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I thought, therefore I twittered:
  • This morning I'm vicariously following Wiscon via Twitters. So wish that I could have gone -- school AND finances = KO
  • The top 5 words I've tweeted: time, class, listening, looking, gronk.
    • Also vicariously following Wiscon via LJ and Dreamwidth, too.  I suppose I could have "afforded" missing a school Saturday class, considering it concerned a bunch of stuff that I know well (no way to predict that in advance, though) and I'm still not flat broke after more than two years of unemployment... but with the uncertainty of just "when" I finally get a job, it feels too much like fiscal irresponsiblity.  But damn, what a wonderful group of friends and interesting people, and cool discussions and ideas.
    • The Tweetstats app is pretty interesting both for the statistical charts (I didn't know I was most likely to tweet at 7AM) and the psychological/social reveals of the most-used words.  Although, the top five are a bit skewed for me, because "listening" and "looking" come from the Twitterfox plugin for adding links... oh, and for the longest time, I'd start out my Twitter day with a "gronk", considering how I feel most mornings when I wake up.
  • Finishing up C# today -- Monday we start Java.
  • I survived C# Database Transactions. ::proudly shows off scars::
  • We got let go early on account that it was Mem. Day wkend and it was sunny out. I'm thinking seriously of nappage....
    • Actually, it's Wednesday we start Java -- we get Monday night off, I keep forgetting.  It's not that we didn't cover important stuff - Transactions are so important to data integrity in a multi-user situation! -- but I've been there, done that.  As it was, our instructor gave up on making us do a lab, because not only would that take time, he'd have to go over it with us.  Instead we did an in-class program set up so that if we ran two instances of it, would set up a race condition that needed the transaction locking to make it work.
  • -- just one instance of what they did to teenaged "terrorist" Omar Kadr at Gitmo.
    • Mercifully brief description, really, and I wouldn't recommend it for the weak-stomached.  Suffice it to say, Kadr was a young teenager picked up on near a battlefield whose possibility of knowing anything strategic or important was nil.  Anything you could get out of him was probably 'buyable' with a couple candy bars and some priveleges like playing soccer.  I can't begin to tell you how Orwellian his treatment was.
  • Now out in backyard, going to cut grass and deweedify. Right afer I finish teh interwebs.
  • My "lawn" is less than the size of most living rooms, so cutting it was pretty much waving around a string trimmer. Wiktory!
  • The backyard smells like newly-cut lawn. I should probably go in before I get hair fever!
    • I really should cut it more often, especially because I have an electric string trimmer and a hundred-foot extension cord (used to power the laptop, whose battery now holds about a half-hour of charge)  Also, there's a bunch of comfrey that's occupied part of the side, and I'm waiting until they've finished blooming before I get rid of them, I hate to kill pretty things!
    • Well, except if they're vines.
    • Interesting side note -- when I tweeted "cut grass" I got a private tweet from an outfit called Green Canary that specializes in painting lawns green.  I'm not making that up.  Suffice it to say, that if I have to CUT my lawn, it's not in need of further greenifying (though once you take out all the weeds, it's significantly less green and more patchy).
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:04 Watching: Etsy :: damselinthisdress :: Victorian Bodice Corset. I need a place to wear this. SIGH ... #
    Although as my friend Sheryl says, "cons mean never asking 'Where can I wear that?'" It would have been right at home at the Muskrat Jamboree, particularly the Friday night dance, but a) I wasn't in the mood and b) I didn't plan ahead. My slinky black and gold dress from the last B.Org F2F would have been just what the dance doctor ordered.

    When I eventually GET a job and have money again, I really think that I will look into corsetry. Or crochet myself one, if necessary.
  • 09:26 OK...clothes On, breakfast inside me, awake and ready to Muskrat. 1) remove cat from lap 2) drive in car.... #
  • 18:49 Hanging out in Auksstral's room to watch tv- just not into going to see a drag act tonight! #
    And once again, I win the Party Pooper award, though I was happy to hang with quieter, calmer friends and share fannish pleasures, which is always a big win for me
  • 20:50 + #
  • 20:52 The preceding +s were brought to you by Spare Cat's random pawing #
    Why don't cats respect keyboards? It's amazing that my computer isnt' entirely erased because this one is just so... talented. And just as I'm writing this, she's putting gentle paws on top of my hands, seriously.

