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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:04 Watching: Etsy :: damselinthisdress :: Victorian Bodice Corset. I need a place to wear this. SIGH ... #
    Although as my friend Sheryl says, "cons mean never asking 'Where can I wear that?'" It would have been right at home at the Muskrat Jamboree, particularly the Friday night dance, but a) I wasn't in the mood and b) I didn't plan ahead. My slinky black and gold dress from the last B.Org F2F would have been just what the dance doctor ordered.

    When I eventually GET a job and have money again, I really think that I will look into corsetry. Or crochet myself one, if necessary.
  • 09:26 OK...clothes On, breakfast inside me, awake and ready to Muskrat. 1) remove cat from lap 2) drive in car.... #
  • 18:49 Hanging out in Auksstral's room to watch tv- just not into going to see a drag act tonight! #
    And once again, I win the Party Pooper award, though I was happy to hang with quieter, calmer friends and share fannish pleasures, which is always a big win for me
  • 20:50 + #
  • 20:52 The preceding +s were brought to you by Spare Cat's random pawing #
    Why don't cats respect keyboards? It's amazing that my computer isnt' entirely erased because this one is just so... talented. And just as I'm writing this, she's putting gentle paws on top of my hands, seriously.

Somewhat to my surprise, the Jamboree is officially Over today, which just goes against everything I know about "the way cons are supposed to run" but then the organizers are thinking out of the box which is both good and bad -- bad when it's dinosaurs like me who Expect certain things when they don't pay enough attention to well-publicized announcements and schedules.

I think this year I was also reverting back to my shyness, which I realize may have a bit of a biochemical basis, because during my last stint at Mom's, my prescription ran out and then I was too rushed to follow through correctly on getting it updated. (The doctor's office actually DID phone in the script to a nearby PA pharmacy, but I never checked back because I was way way too rushed.) So I was off my Celexa for about five days, which didn't seem to give me any bad side effects, except that this week and last, I'm really noticing much more sleepiness, and social anxiety like at the con. So side effects are happening, but much more subtle as opposed to capital-D Dramatic.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 11:06 got dressed to go out to car to find last of my caffeine pills. Found out that I'd tucked them into my purse last night. #
  • 13:00 @raveninthewind -- wincing far too much about RaceFail09, which is especially painful because I'm longtime acquaintances/friends with some. #
  • 14:35 still wincing about RaceFail on all sides and wish I could get somebody to talk aloud to me about how to respond. #
  • 16:49 Looking at: great discussion of the last Sarah Connor Chronicles episode. #
  • 19:42 @phoebeacheson -- I had the same happen, one year on Thankgiving. Dentist theorized I probably had a stress fracture from childhood. #
  • 20:56 Got Java 5 SE SDK and Eclipse installed and running today. #

I tried to get a friend on the phone last night to talk me out of speaking up unwisely on the car crash referred to as RaceFail'09 hereabout. First because she is wise in Matters Fannish and second because aloud and verbally I might be able to express my concerns and Hear what she has to say when tone of voice is so important to not giving offense and promoting understanding.

Perhaps it's because I've spent enough face time with enough of the main participants (on both sides) that I read some of the statements that others are finding so inflammatory and I'm really 'hearing' them contextually much differently and more sympathetically, and despair at trying to render into print what would be pages of explanation necessary, and probably get misunderstood because I'm not a talented writer enough that my sincerity and good intentions would be obvious in each sentence, and if I ventured into what the other person took as an example of unconscious racism or whatever, I could be called on it when a learning opportunity was right there and I was open to it.

One of my friends came up with the acronym WWMLKD and I think that is so apt. I know he wouldn't be hammering away with hundreds of angry posts, condemning the participants rather than engaging with what they're saying, letting himself get white-hot furious with his back up and writing angry things that he's too proud and too in denial to take back.

I really am quite distressed by all that I've read, to the point of feeling physically ill, perhaps at the despair that I can't sit down any two random participants on a bench and have them verbally express not just their arguments, but actually listen to each other's viewpoints without the inherent coldness of computer screen prose in the way.
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So you know, I AM currently taking a Web Design course, and practicing my XHTML/CSS skills is a good thing, especially as I have to put together a portfolio site by the 24th.

So of course, to practice up for it, I redid my Due South fan fiction site. There's nothing new there, aside from the formatting, but still, it's nice to put my newly acquired skills to some use.
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I'd better get over to the hotel soon. As soon as I walked into the lobby last night, when I finally got over my last-minute nerves, [ profile] raveninthewind was there to greet me and from there on it was a very nice time, getting to talk to (among others) [ profile] qe2 and [ profile] doll_revolution in particular, plus getting to know a few more that I've not run into in fandom before. I spent like 2.5 hours sitting on the floor of the con suite, chatting my head off, and was so surprised that it was actually 8:30 when we sat down to dinner!

