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  • I finished the antibiotics for my root canal. You should get a small medal or something when you do that.
  • I must be really... talented or something. Just broke a nail while making a sandwich....

Dental discussion cut for the easily-squeamed )

  • Eeek -- it's hit 53 degrees here. I'd better take a walk or open a window or something.
  • I'm putting down the PHP and going for a healthy walk to the library. Even if I'm on a hot streak with the code.
  • Glorious out - can believe spring might actually come. Saw a few early-sprouting tulips on their way to making flowers!

And it's supposed to hit 58F today, too!  We're not out of winter yet -- oh, I can well remember a 4/1 snowfall of 12 inches not all that long ago -- but it looks like we're finally headed in the right direction.  Enough even to get me away from the PHP crack and out into that real world I hear so much about!

  • Spare Cat is wrestling with my empty sneakers.
  • Spare Cat trapped herself inside a glass-fronted cabinet this morning. I laughed for a bit at her antic attempts to push her way out.

This morning Spare Cat managed to strand herself inside a glass-fronted cabinet. (It has a magnetic latch, and evidently it was ajar when she got in and swung shut.) She can't have been in there for long, anyway.

However, before I let her out I had a wonderful laugh watching her trying to figure out how to get out, and tried to take a couple pictures, which didn't come out all that well, oh well.

You know, for ten or fifteen minutes a day, I actually don't resent her when she does stuff like this.  More often, she's doing what she's doing right now, which is being draped over one of my arms, which makes typing more difficult.  Spare Cat: annoyingly needy.

  • Next up today: more PHP work....

Project is going well, I'm getting better with every page, and beginning to "see" how to set up code reuse and workflow... which I really can't learn any other way.  We'll see if it turns out you have to write a hundred thousand lines of bad code....

Except that it's going to be 58F today if the weather forecast is right.... Hmmmm.

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  • RT @BostonDave Cat Food...Now with LSD? Friskies "Adventureland" Commercial // More proof cats are insane, frankly.

Really has to be seen to be appreciated -- great fantastic CGI with a real kitty.

RT @tzikeh Does anyone have news about Mad Men's Season 4 premiere date? Have they schedule it yet? Are they filming?

Retweeting because yeah, I'd REALLY like to know!

  • Is working in raw PHP today, which is much slower but correspondingly much less frustrating than CakePHP.
  • I keep forgetting that all PHP variables start with $. $$$$$$$$$$. Maybe if I type $$$$$$ often enough it will stick.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • Gaaaaah... must have been in a PHP-induced coma, suddenly it's 4PM!

CakePHP wouldn't be so bad if it weren't impossible to set up.  Well, impossible for me.  I knew I was in trouble when my friend Ron asked if I was using bash or tsh (or something like that).  "I want to learn to drive a car, not how to assemble the engine first."

Straight PHP, on the other hand -- I'm working my way through to a complete catalog website, with its own control panel for the user.  I'm very sure this is exactly what Joomla or Drupal should be used for, but if I do it all by hand, I'll have all the conceptual issues nailed down, and then can revel in the ease of use, secure that I know what's really going on underneath everything.

  • Spare Cat logged me off my computer. She is talented, I'll give her that much. Grudgingly.

I sure hope I'm getting a lot of good karma for taking in Cece, because I sure deserve it.

  • RT @tweetmeme Caprica: Exclusive: 'Caprica' producer Jane Espenson explains Sam Adama's tattoos - S..

I'm not seeing a whole lot of Caprica love yet!  It's taking its time, but in the meantime the world-building is fascinating and the characters are growing.  For me the breakout character is actually Sam Adama, who seemed to be a tertiary character in the pilot and now looks to be a major player.  But maybe I should have expected this from the hyuuuuuuge cast they developed on BSG.

Anyway -- the tattoos turn out to be fascinating, absolutely.

  • Watched the last two #Leverage last night -- couldn't love the show any more, especially Elliott and Hardison, but geeze they're all good.

I had a real nice paragraph extolling the virtues of this show, and then Spare Cat landed on both the mouse and keyboard and erased it past retrieval.  Suffice it to say, you were all right about this show....

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  • Anybody want a Spare Cat? I even promise to put breathing holes in the box I mail her to you.

It's not just the knocking-things-off-things that annoys.  When she wants attention, she forces herself into your lap, or in my case, onto the keyboard because I'm typing away, typically.  And then even when you get her positioned in your lap, she's struggling to get up into your face if you're not paying enough attention.

If I wanted a dog, I'd have got a dog, damnit.

  • Almost forgot I had a party to go to this afternoon! And I can/should walk to it!
  • Cats are suspicious because I petted a Dee Oh Gee at the party -- lovely mini-dachsie named Gwendolyn! Her mom is a beekeeper!

What a little love -- she was 11, in perfect shape wth such delicate features, and completely content to sit in her Mom's arms and listen to us talk about grey hair and beekeeping and other stuff.  Nice party, cool people... I should be social more often, you know?