Somewhat to my surprise, the Jamboree is officially Over today, which just goes against everything I know about "the way cons are supposed to run" but then the organizers are thinking out of the box which is both good and bad -- bad when it's dinosaurs like me who Expect certain things when they don't pay enough attention to well-publicized announcements and schedules.

I think this year I was also reverting back to my shyness, which I realize may have a bit of a biochemical basis, because during my last stint at Mom's, my prescription ran out and then I was too rushed to follow through correctly on getting it updated. (The doctor's office actually DID phone in the script to a nearby PA pharmacy, but I never checked back because I was way way too rushed.) So I was off my Celexa for about five days, which didn't seem to give me any bad side effects, except that this week and last, I'm really noticing much more sleepiness, and social anxiety like at the con. So side effects are happening, but much more subtle as opposed to capital-D Dramatic.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 06:53 Brother called at 10:10 PM, after I was sound asleep, didn't give any details (and didn't sound too happy) so now I'll wait until 8 to call. #

  • 07:25 Waiting for 8 AM, which seems the earliest decent hour I can call brother for details and whether I should head down to PA or whatever. #

  • 08:32 Finally! I called brother, Mom is doing well - held overnight for observation, but both painfree and hungry, etc. A big Whoohoo here. #
    Oh brother! In more ways than one -- you might have thought to mention something in your short phonemail that she made it through the operation OK? Instead it was all gruff "Call me" so I figured it probably wasn't that she'd died, but there might have been complications you didn't want to list out verbally, like partial paralysis or something. Instead you used the same cop voice you probably use to tell people their family member has been in a serious car accident....

  • 08:44 off to the networking, then I can get to go to muskrat jamboree! #
  • 11:52 Networking term of the day: AFGO, another frakking growth opportunity. #
    Ran into two ex-Loti at the meeting, and then there was a new guy from Houghton Mifflin, whom worked in the College IT department, so I'd heard of him (and worked with some of his coworkers) so we commiserated about the fall of a great place to work and I think I may have cheered him up a bit, because, as I said, it was more like getting a divorce than losing a job.

  • 14:40 Talked to brother - Mom was sleeping, flat in her own bed! - and she's home, happy, safe, et cetera. Hasn't laid down for weeks, literally. #
    She's been sleeping in her Lazy-boy, loudly insisting she prefers it and WHY does everybody think it's a bad sign? The woman's powers of Stubborn are legendary and not necessarily survival-prone, you know?

  • 14:54 At long long last, I can leave for Muskrat Jamboree downtown. Tonight I'll park in the hotel garage so that I can leave whenever safely. #
  • 22:58 Muskratted with the fangirls, found friends, had dinner, watched Dollhouse, got headache, came home. Missed a ton of people! TOMORROW!!!! #
  • 06:37 Discovered roommate in the study last night giving extensive cuddling to Spare Cat, who had her firmly under paw. #

Having faffed around (ate lunch, house chores that couldn't be put off) I arrived halfway through the last panels of the day (finishing one on Torchwood, you could hear the squees down the hall...), but I thought that was OK, since then I could go hang out in the con suite -- except it turned out that that was being shut down, because the rooms had to be reconfigured for the vidshow and dance starting at 6:30. Which left me with approximately 2.5 hours to kill, and after having talked to a couple people (waves to [ profile] calathea, [ profile] wneleh, [ profile] katallison) suddenly there was no one left that I knew on hand.

And then I realized that even if friends who wanted to see me were up in their hotel rooms... I don't know their "real" names! So I went to the sparse hotel lobby, which has all of four seats in it, while I pondered what to do, and who should I see coming over the horizon but [ profile] theamusedone and [ profile] aukestrel! I couldn't have planned it better! They asked if I wouldn't like to come and watch some Middleman (which I'd already watched a lot of courtesy of John) and hang, and it turned out that I finally got to meet [ profile] imkalena plus some wonderful other people and say hi to [ profile] doll_revolution, too. (And as I thought, Middleman is fun to watch in company.) And [ profile] farwing joined us for dinner!