I also got an impromptu expedition to Mary Chung's, which is my favoritest ever Chinese restaurant, when it turned out the other driver in our party knew how to get to Central Square. So we got a yummy dinner and I introduced them to scallion pie and Peking Ravioli and the fortune cookie game. Being that I've been to Mary's many times with gaming and geeking groups, it wasn't the strangest conversation I've ever been part of there, but it was an awful lot of fun just the same.

Then we came back and started looking for troublefun and ended up watching vids on a large laptop (with a nice set of external iPod-type speakers) which was also fun. But my back started screaming at me for sitting on the floor so long, so I pulled the plug at around 11 and went home to a heating pad and my own soft bed.

And now I get to go back and have a wonderful day of presentations, panels, and fangirl mutual squeeage....
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I posted my info at 9:03 for [ profile] muskratjamboree and still haven't gotten a confirmation back. Now I'm imagining all kinds of LJ-related problems with the post and that I'll totally end up not registered. ::whimpers in fear::

ETA: I got the confirmation! ::throws confetti:: Honestly, I think I would have committed seppuku if this con had been thrown two miles from my house and I didn't get a chance to go!
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... I'm sure I did.

Real Life DeSqueeifying )

Which is why I'm not all HO-YAY! about having just watched Torchwood 1.12, despite it being all chock-full of squee-fodder that will keep me warm this winter for sure. And even though I have 1.13 sitting right over there, I might still wait to watch until tomorrow night, when I won't feel like death warmed over.

(There was Insomnia again last night. As [ profile] tsuki_no_bara will attest as we ended up IMing at about 1:30 AM or so. Yikes! I'm surprised I was even coherent.)

Even so, with all the Tired and the Fuzzy Brained, my squee-meter still isn't ringing off the hook at the announcement of [ profile] muskratjamboree at the end of March. In Somerville! Run by people I know will do a damn good job! Perhaps it's just that I feel so disconnected from my various fandoms these days, when I'm not actively writing anything. It's not like I've given up being a fan, even a huge fan, but it feels as though I'd be taking the place of much more deserving fan if I sign up.

I still have a day and change to make up my mind whether to try to register....
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I've got Torchwood 1.12 burned to DVD here in my little hot hand, and 1.13 is encoding as I type. Soon I will be able to watch them.

It's the little things that keep you going.

Also making me giggle with glee... or well, some emotion, the latest episode of The Closer which I've been catching episodes now and again in the past couple weeks with increasing enjoyment. I think this season has definitely been the best, and to tell you the truth, I think this episode just past is the neatest one yet.

I love a good police procedural.... )
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No, I don't mean it in an ironic way. [ profile] malkingrey and SO were in Cambridge last night, signing their new book (Land of Mist and Snow, you should buy five copies!) at Pandemonium, so I scurried home after work, got my car and went hither -- I was even early, so motivated was I!

And as a signing it went pretty well, a steady stream of interested fans and readers passing through the bookstore, and the authors very much their charming selves. I visited with [ profile] farwing who was on sales duty that night, and asked her to put [ profile] sartorias's hardback away for me to pick up next week, as well as picking up Wintersmith, the new Terry Pratchett book, so I'm going to be well-supplied with good reading choices these next few weeks. (Too bad I'm not going to be taking any long plane trips soon, because I'd SO have the reading matter for it.)

I got headachey after a while, so I went downstairs to the Sofas of Doom and hung out with the knitters (there's a Crafts Night on Thursdays that I've been meaning to check out) while I waited for some aspirin to take effect, until my friends were ready to go for a late dinner -- so we headed around the corner and across the street to Asmara, which is a really excellent Ethiopian restaurant which has woven basket tables, has honey wine (aka Real Mead, fermented from honey), Ethiopian coffee, and of course that oddly delicious and spongey and flat teff bread. The entrees are rather neatly spicy -- not hot-spicy but flavorful.

Too soon after good talk and a happy time I needed to say goodbye because it was a work night -- and one happy thing: I found that my glasses, which had gone missing, turned up in a pocket of my pocketbook that I neglected to look into, so all was well on that count as well -- not that I was worried that I couldn't find them (I knew that I'd had them when I got to the bookstore) since they were bound to turn up. (I keep emergency backup glasses in my car, so driving home was no problem, nor getting around without them for a few days.) But I did have them after all, so all was happy there, too.

