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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • HijiNKS Ensue - LOST finale reaction. I like his solution.
  • Scanning actual icons from the Dummies books for decorations on my resume. They are damn clever design.
  • Test Image of For Dummies Resume on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Interested in your reactions!
    • Not that I included any of them -- yet. There's still a bunch of work to refine the page, but it's all "little" details from here on out, mostly on the Photoshop side of the work flow, since I'm adding accents to the subheaders and whatnot.
    • In case anyone is wondering, I've matched the fonts as closely as possible -- and yes, the colors on the page are authentic as well.  Among other things, this phase of the CSS Resume Garden has given me great respect for the Dummies series book designers, who are doing a splendid job of pasting a invisible Don't Panic button on each and every technical-detail-filled page.
    • Reminder to self: look up how to make an accented "E" in HTML so I can get it right on the actual resume, already....
  • Note to Self: must try this later! The video explains all. Paper Cd Case !!! Flower Design
    • I find that lovely little video almost mesmerizing, because it's such a dance of hands, fingers, paper, curves, straight edges, pencils, scissors and finally an irised CD envelope that's pretty and practical.
  • SKYNET RESEARCH -- yep, THAT Skynet. Hee!
  • ::grumble:: looks like Terminator: Sarah Connor is definitely totally cancelled. Feh.
    • Of all the shows that deserved to get another season this year, I'd put T:SCC at the head of my personal list.  Ah well, you'd think that I'd get used to the feeling by now.
  • Ran into my Digital Design instructor on the break, he was all complimentary about my work. Nice to be remembered!
    • This was at the Woburn campus -- he mostly taught at the Cambridge campus, but he was checking up on some things, turns out he's been teaching in the mornings in Woburn so I never ran across him until now.  He's such a great teacher, and all around great guy. It also turns out that he's been taking the same Enterprise Solution Developer class I'm taking, that is offered out at the Framingham campus, so we commiserated and he joked about being a student again.
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Ribbon Yarns, originally uploaded by moxie58.

I've been meaning to use the spiffy new camera to photograph my stash, which is dauntingly immense at the moment. Here's installment #1, just going through maybe a quarter of what I have, which is now safely binned and now documented.

Click on the picture for the other 9 photos up on Flickr....
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Just a reminder: there's still time to bid on one of my knitly Sweet Charity offerings below!

If you want to know more, follow the banner link below, I'm registered as Theodosia there!

Sweet Charity
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So while I haven't given up knitting entirely, I've sure slowed down. However, even if you only do two or three rows (long rows, in the case of this project!) every couple days, you eventually get somewhere!

I'm all the way to the bottom edging on the top-down cardigan, so in theory, if I hid all the loose ends, I could start wearing it nearly right away (albeit with some blocking) but I still have to do the sideways edging around the front opening and neck so I can add buttons, and I want to reknit about two inches on the end of the sleeves, so I've still got a ways to go...

here be pictures )
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There sure hasn't been a lot of knitting news here of late -- my shoulder and arm were complaining a whole lot in July, so I stayed away from the needles for a lot of it, and at least that seems to have helped. I'm knitting in little bursts here and there, and am finally beginning to pick up the pace again.

Unfortunately, I'm working on the same project I started on, like, back in June. Or maybe May....

Here be pictures )
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I knitted some during panels at Readercon, but a) tried not to overdo and b) didn't get much done this week what with the work and the craziness.

However, progress happened.... )
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Been a while since I posted anything about knitting... which not coincidentally is because I haven't been doing much -- the problem being that my right shoulder/arm has been aching terribly, so I thought the better part of 'smart' would be to lay off enough to let things heal... which I'm cautiously going to ease back into.

So... new project underway... )
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Check out the comments on these weird "art" hats over on

(My favorite may be: "These headdresses would also be appropriate barbarian attire to wear when attending a pantyhose Thunderdome cage fight." Or maybe "Oh, my God--he's crocheting himself a girl suit!!!!")

(ps perfectly work-safe)
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Remember the Green Lace Sweater I was posting about in February? I put it aside and worked on a couple other projects, but I feel ready to start finishing it up now. So the first order of business is to do something about the points at the bottom hem, where the pattern called for pendant beads to stretch them out just a little.

So I had acquired a bunch of tree agate beads, which matches the color of my alpaca yarn just perfectly, but their holes were far too small for a yarn needle, let alone the yarn itself. So I got out some jeweler's wire I had and twisted up some wirewrapping that doesn't look half bad. Got six points done (beads wrapped, attached, yarn ends (two each for each point) woven invisibly back into the body... so far so good!

I've also been mulling over what to do about the sleeve cuffs, since I didn't like the way the pattern called for -- they were way too loose and floppy, so I've decided to frog them back a bit (they're knit top-down, so this is much more practical than it usually is!) narrow them and do a couple of rows of a tighter pattern at the very ends.

The 'vacation' I've taken from the sweater is working out well for me, I'm all atwitter to get back at it now, which sure beats where I was at just a few weeks ago!
Here There Be Pictures )


Mar. 30th, 2006 03:04 pm
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I need to make some major posting, because I've got this 'n that to talk about, but in the meantime, how about some cat and knitting Pictures? )
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Just because I haven't been talking about it doesn't mean I've given up knitting.

Alas, the latest experiment is a mixed success. I had gotten some pretty and delicate angora blend wool from aviatrix18 last year, and thought that it might make a great scarf....

mixed success? )
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I think it was just a week or two ago that I posted pictures of me with my new haircut. Imagine my surprise to be posting more pictures of me-me-Me, but I did get my new glasses yesterday, which I think are pretty spiffy... and then there was this handy cameraphone that just popped out of my handbag and before I knew it, I was snapping away again.