Back to the hotel room in time to watch Dollhouse, which was also fun to watch with others AND had a very decent episode for the people who hadn't seen it before.

But by then I was getting a headache, it was past ten, and I was yawning bad. I had parked in the hotel garage, so it was dead easy to get home, so I collapsed into bed shortly thereafter.

Today I'm going to do better, see panels, get to talk to more people, renew acquaintances, et cetera.
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:27 Um... exactly where did this snowstorm come from, anyway? It's supposed to be 4-6 inches!!!??? #
  • 07:32 Looking at: COOL NYTimes Infographic on Flight 1549, which shows off fancy-ass FLASH work! #
  • 10:22 FINALLY ready to leave. Sheesh. It's worse when I'm not in a hurry.... #
  • 17:57 Watching JADE WARRIOR at Arisia -Finnish/Chinese modern Kalevala?! #
  • 19:36 Off to dinner at Ethiopean restaurant! #
  • 22:02 Waiting for car to warm up enough to drive home #
  • 22:37 finally home -- very slippery out, not just for cars but also walking down the street. However, very VERY sparkly. #

Day 3 of Arisia went much better for me, especially in the realm of Spending Some Quality Time With Friends like Malkingrey and Oracne, though there are still far too many people I've only managed to catch not a glimpse of.

One of the programming items I attended was a macrame class where we could buy the materials to make a hemp-string bracelet. It's been DECADES since I did macrame, so it was fun to try it again, and the hemp cord is much more workable and prettier than the butcher's cord which was all I could work with as a kid.

There was also a fun panel on Pushing Daisies with Eric Van and Sonja Taafe and articulate others, and I managed to expound on why Emerson Cod Is The Anti-Magical Negro, and generally share in the warm glow of fannish LOVE.

I had to kill some time before meeting others for dinner at 7, so I ducked into a showing of Jade Warrior which is a Finnish/Chinese coproduction involving a reincarnated and most especially doomed warrior monk (who has ended up as a smith in modern-day Helsinki) and the demon who has hunted him through the centuries, as well as recreating the Sampo, and some really spectacular one-on-one Wuxia fights, culminating in a demon-vs-smith in a forge with HAMMERS that was gorgeously brutal.

Then we gathered some adventurous souls and found our way over to Central Square for Ethiopian food and honey wine, which was much enjoyed both for the yumminess and the talking, too. Getting home turned into a bit of a slog, because the snow had been coming down all day and there was about 4 inches on my car, and the roads were a mess and a half. However, it's less than 3 miles home and there wasn't much traffic, so I drove ever-so-carefully and slowly.

There's still some Arisia left, so I may stir myself yet again, especially because roads are clear and parking will be ever so much less of a problem....
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I've seen on LJ that I've missed at least TWO more good friends whom I would have most sincerely wanted to spend time with, yesterday. Leaving early both nights probably hasn't helped my chances of running into friends, but still, that'll give you an idea how hard it is for me to negotiate these crowds.

Off in just a few more minutes for another assault on Mt Arisia....

Now playing: Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:50 6F out again, was expecting colder. Not complaining, exactly. #
  • 08:55 This waking stuff is uphill work, despite sunny sun and coldy cold. #
  • 09:45 Want to go to Arisia. Do NOT WANT to go out in cold 7F. ::whimpers:: #
  • 11:52 At Arisia hearing a reading! #

Arisia enjoyable, though I had trouble finding people -- the hotel is laid out in a tiny maze of floors, and would be a cool place for about 1/3 as many people. It's all wrong for this crowd, especially for the ESPECIALLY clueless fans who stop in the middle of the traffic areas to have an intense discussion among at least five people, which means there's a one-person-size passage for two way traffic RIGHT AT PANEL CHANGING TIME.