  • Watched two runs of the #Olympics slalom and found myself gripping the arms of my chair. Muscle memory surprisingly strong.
  • Addendum to last night's slalom-related tweet. No, never slalomed, but regular downhill skiing at least as difficult for me. Fun, though.

No, seriously -- gripping the arms of the chair and tensing my legs as I watched the guy's skis try to grab an edge.  I never got going that fast (thank goodness) but I have felt the wonderful thrill of pushing hard to control the degree of turn, feeling like you're flying down the mountain with confidence you'll get to the bottom in one piece.  It's been for sure more than ten years, but even so....

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  • If there were an audio version of Twitpics, I could give you a clip of Muppet's desperate and mournful meowing when I have her dish in hand.
    • O, the catmanity! (felinity?)  It makes me stop and giggle, which slows down her actual feeding, but I guess she and I can't stop either reaction...
  • Ten Fat Footers: How to Make Good Use of that Space at the End of the Page
  • Back to working on webcomic page design! (Why can't I get my Next/Prev buttons to line up correctly!?)
  • I'm attending WordCamp Boston 2010 -- -- Sounds like it will be fun & interesting!
  • Yay! I remember how to make templates in Dreamweaver, with editable regions. Teachers, I love you!
    •  Nice to have a day mostly devoted to actual design and development -- felt like I had Quite A Week here:
      • Monday: Package Delivery
      • Tuesday: Jury Duty and a Not Guilty verdict!
      • Wednesday: Navisite/Microsoft Web Event all day -- with swag & catered lunch & networking
      • Thursday: Design all day!
      • Friday: network meeting, return the UPS jacket and pick up the sad little UPS check, more design?
    • The week has just been packed!
  • Religion Journal - Montana Rabbi Lends an Ear to an Officer and His Dog -
  • RT @TeresaKopec EPIC NERD LOVE: what happens when two betrothed, Level 80 nerds create a "Save the Date" video.
    • I just love that the K9 officer had to contact a rabbi in order to get his pronunciation corrected so the imported Israeli police dog could get the correct instructions.
    • And the nerdy "Save the Date" video is a pure labor of love, and something that I'm sure will annoy their kids and grandkids forever!
  • Hmmm -- so with regret I call to resign the parcel delivery job. Next call I get is an offer to interview for an intern/coop job?!?!!!1!
    • Is that synchronicity or what?  No guarantee that I'll get the job, but at least I'm going to be interviewed by an actual Hiring Manager instead of getting the brushoff from HR -- this is further than I've gotten of late!

Yeah, I resigned from the UPS job.  It wasn't the hard work, carrying things, commuting or anything else that I might have expected to worry about -- it was my damn KNEES, which four days later are still complaining about Monday!!! (and last week, I suppose).  They're NOT toughening up, and I'm worrying that I could actually permanently damage them by stressing them even more.  Which totally sucks... I don't like quitting, but I'm going to have to admit I'm beat on this one.

But, hey, one door closes, maybe others open.  Unemployment is on again, thanks to another Federal Extension (I hate being a statistic, but then again, not going bankrupt is a good thing) and some cool opportunities like website projects are starting to percolate for reals.

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Huh, LoudTwitter's been down for several days!  In the meantime, there's been just a little progress on the job front...

  • Got a UPS holiday package handler interview this afternoon -- not sure if I want it, or can do it, but I feel obliged to check it out. SIGH
  • Time to go off to the interview. Wish me luck!
  • Package delivery helper job news: well, if I have an orientation to go to, that means I'll get called on to help deliver, most likely?

Not exactly a fabu job, since it is only part-time, and isn't guaranteed that I'll get anything like a reasonable amount of hours, and it's only on between Thanksgiving and Dec 24.  And it's basically a driver's helper, you ride along and run up and down the streets dropping off packages in all kinds of weather.  OTOH, it should be reasonably busy and go by fast, and probably won't invalidate my Unemployment benefits, that is if I get approved for the new Federal extension.

  • RT @zen_habits: Corporate Fakes: How To Identify Astroturfers And Front Groups

It's actually shocking when you find out what groups getting their spokespeople on national media, speaking as "the voice of the common people" are actually paid shills, or at least getting some major behind-the-scenes financial support that they don't want you to know about.  You know, while the Tea-baggers and Code Pink both have disrupted public meetings, at least Code Pink was really a grass-roots operation...

  • "It's not jumping the shark if you never come down." #Supernatural

I could hear the fangirls squeeing from over here.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love Ben Edlund and all he's brought to the show?

  • Spare Cat, as we know her and grudgingly tolerate her....
  • No one would have believed in the opening years of the 21st century we were being observed by slit-eyed aliens in our own homes....


I definitely have been in a bit of a funk, because I'm just not getting any traction on this job thing -- I'm looking into internships and volunteer opportunities.  If anybody knows of open source projects that could use my amateurhelp, point me to them, K?