And now off to work....
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I'm so damn tired! I called the airline and it looks like I can get a standby on an earlier flight (about one every hour, seriously, through till about 3 PM) so I'll call a premature retreat. I'm fried, I'm done, I've enjoyed myself quite a bit and it's time to cash in the chips, stick a fork in it and call this weekend/con DONE.

I have the con vids on DVD, so there'll be some judicious showing ([ profile] tsuki_no_bara -- 4 Supernatural vids, [ profile] farwing -- a House vid!) SGA vids for all!) at Sci Fi Friday soonest....

Now must shove everything back in the suitcase and leave a tip for the maid!
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Oh! So much, my tiny brain explodes in shards of fabulosity!

Morning: fun breakfast with [ profile] raveninthewind, [ profile] katallison, others in a Mad Tea Party mode as fans came and moved down the long table we jammed together from smaller ones. The hotel breakfast inclues iron-your-own-waffles setups, with premeasured batter. Makes up for the scrambled egg patties and bagels baked by somebody who had had it explained to them once what bagels look like.

And then! Panels! Vid Shows! A 'Mac lunch' where [ profile] tzikeh was so kind as to show some of us how Final Cut Pro works and why its worth the price. Apple should pay her for the promo truly.

And then there were more vids! Themesongs and Lord King Bad Vids which were really, truly B-A-D. (But brilliant.)

And then, dinner with [ profile] vonnie_k and [ profile] katie_m and others, and then the Premieres, which was so damn full of superlatives that my mind is blown. And then -- SG1 and SGA with the fangirls! Oh my gods! It was like the producers made both shows JUst For Us!

OK, it looks like I've gone over my allotment of exclamation marks for the morning, and haven't really gone into details either. It seemed to be a day that was backed very full indeed!
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Heh... I've just seen a number of Flist friends posting first reactions to V'con, and realized that Saturday morning before the day's events begin are the natural window for finding spare time to update. Sunday, you'll be too tired, Saturday afternoon and evening, you'll be too busy.

By dint of accepting a smoking room, I got into "a" room early, so I could nap & shower and felt muchly revived therefrom, which was good because there were all these things to Do.

quickie con-so-far recap )
OK, it's time to go downstairs and see more vids! Whee!
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So... sometimes international terrorism sort of kind of works in your favor.

Currently NOT on my way to Chicago )
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ganked most recently from [ profile] heuradys....

(and these shows were indeed chosen before getting the questions below.)

1. Due South
2. Stargate: Atlantis
3. Without A Trace
4. My Name is Earl
5. Star Trek: Deep Space 9
6. WKRP In Cinncinnati
And maestro, the answers are.... )


Jul. 9th, 2006 09:53 pm
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1. I got out to Readercon by way of Target -- had to stop to pick up some cat food so that I wouldn't face death-by-feline when I got home, so that was quick enough.

2. Managed to get in not much after 10, which is better than some times. Of course, I had originally meant to show up at 9 and hang out in the Con Suite, which the Viable Paradise workshop was running a free brunch-for-publicity reasons, with the damn good bagels from Finagle-a-Bagel (my favorite) and muffins, and donuts, and strawberries and many other good things.

3. Sat in on part of [ profile] malkingrey's Kaffeeklatsch where various people were telling tales of crossing the border into Mexico and other countries, the moral of which is "don't go off the script with Border agents -- it's a sure way to get your car searched fruitlessly for the next five hours." Also: don't go into Canada for work with just a spare shirt and thirteen one pound bags of M&Ms.

3a. Not that I would. But that's the kind of advice that's bound to come in handy for someone, some time.

4. Spent lovely little snatches of time talking with [ profile] ckd Kate Nepveu, Daniel Hecht, [ profile] negothick, [ profile] nineweaving, many more.

5. I caught China Mieville on yet another cool panel (with [ profile] pnh, and my friend Jim Macdonald, among others) and just adored him as a panelist -- he manages to say thoughtful and provocative things without being discourteous OR coming off as though he were being outrageous just to get attention. Yet, I'm not even one tiny bit more inclined to read any of his books. (Feel free to try to dissuade me on this.)

6. Panel was on Class as portrayed in SFF, which they pointed out was not often done well, or at all. Most thought-provoking statement of the discussion for me was that while our society routinely says that we should try to at least understand people across ethnic, racial, gender or other boundaries, we don't make the same allowance for class differences, or would feel funny saying that we do. Hmmmm.