Got there in time nearly in time for the start of oracne's 10 AM reading (which was DAMN fine smut). I was unsure about the legality of the parking space I was in, so I went out after Greer's reading and moved my car to a safer one, which was unfortunately a good quarter mile further away -- my cheapitude trumps all, including common sense, but at least I was wearing my heavy duty coat and appurtenances.

I still had a fine time, up to about 4 or so when my personal fresh-by-date expired. Lasted through another two panels, which had friends on them, found yet another friend (Hi, Ellen!) as I was getting my coat, but still departed before 8 PM... and was asleep by 9:30 at home.

This morning -- we're having a Surprise!Snowpocalypse, at least if you're me and didn't see any forecasts yesterday. It's supposed to be 4-6 inches, too, but I'm planning my journey to the con around convenient transportation options....
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From my current Twitter stream:

  • 07:27 6F out #
  • 08:58 off to a networking meeting #
  • 14:26 Ran into an old RPG friend at the networking event! So strange to have worlds cross! #
  • 17:12 Is at Arisia, waiting for fun to begin. Got here early to get good free parking. #

Out of the house, not once, but twice, and for extended periods! Whoo!

The networking event is WIND East, over in Watertown, which is professional-oriented and if nothing else serves as a spur to me to keep working hard at this 'finding a job' thing no matter how impossible the task seems. Also, you sometimes get the damnedest tip (like that I could get Unemployment extended while I was in school -- that was as great a tip as I ever could want, you know?)

Anyway, there was some good information, especially about keywords your resume should have in the first 3rd, but about halfway through, the woman sitting across the room who looked vaguely familiar introduced herself in the introductions section and I realized this was most likely an old teammate from my roleplaying days whom I haven't seen for at least 15 years! So I got to catch up a little (she had to leave promptly) and that was damn cool!

Then home for some lunch, and gathering myself up, and off to Arisia which is inconveniently situated at a hotel not walkable from the T (especially in this deep freeze) and with very limited free parking on the streets nearby... so I decided to go on the early side, leaving 4-ish, which meant although I found a prime spot between the local workers leaving and the after-work commuters coming in, there wasn't all that much going on yet, so I hung in the Con Suite and got my iTouch talking to the hotel WiFi.

(I don't know how people can use those things for much posting -- I find trying to tap the damn virtual keyboard to be so clumsy. Give me a damn stylus and Graphiti, and I can write quick and accurately, you know?)

Panels seen: one on historical costuming (conducted by Actual Costume Professionals), a Science Track about so-called 'criminal genes' with Actual Science Professionals explaining why there aren't such things, and a group reading by Broad Universe, which was fun if widely varied in polish.

Then, somehow it was going for 10 PM and I decided to head home, being more than sufficiently tired, so courtesy of the TiVo I got to see the first new episode of BSG!

And now I'll get myself together and head off for another festive day of panels, friends (did run into a couple, some very pleasant surprises like Greer and CKD), and knitting -- I also bought some new needles from Fabric Dragon and good Ghod, they make a difference on this scarf project....
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These are my raw, transcribed and somewhat expanded notes from the Building A Kiss presentation at Vividcon on Friday afternoon, which was run by the ultra-capable [ profile] astolat who despite some frustrating technical difficulties, took us through the process of masking two separate scenes together to make a very convincing-but-noncanonical kiss between two characters.

This post is a work in progress -- I intend to put together a couple screenshots to illustrate what [ profile] astolat was talking about -- but I thought getting it finally posted shouldn't wait any longer. And if you read it and have questions about any points -- especially if you attended the presentation and remember information I don't -- I would be happy to explicate and/or correct.

Building a Kiss -- After Effects )
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Vid shows seen:

Joy (vjayed by Our [ profile] katie_m) with many great familiar and un- vids, such a great thematic liftoff to the convention programming. A good reminder of Why We're Here.

Club Vivid -- the dance vid party, with big projection screen at either end of the room, a big dance floor, mood lighting provided by tiny lights overhead, and AC/fans at full blast, and great sound. Plus a bar and lots of or-dervs (too early for anything but phonetic spelling right now) and lighted rooms with lots of chairs and tables to sit at. Lots of pretty dresses, outfits, shoes, jewelry and makeup. And, of course, vids, many of which were made specifically to be danced to.