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Miniature Pets Gallery, 10 good, ten bad. I want a mini-goat, but I might take a mini-mule instead....

Honestly, some of the cutest small things you'll ever see.  Plus-- they bred mini-mules from minihorses and minidonkeys!  How mini-cute is that?

  • Honestly, getting an email from Staples with a 'Your Destiny Awaits' subject is more likely to make me cringe than want to buy stuff....

Seriously, I don't want my destiny to involve office supplies and paper, unless the paper company involved is the one that HRG used to work for on Heroes.

  • OMG, the application for a pharmacy chain job includes a 20-screen strongly-agree to strongly-disagree personality questionnaire!!??

CVS had an even longer one than the one for UPS that I did the other day.  I amused myself by trying to consistently answer the questions the way that I thought they'd want... which is pretty much truthful.

  • A guide to preventing SQL injection -- My favorite XKCD cartoon, and the tech advice therefrom.

Yep, a kid named so that if you input his name correctly, you break the database!  Very geeky humor, but it makes a good programming point. 

Back in real life, I knew a guy with the last name of Abend... which in the days of COBOL applications, broke his college's student database because ABEND means Abnormal End, which was a key phrase to Stop Everything in that language.

  • I am SO not ready for the sun to be setting around 4:30... but it is. FEH. Who thought up this lousy orbit-thing, anyway?
  • -- a picture of the first frost, gorgeous!

I guess these two entries aren't unentirely related... the good and the bad of seasonal variety.  In my backyard, Maple A is 95% bare, but a slightly-ragged Maple B soldiers on, so that you have blue New England Asters sitting in a bed of orange-yellow leaves, as pretty as it gets around here.

  • Spare Cat doesn't want the world, just my half of it... so that she can keep the other half of it under observation....
  • Dear Furslugs (aka 'Cats'): you're not getting fed until 5 PM EST if I have to lock myself in my room with a pillow over my head.
  • (You can tell they're furslugs by the trails of shed fur they leave wherever they go.)

Spare Cat's mom caught a break -- she's in Stage 3 kidney failure (AKA not bad enough for dialysis) due to the diabetes, which isn't good news EXCEPT they took a kidney biopsy and there's NO cancer.  They may be able to improve the kidney function with drugs, so fingers crossed.  Not much chance of Spare Cat going home for a while yet.

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • You think the cats would know better than to try to trip me on the stairs when I'm headed to feed them, because if I DIE they don't get fed.

Seriously, Chumley?  In his haste to get to the food bowl will run UNDER my upraised foot on the staircase.  Good thing there's a sturdy handrail.

  • RT @tzikeh Rain Man of La Mancha #windmillsdefinitelywindmills -- Have I mentioned lately how much I love and admire you?

I bow before the brilliance that is [personal profile] tzikeh

  • Go Dairy Free | Sweet Sundays: No-Bake Coconut Kefir Cheesecake -- OMG I have to try this....

One of the sad lacks (okay, among many) in my life is No Cheesecake Ever.  If this works, I'll be majorly happy.

I realized that since I changed the filename, I should put up a redirect page, because I've sent that URL out a bunch of times.  Is 3 seconds long enough?

  • I sort of accidentally started watching Kubrick's The Shining, but remembered I had a handy TiVo to watch it for me.

Damn, but the new TiVo just rocks and rocks.  I didn't realize how much the old TiVo's problem with switching channels (inconsistently, working maybe 80% of the time) made me have to check up on it.  Plus the two channel thing means less household conflicts, and the Suggestions work once again correctly, and and and.  I should have done this years ago, you know?

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • No mouseicide overnight, though the cats seem disappointed.

It turns out that Chumley did bring the dead mouse into R's room and attempted to give it to her, while I slumbered peacefully on.  And then she ejected him and the mouse, so that I found it on the landing in the morning.  Wimp.

I would say that the cats are insufferably proud of themselves, but mostly that's S.O.P..

  • I need to start a "Keep the Hallow in Halloween" campaign just to play with the Baptists' mindsets.

Yep, some religious types are up in arms about Halloween promoting witchcraft and Satanism, et cetera.  The same people who complain about Christ being left out of Christmas, you know?  It's probably useless to point out that it's the evening before All Hallows, hence the name.  Why, you could put up displays of saints being martyred in your front yard!  It would be fun!

  • Cable box has been returned to the cable office and I have a receipt! And counterperson switched me to a new plan that's $20 less/mo.!

You know what's freaky?  My IKEA media center now has all these empty slots.  We're down to the new TiVo and a DVD player.  I may put back the VCR, since I still have tapes of MST3K and so on, but really... that's all that needs to be there now.

I really wanted to take back that cable box, though, since cable companies are notorious for charging you for "missing" equipment.  Getting a better financial deal is sweet, though.

