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  • First online act of 2010, signing up for a card-playing meetup group! Let it be the start of a new year, right?
    • I feel like I've slipped a lot on Being Social of late -- hell, for the past year.  So trying to break out of the mold and get more involved with meat space stuff, like watching movies with friends and playing games and volunteer work is on the radar now.
  • Ooooh, I feel the first stirrings of hunger this morning. Should see about breakfast, yes.
  • Still haven't eaten anything. Suppose I should do something about that....
  • It's not really Sunday, right?
    • Yup,  New Year's Day, though I think I turned in 10-ish.  Blew off two actual in-person social events, too, which doesn't bode well for my resolution above....
  • -- One of the beautiful animals from yesterday.
    • Need to get the rest of the pictures up here -- this was at a Somerville Library event. My college friend [personal profile] luscious_purple was up for a Somerville day trip, and it just happened that I intended to check out the "Tropical Animal Presentation" put on as a Xmas week/school vacation special event.  I think Patty and I were the only unaccompanied adults aside from the librarian and the presenter, but we got to enjoy other people's kids a whole lot, who were pretty much wide-eyed and delighted.
    • My favorite animal turned out to be a kinkajou, which is actually a relative of the raccoon.  I have to say, it's the most monkey-like animal that isn't a primate I've EVER seen -- it even has a prehensile tail!  Which let the presenter keep a "leash" on him (the kinkajou's name was "Sean"?!) while he explored cooperative audience members, including me.  Since Sean's tail is meant to hold him up, it was safe to pull him back by it!  Gorgeous little thing -- too bad you need a special wildlife permit to keep one in MA, otherwise I'd be hella tempted....
  • You know you've been watching too much #Dexter when you find yourself using Michael C. Hall's characteristic diction.
  • If I watch Spaced, I can put off running through the remaining two episodes of #Dexter S2... for a couple hours, right?
    • Alas, I've now both run through all of S2 Dexter (which... wow) and the first disk of Spaced.  I was amused enough by the first three episodes of Spaced, but the final four on that disk were LOL funny.
    • Why isn't there a boatload of Dexter vids?  The art direction on the series is Florida-bright and blood-splashed, and a big bow-tied present for fandom, frankly.
Yeah, yeah this is an update a day late, but the original WAS posted on the right day, and I'd love to have a 365-streak of posting something in 2010.  Even if it doesn't show up until today....
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  • Garbage out to the curb in time, litter boxes cleaned... I'm on a good roll this morning!
  • Barbara Hambly -- new Antryg Windrose story for online pay! (squee!)

Novelette length and quite satisfactorily worth my $5 to read and enjoy.  Now, of course, I have to reread the Antryg & Joanna novels (This falls between them).

  • Today's Modern Marvels show's random but intriguing subject: Harvesting.

Random subjects for the win!  McCormack reapers in 1833!  Combines! (which combine reaping and threshing in one machine/vehicle) up until the present day, which has experimental robot harvesters, including a suction-cup orange harvester with cameras to aim it.  Dole lettuce harvesters which move slowly through the fields, the crew wrapping and boxing the lettuce heads right there!

  • Had to go by package handling co's office because of deficient SSN, then on to SS to prove who I am. Holiday traffic horrid everywhere.

That turned out to be even more of an annoying trip -- first I ran into traffic getting there -- even mid-afternoon on Wednesday, there were lines backed up for the highway on ramps and people going home early, but then I had to go over to the Social Security office in Davis Square, which meant more traffic, parking, and waiting.  All because of two transposed numbers, but evidently, once the number has been entered wrong, you now have to go in person to get it straightened out.  The nice clerk (everyone was nice along the way) pointed out that I should probably be grateful that they're on top of people entering numbers into the system, which is true, really.

But at least I got to go to the last Farmer's Market of the year in Davis Square and buy some local apples, pick up prescriptions at CVS and so on.

  • The cats are agitating for dinner, but every time they come near, I wave an open container of Vicks Vapo-Rub at them. It's Kitty-Kryptonite!

It's been years since I had Vicks around, but I tried it for a patch of toenail fungus, instead of fancy-schmancy and potentially liver-destroying prescription medicine.  After about three weeks the fungus was permanently gone and I have a large container left over.  Now when Spare Cat gets too in-your-face for affection I can put some on my nose and have my sinuses cleared up, too.

  • I'm tired enough that I decided against a trip tonight to the supermarket which theoretically would have calmed down some.
  • Spare Cat has been full of beans tonight, galloping & jumping & meeping for apparently the sheer joy of it.

And a Happy Thanksgiving (or a regular happy Thursday to all my non-Usanians) to you all!

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

RT @librarythingtim: Jesus Christ is following me on Twitter. No, really. Is it the sin of Peter to deny a follow-back?

RT @tzikeh: These? Are AWESOME!

The roar of the garbage truck is not heard in Somerville today -- Monday was Patriot's Day (the real one), so they'll come tomorrow.

It is a point of pride for me that MA has had a real Patriot's Day holiday for ages -- none of these Johnny-come-lately holidays. There's even reenactments of Paul Revere's Ride, and Concord/Lexington and whatnot. And also that Boston Marathon thingy, which at my Late Job I used to get off for, because getting to work was impossible for our building. ::glows with local pride::

A Gaythering Storm from FunnyorDie -- NOM's ad spawns yet another great parody.

HEMA - online winkelen -- As long as we're on the subject of Flash, here's a catalog opening (LOUD) that rocks bigtime.

@aukestrel -- I am but the brain sparrow on the wings of my eagle-brained friends.

Javelinas Main Page -- Among my many Arizona loves are javelinas (collared peccaries) which are too damn cute to be real.

I've been lucky enough to see a couple in the wild, and also recognized their footprints in the mud of a little stream.

