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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:27 6F out #
  • 08:58 off to a networking meeting #
  • 14:26 Ran into an old RPG friend at the networking event! So strange to have worlds cross! #
  • 17:12 Is at Arisia, waiting for fun to begin. Got here early to get good free parking. #

Out of the house, not once, but twice, and for extended periods! Whoo!

The networking event is WIND East, over in Watertown, which is professional-oriented and if nothing else serves as a spur to me to keep working hard at this 'finding a job' thing no matter how impossible the task seems. Also, you sometimes get the damnedest tip (like that I could get Unemployment extended while I was in school -- that was as great a tip as I ever could want, you know?)

Anyway, there was some good information, especially about keywords your resume should have in the first 3rd, but about halfway through, the woman sitting across the room who looked vaguely familiar introduced herself in the introductions section and I realized this was most likely an old teammate from my roleplaying days whom I haven't seen for at least 15 years! So I got to catch up a little (she had to leave promptly) and that was damn cool!

Then home for some lunch, and gathering myself up, and off to Arisia which is inconveniently situated at a hotel not walkable from the T (especially in this deep freeze) and with very limited free parking on the streets nearby... so I decided to go on the early side, leaving 4-ish, which meant although I found a prime spot between the local workers leaving and the after-work commuters coming in, there wasn't all that much going on yet, so I hung in the Con Suite and got my iTouch talking to the hotel WiFi.

(I don't know how people can use those things for much posting -- I find trying to tap the damn virtual keyboard to be so clumsy. Give me a damn stylus and Graphiti, and I can write quick and accurately, you know?)

Panels seen: one on historical costuming (conducted by Actual Costume Professionals), a Science Track about so-called 'criminal genes' with Actual Science Professionals explaining why there aren't such things, and a group reading by Broad Universe, which was fun if widely varied in polish.

Then, somehow it was going for 10 PM and I decided to head home, being more than sufficiently tired, so courtesy of the TiVo I got to see the first new episode of BSG!

And now I'll get myself together and head off for another festive day of panels, friends (did run into a couple, some very pleasant surprises like Greer and CKD), and knitting -- I also bought some new needles from Fabric Dragon and good Ghod, they make a difference on this scarf project....
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Waterspun Lace Shawl, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Showing off the newest project, a lace project using the Classic Elite Waterspun in Sea -- I'm just starting on the second skein, though now the shawl is getting wider and wider across!

See other picture for more detail....

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Metro Rayon Ruche Lace Scarf, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Started a new scarf, a really cool ruched lace I found via aviatrix18, who gave me a xeroxed sheet with it on. Also got the rayon yarn from her, come to think of it.

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When Knitting Goes Bad, originally uploaded by moxie58.

They say you should stop and admire your work frequently, not because it's merely good for your ego, but because you'll be able to detect problems before they get too bad.

Like here, where I started increasing/decreasing ON THE WRONG SIDE of the scarf, which was having other problems. So I ended up frogging the whole thing.

Because no amount of blocking is going to cure this, or the uneven width that it was plagued with.

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I'm not Thankgiving-ing today on account of a cold (though I've got a fridge stuffed with Good Stuff, so I'm not suffering the lack of good food), but I do seem to be able to sit up long enough to play around a little with Photoshop and my slender skills with the same.

Here are a couple before-and-after comparisons. We did a set of "product" shots, which were supposed to be set up to showcase items for ads. I grabbed a couple of knitted things that I haven't documented, and took pictures using the light over my kitchen table and a very slow shutter on the camera which was on a tiny tripod for stability. The pictures came out a bit dark, which I kind of planned on, since the light was not great, so it's better to undershoot (or so I'm told).

We spent the past couple days in class getting instructed in the basics of how to adjust and correct (they're not the same thing, you know) pictures, so here is my maiden efforts to fix up pictures that were otherwise not what they could have been....

Pictures under here! )
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Diagonal Mohair Scarf, long view, originally uploaded by moxie58.

After far too long, I'm starting up knitting again, after getting stalled but good on a tricky lace shawl pattern. Back to the basics, a nicely crunchy mohair scarf.

Done on 11s, so it moves fast & satisfying. I rolled up the second skein last night, and I should have enough left over with a third skein to make another scarf.

Click on the picture to go to my Flickr stream where there's yes.. more Yarn stash entered.

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Ribbon Yarns, originally uploaded by moxie58.

I've been meaning to use the spiffy new camera to photograph my stash, which is dauntingly immense at the moment. Here's installment #1, just going through maybe a quarter of what I have, which is now safely binned and now documented.

Click on the picture for the other 9 photos up on Flickr....
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In perhaps a small fit of enthusiasm I signed up to knit a scarf for Sweet Charity, which is a fandom-centered charity auction wherein fans (mostly) write fanfic and/or make art and/or make vids to custom-order. There's a tiny wee apparel section, and last time I found out way too late to volunteer my slender skills.