  • I got my CSS Resume Garden page whipped into shape, but ran out of time to upload it. Still a productive afternoon.

Will have it up later today!  I set myself a good challenge, because I had to take headers, paragraphs and nested lists and make them collapse so that they became uniform paragraphs.  Without, you know, actually touching the HTML that laid them out as headers, et cetera. 

  • How old am I? I remember when you used bang paths to email people.

Actually, I got onto USENET (through a MITSFS account) a little while after the @ email address had come in, but there were STILL people using bang paths in their addresses, so it counts, I think.

This came up because in class we're starting a module in Web Services, and were recapping the history of Internet connectivity and... I was there, at least peripherally, while this was going down.

  • Spare Cat was hanging out atop the fridge tonight. Truly nothing is safe with her around.
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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Caught Spare Cat tentatively sniffing noses with Muppet yesterday. They backed away right quick but there was no hissing! Progress!

Oh, nobody would mistake them for buddies, but it's nice to see that we're down to DefCon-3, and Spare Cat isn't fleeing at the sight of the other feline household inhabitants.

  • -- Manolo compares the style in real Bonnie & Clyde pictures versus the actors in the movie. Thanks, Jonquil!

Some side-by-side comparisons, showing off to me why B&C are so very iconic even to this day.  It was our own [personal profile] jonquil who alerted me to this entry!

  • Just spent 45 mins researching why DVR switch codes don't work, only to find the instructions said TiVo & Pause, not TiVo & TV Power. D'oh!

It's still New Tech Toy Time here.  I also used TiVo Desktop to copy over a show to my computer, just to see if it would.  This means I can watch stuff Up Here when Rosemary wants to watch something different downstairs, and so on.  Plus, ways to transfer shows to the iTouch and so on.

  • Oooh, the TJ's in Cambridge is definitely opening soon (not answering their phones alas). I think I'll drop off a resume there....

Seriously, they're not a bad place to work for, and it would be easy to get to, especially if I get a bike for good weather days.

  • RT @MitchWagner Can we get more people to throw their rubbish in the bin by making it fun to do?

From the same people who brought you the musical stairs, which is actually some kind of VW promotion.  I think the sound FX on the trash can work mostly by its novelty value.

And, anyway, Boston's Museum of Science has had a musical stairway for about as long as I can remember!

  • Geeze, I'm going to have to break out the winter jacket and gloves! #clingingtosummerbymyfingernails
  • Contrary to what I was told, the new TiVo CAN record 2 channels @ once. Cable card is necessary to get digital-only channels.

That's right!  It will keep track of two show streams at once!  I'm still going to get a cable card to manage the higher channels (and get rid of the cable box -- another slot in the media center opened up!) but dual functionality can start right now!  Woohoo!

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I thought, therefore I twittered:
Two Day Catchup Special Edition! )

Still haven't heard back about the job.  Putting in a bunch more applications now that I've retooled the resume and all that, hitting up some nonprofits on in the hopes that I'll find a nice place that doesn't pay as well so it's getting overlooked in other places.

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Spare Cat Desk, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Why I don't get more writing done. She INSERTS herself between me and the keyboard...and climbs up into my FACE if I get any closer.

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • I seem to be bereft of twit this morning. I am twitless. Handitwitted. Untwitterable.

As they say, some days it's just not worth it to chew through the straps.  Not only didn't I have thoughts that would fit into 140 characters, I didn't have thoughts.  Very down day, alas.

  • Awful Library Books: 'Looking Forward to Being Attacked' -- -- The ToC is a particular delight.

ALB is a librarian's blog highlighting books they've run across -- like outmoded Advice or Career books from the 1970s that deserve to be updated or disposed of.  Like the 1968 book about the life of a West Point cadet -- which would be interesting to a military historian, for instance, but not so much if you were a contemporary high school student, you know?

The Looking Forward to Being Attacked book is not so much in that category, mostly in that it's timeless in its editorial weirdness.  Outside of a friend who does Krav Maga, I don't know anybody who looks forward to being attacked, but there's a kernel of truth in that if you carry yourself with confidence, your smarter muggers and attackers may choose to attack someone else.  ("may" not "will".  Bad guys may be a cowardly and superstitious lot but generally speaking they're also stupid in some fundamental ways.

  • Past time to leave for class, but I have a warm fuzzy Spare Cat trying to lie down on top of my arms as I'm typing.

Oh yeah, she's STILL around.  Her mom isn't doing any better, and in fact I was told she's getting a kidney biopsy this week.  Although, we can all hope that if they can identify something that they can fix, she might eventually be well enough to take back her cat.

Let me be the first to say that I love and adore kitties, but I'd adore this one more as a temporary visitor.  I look upon the Spare Cat as punishment for my hubris in believing that I could manage any cat.

  • -- Andrew Sullivan's beagle is getting old. Sniffle-inducing.