I ran out of gas about an hour in, alas, and watched happily from the sideline chairs for another hour before I packed it in. Not enough sleep over too many days!

Attended [ profile] astolat's After Effects panel, which went into much detail about how she used AE to create a quick but believable kiss between two characters who did no such thing in canon -- conceptually Photoshopping in video. I made a bunch of extensive notes that she suggested that I write up, since I've got enough AE (through school) to follow pretty closely. I'd better get to work on it before the memory of it gets too fuzzy!

Also, part of a panel comparing writing with vidding which was lively and interesting

Before Club Vivid there was a dinner break and cocktail party, and I got to hang out with such wonderful people as [ profile] katie_m, [ profile] vonnie_k, [ profile] nestra, [ profile] batwrangler, and many more fannish acquaintances.

One small problem: I suspect vidding fans are some of the most tech-savvy in fandom and every one of them here has a laptop, all trying to use the hotel wifi at the same time. So connectivity is v e r y s l o w.

Other than that, no complaints, and much anticipation here about another cool day ahead!
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Huh, even though I had a Vividcon membership, I've been waffling on going what with the airfare and all, and school, and unemployment and all that. But I may be approved for an unemployment extension, I finish my penultimate course on this Friday and HAVE A WEEK OFF before the remainder of the course I abandoned last spring starts up again.

And then I managed to find a quite-decent airfare to Chicago -- out of Manchester, which means driving there in the predawn hours, but then again, I don't have to worry about taxi fares and I don't have to worry that if I get in too late the T won't be running, et cetera, or leaving my car parked on the street in Somerville.

So.... I now have reservations in hand, and I'm ACTUALLY going! I didn't realize how much I'd miss it (I had to drop out from going last year, though if I'd only known I was going to spend the next year in SCHOOL I might have changed my mind) but now that I'm committed, suddenly I'm all but counting the hours.

I've made a deal with myself to make LOTS of effort to Find A Job in the next week to justify the time out and the expense, et cetera. This is what savings are for, right?
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Tonight in some alternate universe that's better than this one, I'm at the hotel in Chicago visiting with the folks at Vividcon, and looking forward to Club Vivid with my very nice sex-ay dress that I got in Atlanta, et cetera.

Instead I'm on the fold-out couch in my mom's condo in PA. And, probably, I made the right emotional (family) and financial (layoff) decision, but still....

I'm thinking that I may console myself by going to World Fantasy this fall, which is after all in a driveable location. Hmmmm.
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Today I drive most of the way to Providence to take part in a "Financial Concerns During Transition" workshop offered by the career counseling service that's part of my severance package. I figure it will be worth the gas, at least, and maybe I can detour by IKEA on the way home, since I need ever MORE boxes to put stuff away in....

We'll see how well the career counseling turns out. So far I've found my old resume (how old? 10 years+), gone through the literature they assigned, taken a couple of assessment tests, and started filling out a 25 page career assessment. I have signed up for workshops to help me update my resume. This all seems too slick, but I figure that if a tenth of it is useful, I will end up to the better for it, at least it's giving me some structure which I badly need to be able to get on with the getting of jobs.

I also finally got around to finalizing my plans for Wiscon, flying out on Thursday -- I decided to roll the dice, since what I've got most of all at this point is free time to fool around with, and got nonstop flights to Milwaukee and back for $256 from HotWire (they don't let you know what the flights are until you commit to buying them!)

Now if I just had a hotel room share for Thursday-Saturday, I'd be in like Flynn. Anybody know anybody looking for a roommate? Since there's an overflow hotel (actually, several) I know I'll be able to lay my head somewhere.

"Without spontaneity, the world of bed and breakfasts would be meaningless."
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I was just idly Google-mapping my route through my Mom's in Warminster PA to Madison Wisconsin because I'm thinking of going to Wiscon at the end of May. I mean, as long as I'm going to be unemployed (I see no reason to start looking sooner, except if a hot tip just drops into my lap) I might as well get out and about, right?