Played a whole lot with CSS and Dreamwidth journal/blog, making a real mess but also learning. Now to go to programming class...

Got halfway (in heavy traffic) to school before I checked my phonemail and found out class cancelled. D'oh!

That should teach me to answer the phone promptly. But on the way back, I stopped at A.C. Moore and got some Size 1 knitting needles for a try at toe-up socks. Also more stitch markers, which have a tendency to vanish on me.
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Just noticed this was my 6th year anniversary here on LJ.

From my Info listing just now:

Created on 2003-01-30

2270 Journal entries

6218 comments received, 8968 comments posted

Dec 25th

Dec. 26th, 2008 06:47 am
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:05 Oy to the world! Not the first time I've woken up early on Xmas.... #

  • 09:51 There's a complementary Continental breakfast so Mom is dispatching me to go bring back some stuff... #

  • 15:55 Mom lasted well through Xmas brunch, so she got out and about on the scooter. But now she's collapsifying. #

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Dec 24th

Dec. 25th, 2008 06:46 am
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 10:13 hmmm -- should have left for PA an hour ago. Still not packed, though #

  • 11:11 ok.. off to a semi-festive holiday visit, 2 hours late to leave. Such good timing! #

  • 20:40 Arrived in PA about... two? hours ago. Felt like I'd driven for seven hours, which I pretty much had. Mom in worse shape than I feared. #
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, theodosia sent to me...
Twelve new mutants drumming
Eleven mythbusters piping
Ten buffistas a-leaping
Nine headstones dancing
Eight wonderfalls a-milking
Seven bones a-knitting
Six heroes a-crocheting
Five anto-o-o-onio banderas
Four stargate atlantis
Three coleman hawkins
Two pushing daisies
...and a boskone in a firefly.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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Crown Roast ready to go...., originally uploaded by moxie58.

This and more in my Flickr set:

I could write scads about the wonderful food, and maybe should, but at least some pictures of Xmas dinner should give you an idea of what it was like!


Dec. 29th, 2007 11:26 am
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I actually got back last night, but was bound and determined to catch up on LJ before I posted. I think I got to refresh=300+ before I finally hit something I recognized from before! Yikes!

And currently I have lusciouspurple in the living room, so I've gone from being a guest to having a guest (however temporary).

I do believe there's Old Sturbridge Village in our immediate future, so I'd better see about getting dressed and All That.

Many thanks for the birthday wishes, even if I didn't see them until yesterday/today -- it was a fine and mellow day with family and fond love, so that was good indeed.
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Belated Merry Christmas to all!

I'm in my Aunt's house in the Catskills with my Mom and aunt, uncle, cousin and cousin's SO. We had a BIG Christmas dinner last night, featuring crown roast of pork which was heavenly. Prep, however, took from 9 AM until 6 PM (time out for lunch) so you can imagine how much work that was!

Cousin worked for 20 years as a pro chef, though, so it was fun just to watch him work -- he's very scientific about cutting up vegetables, for instance.

I got a lot of small, useful gifts, so it was a good haul. And now I get some birthday presents....

Don't know how much I'll be on again - I'm using the household telephone line, which I could lose any time!

Feliz Navidad!
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Merry Xmas
Merry Xmas
(Dateline: North Pole) Santa's radical new plan to raise reingiraffes runs into a snag.

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Aww... just minutes after thinking to myself this afternoon, "I'm just the kind of person who doesn't even get an LJ present on Valentine's Day" (I really accept that I am, not looking for validation or contradiction, seriously) I get a note in the mail that someone sent me a virtual bunch of candy hearts.

Seriously: awwwwwww! That really was a day-brightener.

So I turned around and sent anonymous presents to several of my F-list -- and of course, I immediately thought of another 5 or 10 friends whom I could have sent stuff to, but at least I did my little bit to pass on the nice thought.

Love is not a zero-sum game, you really can make more of it. :-)
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Every year, when the Superbowl rolls around, I say that I'm damn well going to take advantage of it -- shops should be damn near empty on Sunday afternoon, restaurants and movie theatres ditto.

And every year, or so it seems, I don't get off my ass to make plans for this.

Still, I have a full day to come up with something. Perhaps rent one of the excellent movies from last year that I never got around to seeing last year, and have people over? Or plan an expedition somewhere? IKEA? A museum?
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It's not one of the more spectacular birthdays I've had, but then "spectacular" and my birthday aren't exactly synonyms in the normal course of things. But I've had a pleasant morning with my Mom, and I was gracious enough to wait until the pea soup fog (really, you couldn't see across Mom's parking lot!) lifted, so Mom wouldn't worry about me driving. Besides, what commuter traffic there is on this semi-holiday morning should have died off... I hope.
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Christmas Day is being mellow, so far -- hanging out with my Mom in her comfortable little apartment at the independent living community here in PA. We had a great visit with my brother John & family yesterday, exchanged gifts, went out to dinner at an old mill restaurant nearby, and basically did the family thing, including me showing my niece how to use the knitting spindle I gave her as a last-minute thought, along with a bunch of random left-over yarn.

(Sometimes it's the casual little gifts that make the biggest splashes -- I can well remember some parental consternation when my nephews' favorite presents were not the pricey electronical thingies, but the boxes they came in. They were younger then, though. But still.)

In fannish matters, I'll be waiting on the Yuletide stories for a while longer -- hard to read fic when Mom is likely to be looking over my shoulder at any moment, but they will certainly not be any less fabulous for the wait. I'm also longing to get the latest Torchwood downloaded, but that will have to wait for a steady connection at home as well!

I'd better get my shower in, as we're supposed to go to the Christmas Brunch here at the big dining room, which has carved meats and turkey and trimmings and does it up very nicely indeed. As usual, I'm actually impressed by how well thought-out and run this place is.


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