"I used to think that dogs were just dogs, beneath us humans, different in fundamental ways. I don't any more. I see the trace of God's love and God's creation in every one. But I only really see it in the one I love and have lived in the same room with for twelve years and counting."

  • school: we're doing Java servlets. I'm beginning to think that I never really knew any JSP at all....

Speaking of hubris -- it's remarkable to me how much I still don't KNOW.  Considering that this is the third time I'm gone through the module on J2EE -- but it was taught differently all three times.  This time, we have a thorough grounding on what is included in HTTP Requests and Responses and how the hidden infrastructure makes the Gets and Posts behave.

I rocked through most of the Lab project we had, which was to make a simple calculator -- two fields to enter numbers and buttons to click to make them add, subtract, et cetera.  This is on a JSP page that calls another when it returns the answer.  Not rocket science, but I can really say that I understand each bit of code I'm writing.

Haven't heard back from the Holiday Shipping Coordinator job... one that I could do very well, indeed, but I'm going to go with the thought that I won't get it.  Right now today I'm feeling a little bitter, but damn, I WILL get something soon, right?

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Heh. Both permanent resident cats slept with me last night, offended that I went away on Sunday night. Not affection, to weigh me down.

More possessiveness than love, surely, but it's nice to have somebody NOTICE I was gone.

  • A Night To Remember on cable this AM. Still one of the best disaster movies EVER.

In all its 1958 B&W glory, too.  And then there was a National Geo. channel documentary on a 1987 London Tube fire which went into just why and how that happened.  (Hint: wooden escalator treads not the greatest idea ever.)  So it was kind of a disaster-themed morning.

  • Signed up for 2 PM 'Getting Unstuck' class at Career Source in Cambridge. I think it's time to have a Plan B because Plan A is not working.
  • It occurred to me at the workshop where the leader was talking about caterpillars turning into butterflies, than I am a cynical caterpillar.

Plan A is so not working, and unfortunately unless they pass another extension, I'll be out of Unemployment Benefits in the foreseeable future, which means that I'd better come up with some other job/career choices to keep me busy and with enough money to keep house and home together until things turn around or I can finally network/sweet-talk/bribe my way into a Web 2.0 job.

So I think more workshops and so on with Career Source and other agencies is in my immediate future, too.  Maybe sitting down with one of their career counselors could map out what I should do for Plan B.  I've thought that I could try getting a job at a cellphone store, because I'm good at explaining technology, and a female-friendly salesperson might be able to do well, but it might be a good idea to try for something that could pay more.

I'm mostly trying hard not to feel like a Failure for not landing a job, and mostly succeeding, because rationally I know that it's the market failing ME, not vice versa.  I know that if I could at least get to the Interview stage, where I do well, at least that would be something, but I don't get to talk to anyone but the occasional recruiter, who usually betrays that they don't know enough about tech to do more than send my resume on. SIGH.


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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Chumley is more like a LOLL cat than a lolcat.
  • Heat index rose to 106, so I moved inside and turned on the AC. Although my heat adaptation is finally starting to work....
  • Finished EVIL GENIUS, took it right to the library and took out sequel GENIUS SQUAD.
  • Cat mommy not up until 8 am. Cats most disappointed with cat mommy. Cat mommy waiting for caffeine to start percolating in her veins.
  • Oh look! Jim Beaver! On an episode of Psych. Well, I guess I should give the show a chance, right?

Still don't have PC back yet, although Angeltronics has isolated the problem to my video card getting fried, which a) means that we don't have to reinstall everything and b) don't risk losing data and c) if I'd done the reinstall, the problem would still have persisted. So although this is taking way longer than I'd like, I'd still say we're ahead on points.

I so want my PC back, though. All my Adobe are belong to it, as well as iTunes. I love my iBook, don't get me wrong, but it's more like a Netbook functionally in my life!
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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Time to stop playing with a Flash accordion menu and go do Sunday shopping already!

I found a CC licensed version of  the classic  functionality that I'm free to adopt and adapt for my own purposes, making a video-displaying widget that opens 'drawers' showing videos.  Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers on the internet, making me not have to reinvent the wheel to get this to work.

In practice, the amount of work needed is somewhere between "taking a perfectly nice car tire and slapping on a new hubcap" and "cutting down the car tire until it fits an electric scooter." 

  • From an Accepting Father of a Non-Conforming Ten Year Old Boy << Open Letters to KRXQ Sacramento

Background: some radio hosts at KRXQ went off into a pretty horrible and ignorant rant about transgender kids and how they should have it beaten out of them, et cetera.  And they are rightly getting the response they so richly deserve.  This post is a long and thoughtful, well-written entry that will educate many on the problems these kids and their families face, and why this is a great teachable moment.

  • Chumley, despite having had a full and healthy breakfast, is now licking the Spare Cat's empty bowl. He really does have an eating disorder

Sometimes I need a reminder that I am a dutiful CatMom, and having Chumley licking the extremely empty bowl kind of shows that it's not entirely my fault that he's overweight, i.e. he's relentlessly pushing for PleaseSirCanIHaveSomeMore.