6a. (Sometimes I feel like one of the rare people in fandom who really has changed class, having gone from pure working class to professional. Or maybe I'm underestimating the number of fans who either have either stayed working class (rare) or moved up themselves.)

7. Finished off with a panel about Story Structure, which featured [ profile] nineweaving, John Crowley, [ profile] mabfan as an excellent moderator, Pamela Zoline, and Thomas Disch, discussing different approaches to plot and composition. I liked hearing about a composer who would work out a hundred different variations by mathematical formulas, then drop all the ones he didn't like -- sort of, Crowley remarked, like medieval craftsmen building an arch with a wooden superstructure, then removing it when all the bricks were in place and could hold themselves up.

8. Somehow, there was a lot of talking about story-telling and narration this weekend -- or maybe that topic just resonated with me particularly. Talking about the msscribe mess this weekend over another Indian food court meal, I was struck by how much the fans who got caught up in that mess were moved by a sense of "drama", that they were swept up by a fiction that was deliberately set up to draw them in and make them feel passionate....

9. Three PM drew nigh, and suddenly it was all over for another year. So sad to walk out into the parking lot and see so many people headed to their cars, Fan Nation dispersing for another couple of months. Sometimes I'm so proud of my peoples, you know?


Jul. 9th, 2006 09:18 am
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hey... survived Readercon, Day Two. Also got to see the Big Damn Pirate Movie, which in contradiction to many of the critics, I enjoyed muchly even if it felt like fewer calories than the first. (It may help that I knew there was a sequel already on its way, so certain events at the end didn't disappoint or discourage me.)

So... many friends hung with, new people talked to, Kirk Poland's bad fiction passages laughed at until my face hurt, more knitting done than in the past month....

And now I must away to the con for its last day....
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1. Didn't get impaneled at Jury Duty, which makes life much simpler for the next couple of weeks. Still fraught, but simpler.

1a. There were about 180 potential jurors -- I was impressed that the court officers handled the crowd adroitly and respectfully.

1b. There were no less than three court cases that settled rather than impanel that day. I therefore conclude that my very presence was enough to save the Commonwealth thousands of dollars in court fees, so GO ME! ::revels in her public service::

2. Got to Readercon in good time, immediately ran into wonderful friends and acquaintances. I know far too many people to do any of them justice!

2a. But I got a quick Indian dinner (at the Burlington Mall food court -- "India Quality" is not misnamed) with [ profile] malkingrey and her family, so I got to spend time with some of the kids, who are all charming young people. Including Eldest Son, who is starting one hell of a neat Master's program, and is Just So Damn Grownup now. I'm still kind of shocked to see the kids of friends actually, you know, growing up, but it's so very neat when they do it so very well.

3a. Watched a presentation by Jennifer Pelland on short story markets that nearly got me enthusiastic about sending out (not to mention writing) stories again.

3b. A panel with [ profile] malkingrey called "Readercon 101" which went over literary buzzwords like "trope" and "meme" and how they get used at the con versus the proper dictionary definitions

3c. Went to the Kaffeeklatsch for [ profile] oracne where we talked a lot about vampires, werewolves, WWI novels and had a fun time

3d. And a panel with [ profile] tnh which in my haste I'm totally forgetting....

4. ...because I'd better get going NOW already. More panels, more talking, the Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition tonight... Yep, it's another Readercon, good as ever.
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You know, I need a 'bemused' mood and/or icon. The emu will just have to do for now....

Over the weekend, I read up on the msscribe saga, and was appropriately appalled -- and so so glad that I happened upon and before that GEnie, which have had a relatively high sane/insane ratio -- not that either have been immune entirely, since even back in the GEnie days I can remember one guy who claimed to be a trained opera singer and had a high-maintenance horse and a number of other dubious claims the longer he was around. But IIRC not much was hurt aside from some of the feelings of the people who'd befriended him.

Back in the day, though, when I was in an X-Men fandom APA (think a message board that gets published only every two months -- flamewars ran in slow motion in those days) we had the misfortune to have a member who like msscribe decided for her own reasons to play one set of friend against the other, and over the course of a year or two it became apparent that not only had she been claiming to have received phonecalls from members deriding others, had also either claimed to have received or else forged letters from these same people. This came out slowly because a) a bimonthly schedule made back and forth queries rather slow and b) said psycho (more likely I'm thinking her problem was borderline personality disorder but there isn't a recognizable phrase for someone with that) had pledged the recipients of her poison whisper campaign to secrecy.