And there's that new scarf, too! )
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Found via [ profile] punk_knitters:

Alas, after a nice day (pleasantly exhausted after yoga, I fell asleep for two hours), I went to bed at 10 PM and woke up approximately at 4:30 with a major-ass headache. Which despite all the usual remedies is still vaguely hanging in here, although the nausea component is pretty much over. So I'm not tired enough to call in sick to work, nor hurting so much ditto. Here's hoping that the day continues to improve....
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Promised a picture a while ago, but what with the vagaries of life, it took until this morning to actually take one, and until this afternoon to get around to posting it.

Still not finished, but you can see where it's going now. I suspect that I'll end up frogging and reknitting the sleeves a little tighter so that the stockinette section where the decreases are happening are not so obvious... but I think I'll wait until I can model the whole thing to see how obvious and/or annoying they are.

I find myself really wishing I had an old-fashioned dressmaker's dummy to hang it on and see how it fits, or even just to take a picture. The lace stitches look so much better stretched out over a contrasting background in the right shape....

Click here to see what I'm maundering on about.... )


Feb. 17th, 2006 01:32 pm
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Remember the green alpaca top-down sweater I started last week? Progress has been made -- pictures below if you aren't so much interested in technique.

I'd like to make a small boast, because I managed to impress myself by learning Magic Loop after having twice watched an online video of it being done, and trying it out once for about six rounds with some scrap yarn.

This was because I found that the sleeve on this was too wide for any of my circulars, even the teeny one I ran out and purchased earlier this week. But when I tried it on DPNs... which has never been much of a problem for me in the past, I found that A) this is slipperier yarn than I thought (feels nice, though), B) there are far too many stitches divided by 3 on this sleeve so that I was trying to hold too much on each DPN, and also C) Lots of stitch markers, which makes them tend to fall off every time you switch needles and makes it nearly impossible to end or start a pattern repeat at the beginning or end of the stitches on one DPN.

So progress on this sleeve started out very slow... I even stopped by Windsor Button Shop and picked up the aforementioned Very Small Circular, which almost but not quite was small enough for the sleeve diameter. But the salesperson suggested Magic Loop instead, which conversely uses an unbelievably LONG circular.

Okay, so that's a non-intuitive solution, isn't it? So I looked it up online (thanking the Gods that there are so many marvelous knitting sites out there now) and found a good instructional video that shows how to set it up and move the loop around.

(In short, what you do is loop the very long circular through all the stitches. Then you determine the mid-point OPPOSITE your opening, and pull out the circular loop. Then you have the sleeve sort of folded flat. On the working side, you keep the knitting right up at the needle, but you pull the other needle way way out on its cord. I've put several of the cords from my Boye system together, so I have like a 40' circular working on a 10' diameter sleeve.)

Complicated, no? The sad thing is, I could show you how to do it in a much shorter time than it would take to write it up in full. However, the end product is that I'm no longer flinging stitch markers across the room, or having stitches fall off or losing count.

But I will be so glad when I've got both sleeves done....

Click Here If Your Eyes Haven't Glazed Over Yet )
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In haste, as I'm at work and they do insist on me actually working, for some reason.

Anyway, among the things I did this weekend:

Lace Cardigan Start
Lace Cardigan Start

From little acorns -- or rather, from the neck down to nearly the bottom of the shoulder yoke. It started out with 72 stitches, gets increased by 8 every odd row, so it's up to about 160 stitches now, with a little more to grow yet. Sorry you can't see the lace pattern yet, which is definitely there....

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Finished weaving in the loose ends on the gift afghan last night, set it down and realized... I can start a new project!

So far, the top contender is this one: Aran Weight Lace Cropped Cardigan from the Elann site. Aside from my natural affinity for lace knitting, I like that the pattern, such as it is, depends on you fitting as you go along. Since I've got shoulders like a linebacker1 and a long torso, this will help considerably.

Also, interestingly to me, this sweater is knit top-down, so that you do neck and shoulders first, then sleeves, then body, which could make the fit-as-you-go method possible. It's just a little weird to be making increases at the raglan shoulder seams instead of decreases, but in theory it should work as well or better than the traditional bottom-up.

The lace pattern manipulations look easy enough to me, I tried one of them out on some scrap yarn last night and it's the kind of pattern where stitch markers make your life easy. Haven't tried the suggested arm lace pattern yet, but that's a likewise proposition.

Huh, getting more sold on the project the more I think about it....

1 No, seriously: when we were cleaning out Mom's house this fall, my brother came across my Dad's WWII Army dress uniform, and he tried it on only to find it too small. Then I tried it on, and it was too tight across my shoulders....
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...afghan nearly finished!

The edging rounded the last corner and was successfully Kitchener-stitched last night! I just have to weave in a handful of (literal) loose ends!

Gorgeous afghan pictures! )
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I just have to share this picture, of a poncho I swear on my mother's future grave I will never knit:

The Cable From Hell

I suppose on the bright side, it would knit up very fast....

In other knitting news, I turned another corner on the afghan edging yesterday, and the third corner is in sight. [ profile] nineweaving got to see what I've done so far, as I brought it along to Vericon -- it fills up my backpack and then some.
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Quickie knitting post here -- move along, move along.

In Which I Try Another Kind of Edging )
I think I like this better. Note that I'm using short-ish DPNs, which lets me pick up stitches on the unfinished edge as I move along. I kind of doubt I'm going to get this finished by the 1/31 deadline, but at least I'll be significantly further along.

Especially because I was just reminded that Vericon (a sweet little con at Harvard University) will be held this weekend, with not only George R. R. Martin as GOH, but some worthwhile authors like Sarah Smith and Greer Gilman, too. AND a lecture by Henry Jenkins on Friday night!