So, is anyone on my Flist (except [ profile] veejane and [ profile] yhlee) going? Do you know anyone who is looking for a quiet roommate?
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I've got Muskrat Fever and the Boogie Woogie Blues...

Technically, it ended last night, but this morning I went to brunch (I think there must have been at least 60 fans still there!), and hung out talking to people that I hadn't yet had a good conversation with, and watched two late S3 SGA episodes that I have seen before, but not in the company of softly-squeeing fangirls. I finally crawled home by 5 PM and then I collapsed and died.

Okay, only a little collapsing and mostly not dying. But it was close.

Tomorrow I get to figure out what I'm going to do about picking up my possessions at work and signing up for Unemployment and all that is layoff-related. Being job-free is actually kind of work. I'm not sure how that happens.
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I lasted until about 11 last night, despite being in a very loud con suite, but I was enjoying talking to various and sundry (especially [ profile] engenda and [ profile] qe2) and in a surprise guest appearance, [ profile] gnomi who perhaps unsurprisingly-in-retrospect turns out to have many many friends who are friends of friends of mine.

I particularly enjoyed panels about Rodney McKay, and a Tinhats-Yay! panel about the eternal love that CKR and Hugh Dillon have in our hearts and imaginations, complete with a hymnal printing out sacred texts (interviews) and lyrics (lyrics). Oh, and icons.

I also glued glitter all over the letters on my name badge, which perhaps proves I shouldn't be let near arts & crafts supplies....

OK, there's a final (unofficial) Brunch starting up at 11 that I'd better get over to. And then I'll have to get back to figuring out what I'm doing about my layoff and all the attendant life issues.
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Oooops. I just looked and my schedule and there's panels starting at 9 AM today! So I shan't update you on yesterday, except there was a lot of talking, a fair amount of knitting, and I got to meet several new faces from my friendslist.

I crept home last night after the vid show (which was terrific, some great choices and two new premieres) but couldn't fall asleep until nearly midnight. But if I'd stayed, and left at midnight, I probably wouldn't have gotten to sleep until 2 AM.

[ profile] the_star_fish made me a pin with my default Hugh icon on it, so I have a CHAMPION sticker and my little Hugh face on my con badge.
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I'd better get over to the hotel soon. As soon as I walked into the lobby last night, when I finally got over my last-minute nerves, [ profile] raveninthewind was there to greet me and from there on it was a very nice time, getting to talk to (among others) [ profile] qe2 and [ profile] doll_revolution in particular, plus getting to know a few more that I've not run into in fandom before. I spent like 2.5 hours sitting on the floor of the con suite, chatting my head off, and was so surprised that it was actually 8:30 when we sat down to dinner!

I also got an impromptu expedition to Mary Chung's, which is my favoritest ever Chinese restaurant, when it turned out the other driver in our party knew how to get to Central Square. So we got a yummy dinner and I introduced them to scallion pie and Peking Ravioli and the fortune cookie game. Being that I've been to Mary's many times with gaming and geeking groups, it wasn't the strangest conversation I've ever been part of there, but it was an awful lot of fun just the same.

Then we came back and started looking for troublefun and ended up watching vids on a large laptop (with a nice set of external iPod-type speakers) which was also fun. But my back started screaming at me for sitting on the floor so long, so I pulled the plug at around 11 and went home to a heating pad and my own soft bed.

And now I get to go back and have a wonderful day of presentations, panels, and fangirl mutual squeeage....
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I stayed home yesterday, hoping my sinus headache would clear up, but it never did, although at least it got better enough by late afternoon that I decided I could venture forth to Boskone, which this year has moved to the very new and swanky Westin Waterfront, which is unfortunately far from its usual Boston haunts, over the Fort Point Channel and next to the newish Boston World Trade Center.

Which meant I took the Silver Line for the first time, and was amazed to find that it actually has, like, tunnels and so on -- it's all 'trackless trolleys' aka buses that get powered by overhead wires. All very spiffy and impressive. I thought the "new line" was just a glorified bus route -- shows how often I get over that way, huh?

I ran into many many good people last night, went to panels and events (the 2 hour John M. Ford memorial auction was real actual fun and I won a bid for a t-shirt) and hung out talking for a whole lot, too.