If you want to know more, follow the banner link below, I'm registered as Theodosia there!

Sweet Charity
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I haven't knitted much in the past week, but while at Wiscon I finished two projects -- one of which is posted here amongst some of the really cool clothes I got on recent trips.

First is The Dress that I bought in Atlanta on our thrifting trip, which was such as hit at the party. Strangely enough, I found that the fabric is very much like that of a favorite old 'peasant skirt' that I just rediscovered among my stored clothes, so I guess it was fated that I'd like the dress, too.

Next are a bunch of the clothes that I picked up at the Wiscon Clothing Swap, which if I'd known, I'd have contributed some good stuff that no longer fits. But since I didn't, I threw $20 in the kitty, and tried to keep myself from taking too much... just the things that a) absolutely fit and b) would be usable in real life, since I'd better be able to wear most of it in business-casual situations.

The Japanese coat doesn't count, but Ellen Kushner saw me in it and insisted that I take it, and who am I to argue? Plus, I've always wanted something just like this. I ended up wearing it for most of the convention, when the meeting rooms had the AC boosted too high.

And then there's the vest pictured at the end, which I 'modified' into a knit in the round project from a front and back pattern, because really, who wouldn't want to do two short three-needle bindoffs instead of seams?

Clothes in here! )
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And another 'product' that makes me grin like a madwoman:

Sebastain Chiengora Handspun Yarn
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I was trolling the Etsy handcrafts-for-sale site this morning, mostly rolling my eyes at the over-priced knitting for sale, then I came across this beautiful item:

Falling Leaves Laced Shawl

Not that I'd spend $229 on a shawl, but I can clearly see that this would be worth the money.
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I actually didn't knit all that much -- too busy playing Sims on Saturday, and just didn't feel like picking up knitting while farwing was over to see Blood Ties. However, I'm waaay behind on TV, so no doubt I'll get caught up in both senses soon.... Knitting pics )
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I weakened slightly and bought yarn on my way home yesterday (this after an actual Wednesday visit to Windsor Button Shop wherein I fondled quite a lot of really neat yarns), but it was buying a multicolored version of the diagonal rib yarn, which is a great bargain at its half-off $5.25 for a rather large ball. It's enough for a sweater, though I'm not in love with the idea of an orange-brown-green (nice combo, but not usual, you know?) cardigan.

Discovery of the visit, though: I really like Filatura di Crosci yarn. Practically every skein that I started seriously fondling turned out to be from them, and most of it was machine-washable, i.e. would make great baby sweaters, et cetera.

But first I must make some more items from my yarn stash, really.

Note for future temptation: Banana Silk... it's a good thing you can't fondle fiber over the internet, or else I'd have bought it already.

I found out too too late that I could have volunteered knitting or beta services for Sweet Charity -- it didn't occur to me to even look it over in advance, because I can't reliably produce fiction at this point, and even if I've experimented with vidding, I haven't gotten comfortable enough to produce anything watchable.
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You know, at $5.25 a ball, this yarn really is quite the bargain. I'd better go back by the yarn store and see if they have any more left. As you can see in the picture below, I'm doing fine on the amount of leftover yarn I'll have.

I haven't quite worked out what stitch I'll use for the sleeves -- I may just do stockinette stitch or maybe I'll make a repeating chevron of knits and purls down the center of each one. Hmmmm...

Picture here )
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mild progress.... )
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Last night I watched Without A Trace and most of 24 before I called it a night, so I kept my hands busy on my latest project, which is really such a pleasure -- this wool (Lofty, from Germany) is so very pleasant to the touch and so very friendly to the knitting needles. There are many pleasurable aspects to knitting, but sometimes the least spoken of is the yarn itself.

As to the project itself... )
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For those following the progress of my projects, the baby sweater is done except for the buttons -- I took my time about sewing up the loose ends, as I was casting about (nearly literally) for my next project, but then I ran into some yummy yarn at Spark Crafts in Davis Square this week, so what was I to do? you got it -- start another baby sweater.... ) And now I'm thinking about an even more awesome way to do that diagonal rib stripe, so that it ends up peaking in the middle of the back. Hmmmm.
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Because the majority of my day was taken up with Home Repairs, I didn't get much knitting done, but then not much remains to do on this project. pictures & explanations here )
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I know I'm being post-y today, but at least I have something to say... or show. Because sleeves (and everything else) on baby sweaters are so small, they move along pretty fast. And here is the proof ) Almost certainly finished tomorrow....
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Since it's a Nor'easter here, I'm working from home today. And quite by accident, I discovered that the IR port on my work laptop has mysteriously come alive again, so I can upload photos from my Palm Pilot, so I'll be able to update you on the progress of Project Baby Sweater.

I know you were all waiting breathlessly for that. Really.

oh, the excitement within! )


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