically for an ice-breaker, and then said, screw it, I'd rather have instrumental music that is several dozen cuts above Elevator Muzak, and this little bit of lounge music heaven would break the ice and cheer me up, so there.

12. A song about transportation

Brand New Key, Melanie

Rollerskates are transportation, right?
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Continuing our three part series... all links to Box.Net as before.

5. A song you would sing in the shower

For Pete's Sake, The Monkees

I also sing the Monkees theme, but this was always played over the closing credits and sounds darker and more soulful to me. Plus the "In this generation" call and response always gets me. Yes, it is mostly instrumental, but I really do love singing the lyrics, what there is of them.

Mickey Dolenz is actually a very underrated singer.

6. A song that your friends wouldn't expect you to like

Bubbles in the Wine, Freddy Martin

Oh, trying to find just one is a toughie -- mostly because I'm convinced that 90% of what I have would surprise my friends, at least if any have taken notice of what I've been listening to. 'Eclectic' is a kind description, since I'll listen to almost anything and like a wide variety.

So I went with a recent add, from one of the Ultra-Lounge compilations, because to me, liking Lounge music is still kind of surprising. Once I got over my kneejerk response to the slick surface aspects, the solid jazz underpinnings made me very very happy.

However, this one isn't very jazzy, but it's so. damn. cute that I want to take it home, pet it and name it George. Or at least dance around very badly to it.

7. A song that isn't a poem, but could be

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, Rufus Wainwright

Another toughie, because most of my favorite songs are instrumentals or the lyrics are sparse (it's not coincidental, of the 8 songs so far listed here, 3 are instrumentals, and 1 might almost as well be) or else the point of the song isn't the artistry of the words but the emotion and sense.

(Also, I already recommended one Headstones song, using up my quota of Hugh-related items per mix. But seriously? His lyrics strongly count.)

However, poking around, I came across this smoky-voiced song, which is richer and richer every time I listen to it, chock full of metaphor and wordplay.

8. A song that mentions an insect

I Got Stung, Elvis Presley

I came to the decision to include this song the fastest of any here -- it's a great favorite of mine, plus it's right on topic. Early Presley is a joy and a wonder, muscular, fun and surprising. Here he's at the top of his form, stopping on a dime and hitting each turn with brio and brash verve.
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For [ profile] calikali's April challenge:

1. A song that ends with the letter "A" (this can be the last letter of the last word in the title or the song)

Morticia, Combustible Edison

Do you know how hard it is to find a title that ends in A? I have about half a dozen songs with female names, and a couple foreign language songs. This was almost "Soul Makoussa" but at the last minute I decided to go with my long-time fave Combustibles.

2. A song that features a guitar solo

Memphis, Lonnie Mack

I went with one of the first ones to come to mind -- a classic instrumental with one of the examples of guitar that I'd give my left arm to be able to play, even if it means I'd have to get it cut off right afterwards.

3. A song that mentions a literary character

A Talk With George, Jonathan Coulton

George Plimpton counts as a literary character, right? Everything that JoCo mentions in the song really happened to him, which seems rather a lot for a non-madeup character, if you ask me. Plus, he was 'literary' as all hell....

4. A song that isn't sweet at all

Unsound, The Headstones

I can't imagine much that Hugh Dillon et al does getting classified as sweet -- desperate, hard, complex, maybe, but sweet isn't in it.

( All links are on Box.Net, which remains pretty nifty.)


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