And now I must run off again so that I don't miss out on more of the fun....
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Saturday night at Arisia might have been the best time of my fannish life... if I'd only been around for it. Instead I went home at 5-ish (telling myself that it was only for a while, and geeze, it's only a 15 minute drive when the traffic is obliging) and fell asleep by 8:30, which leads me to believe that I really needed it.

I followed that up by falling asleep last night aroudn 8:45... so I guess this is a trend. I can hardly wait to find out what happens tonight, let me tell you.

But at least an early night on Sat. meant an early morning on Sun., and in fact, there was a Viable Paradise brunch in the con suite, to promote that worthy workshop and also give me an excuse to throw on my clothes and get over there. I spent some pleasant time talking to [ profile] malkingrey, and then I took advantage of the relative scarcity of elevator passengers to make my way up to the art show and dealer's rooms, which were respectively on the 16th and 14th floors. (SO not a good hotel for a con this size, when you've got only 75% of your elevators running AND they're only letting 6 fans on at a time. You do the math....)

Actually, I didn't mean to go to the art show, but I'd gotten off on that floor, so I thought I'd poke around. There's a lot more crafty items than I remember seeing before, a lot of really nice beading/jewelry and even some knitting, suitably SF-themed.

Then I headed two floors down to the Hucksters, browsed but didn't buy much (save for one tiny present for my still-overdue Buffista Secret Santa-ee) and then headed down, realizing when I got to the first floor that it was turning Noon already!

So I went to panels on Geeks and Their Lifestyles (where I didn't learn much that I didn't know already, as the panel seemed to turn into Geek Affirmation rather than Geeks Explained, which I wanted more of. Then off to [ profile] oracne's last panel on Expanding Gender Roles, which while it suffered from Everybody's Seen/Been On Too Many Panels syndrome, at least had panelists who could cite a bunch of good examples and counter-examples.

There were a handful more panels at 2PM, but I wasn't feeling too interested, so after one circle of the con to see if I ran into anybody worth hanging out with, I ran into [ profile] oracne and her friend, who were about to go in search of a taxi to get them to the train station on time. It being Sunday and the Big Dig mostly being finished so that the streets weren't actively being switched around, I volunteered to drive them over, which led to a little sightseeing (and a slight bit of going around in a circle as a short-cut turned out to take me on a one-way that I wasn't expecting). But they got to the station in plenty time enough anyway.

And then it turned out that getting onto 93 North from right there is a relative snap. On a Sunday without much in the way of traffic, I can drive home in 20 minutes, most of it spent at lights on the Somerville side of the ride. So that was like a little bonus for my good deed.

Boskone this year is at a different hotel, too, so that should be even more interesting. I've gotten too spoiled by having two cons so that twice a year I can walk over after work on Friday. Now I'll have to take the T. Oh, the First World troubles I've seen.
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I had a nice time at Arisia yesterday, got to see and chat up some friends, knit a whole lot and attend a couple of thought-provoking panels, and [ profile] malkingrey and [ profile] mist_and_snow's reading of their new short story about a character from Land of Mist and Snow that I liked a whole lot.

But then I felt kind of crappy as 5 PM rolled around, and after one circuit of the ground floor, seeing nobody that I wanted to talk to, I made the (fatal) decision to run home and make some food that I actually wanted to eat and decompress for a bit.

Yup, once my ass was on my couch, I wasn't going anywhere. Watched a little TV, did eat, and ended up seeing if I'd fall asleep if I laid down in my bed at 8:30 PM, kind of expecting that the neighbors being loud next door and the early hour would keep me from falling asleep.

Uh, no. In fact, with a brief wakeup around 11PM (long enough for me to look at the time) I slept through until 5:30.

Arisia is in a new hotel this year, not very convenient to public transportation, or for that matter, to much of anything with food. also, there's limited access to three elevators that will hold just 7 people apiece... so not really a good hotel solution, overall. It's hellaciously crowded on the ground floor, which isn't helping me enjoy the experience, or find the people I wanna see. However, I'll go back for a couple more hours and see what I see....