  • I lied, played with accordion menu ActionScript some more. Even though I need lunch, et cetera!
  • Spare Cat got out of the donut again, but she uncarefully left it next to the location where she'd stashed the soft collar! Ha!

It turns out that she sort of shoved it underneath the blanket in the closet in the box where she likes to hide.  I mean, she really did manage to ruck up the folded blanket and deposit it underneath, or maybe she accidentally moved the blanket in the process of struggling out of the donut.  But the soft collar is once again found!  HA!

  • Off to see UP. No, that doesn't sound right, exactly....
  • After having seen UP, I keep telling Spare Cat she's wearing the Cone of Shame, but she's not much mollified.

OK, OK, "the Floppy Cone of Shame" since she's back to the soft collar, but as a friend of mine says, really for cats it's the Funnel of Frustration.

As for Up, I had a really fun time of it, especially because I loved the dogs so much.  We didn't catch it in 3D, which from the reviews doesn't sound all that much a loss, particularly because now I've done enough 3D animation to really catch what an amazing job Pixar does with the technology of 3D rendering.

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • 387 - The Graveyard of the Atlantic << Strange Maps

I've linked to this site before -- and will likely again, I expect.  This entry is a map of shipwrecks off Sable Island, as godforsaken a glorified sandbar as you could find, 150 miles from the nearest land (Nova Scotia, represent!) and a menace to navigation always.

  • Just caught Spare Cat catching her collar on a projection and backing out of it. Considering putting her back in the stiff, horrible collar.

...and it would serve her right.  If she works up her way to making An Immense Effort, she can lick at the wound, which isn't helping the healing any, and prolongs the time she has to be wearing a collar.

Incidentally -- the softer cloth collar still hasn't shown up.

  • ...has been locked in mortal combat with a transparent banner to run on top of a picture, but has triumphed. Actionscript, you are my bitch.
  • Um, kind of forgot to eat lunch. Time to fix that now!
  • I just ate either Linner or Dunch, which considering I'll be in class from 6-10, probably isn't the best way of managing mealtimes today.

I'm volunteering to do up a web page -- with some Flash link boxes featuring thumbnails -- which is giving me some resume/portfolio cred, plus making me stretch my abilities here and there, like having to deal with the layering of Sprites and button-like behavior in non-buttons.  Having a lot of fun doing it, too, well, as long as I don't have to eat.

  • Just catching up on the news -- go Team NH!

Today NH signed into law a Marriage Equality bill, joining MA, VT, ME, CT and strangely enough IA, into allowing so-called "gay marriage".  MA has had it for five years now, and our state seems to be thriving instead of collapsifying....

  • Java -- finally understanding the difference between int and Integer. Only took me a year and 8 months.

I started this class in September 2007, for those who are keeping count.  And yes, we only cover Java intermittently, but its come around enough times that you think I might have paid attention when the compiler accepts int and Integer equally well and wondered why.  I guess that's the bonus of going through this again, where I'm not only picking up on the nuances that flew over my head, but twigging the behind-the-scenes patterns and paradigms that actually control how things come out.

  • Have warned Spare Cat that if she doesn't shape up, I'm changing her nickname to Donut Head. She seems unfazed.

Honestly, you would think the 15th time in a row that she tries to walk over the keyboard and gets dumped off onto the floor, she'd get a clue.  Or gets chastised for Knocking Non-Cat-Toys Off The Desktop when there are perfectly good cat toys being waved seductively and tossed charmingly for her benefit.  But, nooooooooo.

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • FBI terrorist interrogator on the uselessness of torture and the efficacy of cookies - Boing Boing

Amazing how much more reliable the information you can glean from humane treatment is.  Somebody in the discussion pointed out that it's sort of like inducing Stockholm Syndrome, and I suspect they're right.  And strangely, the Geneva Conventions are completely silent on the use of kindness.

  • Spare Cat is not an Affection Sponge. She is an Affection Mugger who wants Teh Love Nownownow and will crawl up on your face to get it.

Chumley is definitely an Affection Sponge -- if you start petting him, he can never get enough of it.  And he will often remind you that he likes being petted.

Spare Cat, however... isn't content to wait around for it.  Oh no.  She demands it.  If she had a little gun and opposable thumbs she'd force you to pet her about 80 times a day.  As it is, she jumps up on your lap or the desk or whatever, and pushes into your hands or even your face.

  • ZooBorns: Nubian Goat Kids at the Indianapolis Zoo While I'd take a turkey for the backyard, I'd really like a goat!

Even if it turns out that the only plants left in my backyard are Weeds That Goats Don't Like To Eat -- it would be worth it.  Also... how cute are these kids?