As I recall, the tide was turned when it came out that she'd told one of her Texas victims that a Massachusetts person had called her 'white trash'... which I know is fighting words in some areas of the country, but really really not around here. In the heat of argument you might get called a whole lot of things, but white trash is not even on the list of insults. But it is in Texas, and it then started occurring to some of the APAns that it seemed that most of the bad feelings were resulting from one source, who seemed to be coming up with relayed insults and plots that fit right into her 'friends' psychology.

In retrospect, I'd still kick her ass across the room if I ever ran across her (not that I ever met her in person, and it's not even likely that I'd recognize her if I did now), but I'm still kind of angry at three of the people in the APA that she took in, hook line and sinker. They threw away friendships on evidence that they should have at least thought twice about accepting -- it was as though once they'd started down the road of believing her, they didn't want to stop because she'd played so well into their sense of Story, if you will.

Damn, this might be verging on twenty years ago, seriously, but I'm still finding I can grind my teeth in resentment over the way I and especially my friends were treated -- people whom I knew to be honest and kind and totally unlikely to run down a fellow fan the way it was claimed they did.

The APA had about 30 members at its height, this wasn't a very big kerfuffle in the annals of fandom, but it certainly gives me some empathy for the people taken in by msscribe and other toxic fans. Maybe I can even find some sympathy for the fans who were all too quick to jump on their bandwagons of drama and rush to do the online equivalents of lynch mobs. Which is more sympathy than I can bring myself to feel for the APA lynch mobettes of long ago.
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Home from Boskone -- well, I've been home for a while, but I've been vegging on the couch for a while.

Happy day at the con, including a really terrific panel about copyright with Cory Doctorow, Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Beth Meachum, who made a very good case that the continued extension of copyright (now to 70 years past death of author) isn't helping anybody but corporations. Anyway, I came away feeling that I had a better grasp on the issues.

I had enough time to hang out with various friends, both people I get to see all the time and those from further away, and I was able to give Farwing and Nineweaving rides home, and even stop for some swift but necessary grocery shopping, so all is well in that respect.

Also finished the other sleeve on the sweater just now, though I think the second went so much better that I should think about redoing the first one... but we'll see. Now onto the main body.

It was 9 this morning, 31 when I came home. And it was 58 on Friday morning, so I think my body is in shock, a little. On the other hand, it felt so much warmer this afternoon that I ran into the grocery store in only my sweater.

Thank goodness that tomorrow is a day off!


Feb. 19th, 2006 09:21 am
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Hey! Still alive here -- Boskone was fun, but is sucking up my time these two past days like a giant sucking thing filled with friends. Much hanging out with everyone from [ profile] farwing to [ profile] veejane, to [ profile] malkingrey and [ profile] nineweaving, saw [ profile] negothick sing... et cetera, et cetera. In fact, I seem to have spent the majority of my time in the Con Suite (which is very nicely central to the whole con) sitting, talking and knitting, mostly at the same time. Also got to Kaffeeklatch with [ profile] naominovik and hear more about her forthcoming series, which is getting a Major Push from the publisher and sounds like a real winner.

Most interesting point made during a panel discussion -- in the Lost panel, an audience member pointed out that amongst all the many many flashbacks which we've gotten on the Losties background, which has revealed bizarre coincidences amongst the characters -- not once have we seen anything as identifiable as the Dharma Initiative or one of its founders, et cetera. That is a Hmmmmm-worthy thought, truly.

It is 9 degrees out this morning, which strikes me as so unfair. Nonetheless, I'm going to drive down to Davis and park within quick sprinting distance of the T station, because with very little effort I can manage from that point to travel indoors all the way to the Pru Center and through the mall to the con hotel.

In knitting news, I'm halfway through the second sleeve. Once that is done, then I can get back to the body, and suddenly it should look like a sweater....

Vivid Me!

Feb. 4th, 2006 10:26 pm
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Huh. Well, I seem to be signed up for Vividcon, next August, due to some timely warnings. I'd wished I could have gone last year (as I also wished for Worldcon and World Fantasy!) but as it turned out, having my car stolen, buying a new car, and my Mom moving, with all the subsequent driving to and from NJ and PA, would have been quite the financial burden. Not to mention using up all my time off on the latter.

Still not sure about Con.TXT -- the good news is that if Connexions were being held at the usual time, I'd not be able to go this year, because my department is pretty much under a vacation moratorium until some time in May. The good news is that if this is so, I'll have all that time off saved up for the summer and fall....

Anyway, Vividcon! Chicago! Vids! Wonderful people! Yeah, it's six months away, but I'm feeling cheery anyway!


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