  • Amazing how much better the patio looks now that I swept about a billionty-seven maple seeds and old blossoms & whatever off it!
  • Said hi to house-shoppers checking out the empty house behind my yard. Seemed like nice people, hope somebody like that buys the place!
  • My state rep put an offer up on Freecycle for some violets, mint plants so I emailed her & got some. That's real public service from a pol!

What can I say -- it  was a backyardy day for me.  I felt ambitious early and used an old broom to sweep up, so that the concrete isn't speckled with litter and I'm like... oh gosh, this looks so much better.  Glad I did it before the Prospective Buyers showed up.  Talked to them over the fence, volunteered that the train tracks so close by are very very rarely a problem (which is true, but keeps the cost of these houses a bit lower, which is good if you're a buyer in search of a bargain).

And yep -- my State House rep is Patricia Jehlen, who lives about a mile from here, and has a lovely garden.  When I told her that my childhood backyard had white violets all over it, she got a shovel and dug up a couple more for me!  And now they've been planted in my backyard, where I've already got some purple violets, but have missed the other style a whole lot.  Aww!

  • Spare cat has not only managed to get out of her e-collar, she's hidden it... somewhere. I'm tempted to put her back in the stiff one.

And it would SO serve her right.  But I think I'll just go by PetCo and get another soft one.  She's managed to reopen the wound a bit, and anyway, I've got to be able to return something to the nice person who lent it to me.

Of course, the collar will turn up probably when we least expect it.  But it's really, thoroughly G O N E for now.

  • Testing the XML Flash app online! Don't mind the silly icons, K?

It seemed like a good idea to actually try the app in an online environment -- which makes sure that I'm not depending on some local setup. It behaves as advertised, so I'm quite the happy camper.  I'm sure there's about ten better ways to do this, in Javascript and through Content Management Systems and all, but for cool DIY design, not too shabby.

  • Movie Trivia: Mary Poppins - Neatorama Still a Biiiiig favorite movie for me, bad Cockney accent and all!

I do love this: "Dick Van Dyke freely admits that his cockney accent was awful and in fact kind of gets a kick out of it. " Good for him, I say.  This makes me want to write a bit of fanfic where it turns out that his character is in fact an American posing as a Cockney for some bizarre reason.   Thank goodness that the impulse will pass me by.

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I thought, therefore I twittered:

  • Spare Cat managed to remove her surgical staple by catching it on the cloth edging of her soft e-collar. She is amazing talented, sort of.
  • By the time Spare Cat goes home, I will have extra muscles in my left arm from propping her up in my lap as I type.
  • PS -- Spare Cat's wound is looking much better despite staple removage -- wound is drawing closed, skin looks good around it.
  • Trying to explain to Spare Cat the concept of the Firm Protestant Handshake but it's All Cat PDAs All The Time with her.

I couldn't get to her in time to save the staple, or at least stop her from hurting herself on it -- because she was thrashing around a bit, pulling on it as she tried to get the edge free, and yowling as she hurt herself.  (Dollars to donuts, I bet she used to catch her tail as a kitten and CHOMP on it, surprised that it hurt....).  But the staple tore out of the remaining little strip of skin and honestly, the wound isn't all that much worse -- in fact, it's visibly healed up since that point, so I'm going to leave well enough alone.

She still has the soft collar on, but she can navigate much better in it than the stiff plastic one.  The borrowed collar is sort of like a little cape, which kind of fits her persona.

I keep telling myself I knew what I was getting into when I volunteered to catsit, but really, I didn't.

  • OK, I just spent about two hours trying to figure out why my XML wouldn't load -- I typo'd file names listed therein. Me = Queen of Idiots.

Oh there were more problems than just the typo'd file names, but really, if I'd had that right, it would have boiled down my mistakes to just a couple that I could have identified and corrected in a timely and efficient manner.  I really did teach myself very well exactly how URLLoader works, but really, it would be better for my stress if I refrained from mistakes that send me down the wrong rabbit hole.

Note to self: always check out the simplest fixes to problems first.  (This is why the Help Desk people always ask if you've rebooted FIRST.  Because it's the lowest overhead method to try, and it really often does help.)

  • If you heard a little girly scream from my backyard, it was me NOT stepping on a dead bird. It was probably somebody else! -looks innocent-

I really did yelp, even if I'm not all that squeamish.  It's just when you're walking out to the patio table and suddenly notice a bird corpse with a couple pieces missing, there's the whole "surprise" thing going on, especially when you notice as your foot is heading downward -- at least a quick hop in time saved a whole crunchy squishy thing happening.

After I regained my dignity, I used the rake to push the sad little corpse off into the vines where I'll remind myself not to weed for a week or two.  I really don't want it to be a two-yelp bird.

Between this, mosquitos and other flying annoyances, and the occasional caterpillar landing on me under the maples, I am reminded that when I go out in the backyard I'm for sure Part of Nature, for good (sun, shade, clouds, butterflies, chirping birds) and well, less good.

  • I have the Flash XML menu widget working right! I'm so relieved that I can indeed wrangle the ActionScript correctly as I thought I could!!

XML is a kind of file that is sort of a human-readable database "list".  The XML file I'm working from looks like this:

 <link image = "thumbs/thumb1.jpg" name="Home!" url="http://somelink" />
  <link image = "thumbs/thumb2.jpg" name="Works Forum Link" url="http://someotherlink" />
  <link image = "thumbs/thumb3.jpg" name="About Link to Somewhere" url= "http://somewhere" />

See, the thing is, you can then have this little Flash box embedded in a regular HTML page.  It looks to the .XML file and pulls the thumbnail from the image designation, the name/headline/explanatory text from the name, and the link text gets passed into the code so that it dynamically loads that page when you click on the picture or text.

That means that a non-Flash programmer can change the links in the box on the fly -- just go in and edit in a new thumbnail file path, new name, new link and as long as the pathname and URL are correct, you're good to go.

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PSA: Pushing Daisies shows the last of three episodes tonight at 10 PM.  Can't miss TV for me, even as I mourn the series being cancelled all over again.

I thought, therefore I twittered:

Slept late courtesy of muscle relaxant, woken in the night by Chumley getting his neck stuck in a plastic bag handle!

Oh, the catmanity!  However, the path of his distress was only from one side of the bedroom to the other, where he went to earth under the bed with most of the large -- it was a big stiff plastic DSW bag -- bag sticking out, so freeing him didn't even involve me getting out of bed, really, just leaning off the edge.

I suspect he's jealous of all the attention that Spare Cat has been getting this week.

I would Rail Against Fate, Woe. Woe conspiring me for not having corn flakes to eat, but in fact it was ME forgetting to buy them yesterday.

I'm finding that being deprived of my rightful Corn Flakes after not being able to eat them for so long has made me more desirous of making up for lost breakfasts.

Am well on my way to remembering how ActionScript works. What a relief!

It's surprising how a couple of months of Doing Other Things can make one rusty.  On the bright side, my mastery of OOP makes some things with the Flash programming much easier to predict and control.

I still have my work cut out for me to get what I want to do all spiffy and professional, but I can see how it's going to work, and that's a big relief indeed.

YouTube - Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version I just hurt something laughing.

Oh good loooord!  The original video was ridiculously operatic and crack-addled Over The Top and full of bizarro images like wrestlers and ninjas and football players in what looks like a boys prep school with the singer raising her arms Evita-like, and big hair and raccoon-eye makeup and unexplained wisps of red silk scarves blowing in through windows.  Add in a new soundtrack where a sound-alike singer  comments on the goings-on, and I pretty  much can't watch this with food or drink anywhere in the vicinity, because it would leap into my mouth and make me spit-take.  The comic timing/dialogue between image and commentary is very very good.

Thanks to [profile] isiscolo for this link.
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I thought, therefore I twittered:

Had an unplanned INTERVENTION mini-marathon last night -- three repeats before the season premiere, and I ended up watching them all.

I hardly ever mention this 'reality' show and yet I catch it nearly every week -- I find it materially different than most shows categorized with that type, as the subjects (not just the addicts, but their families) get portrayed sympathetically and as truthfully as a show condensed from probably dozens-to-hundreds of hours of footage can do.  It shines light onto my own self-destructive behavior and attitudes, and also reassures me that I'm dealing with them well enough.
But even so, an impromptu 3+ hour marathon is long for me.  I sorted a bunch of bills and filed them, paused the TiVo and made dinner and other house chores, so it wasn't entire lost time, because too much TV can be a vice, too.

WHAT WENT WRONG WITH TERMINATOR SALVATION? do NOT read if you haven't seen the movie yet. Worth a look if you have!

If you thought that the movie almost seemed like two different stories welded clumsily together... and one was much more interesting than the other... you were right?

Spare Cat seems to have grown a nickel-sized abscess on her hip. Time to call my vet for advice....

Spare Cat has a 3:15 vet appt. She is not distressed or interested in the wound, but as she's a loaner I'd like to return her w/o any dings

Spare Cat was looked at, prescribed antibiotics and received a staple for ten days. Also the indignity of being shaved around her booboo.

Oh, CeCe! (Yes, Spare Cat has a name.)  I knew that she was Work going into this, but she's managed to exceed all my expectations.  I don't know how she got the abscess, or tear (the vet thought that she might have cut herself on something, and lord knows she falls off enough things and whatnot that it could happen) but there it was, and a nasty little hole in the skin it is.

The good thing in this is that the wound doesn't seem to be distressing her any, or slowing her down.  Most of the unhappiness is solely on my part!

I wonder how many people condemning the choice of Sotomayor didn't see anything wrong with Harriet Myers.

Or, at least, didn't say anything publicly about Myers even if they had doubts.


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