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That 3D Toilet, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Because even 3D bipeds have to go sometime?

Actually it was because one of my classmates was exclaiming over how difficult a toilet was, so I had to Go There, right?

It still needs some finishing touches, like a lid and a handle, but I'm pretty satisfied with the progress -- it's got that organic feeling that real ceramic toilets have, looking like it was molded and fired.

Now I'm going to have to make the rest of the bathroom set....

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If you've been wondering at the explosion of 3D-related posts here, it's because not only am I still auditing the class (while waiting for other opportunities to come my way), the class itself was increased from 4 hours a day to 5.5 (with a half hour for lunch) which means there's been even more time for working on this stuff -- I'm making leaps and bounds in my improved skills, at least.

In the other parts of my days afterwards, I'm spending a lot of time on ActionScript tutorials, having found a couple cool places like and, the latter of which has well-paced and explanatory video tutorials that you can work along with, just like a cooking show, with less mess to clean up afterwards.

What I like about Flash scripting is that it isn't all abstract codey things happening -- you are moving physical representations of your code around the screen, you can SEE the results of what you've written working!

And when you're doing straightforward Object-Oriented programming (as one of the gotoAndLearn() tutorials showed last night) -- you know the part where conceptually you're attaching the code to the objects? -- you ACTUALLY attach the code to the objects.
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My Big Knobs, originally uploaded by moxie58.

I have big knobs and I will not lie....

Well, seriously, I had to make drawer pulls for the chest of drawers I was working on, and it was a fun excuse to play with glass and metal materials, and it seemed so sad to just let them hang there like little tiny knobs when I could set up a nice arrangement....

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I've revamped the animation gallery on my website:

This one isn't an XML-driven gallery, instead I've hardcoded the links so they will appear in the FLV-player window. Since they're short animations (most are 3 seconds), that seems to work best.

Please please tell me if you see any problems?


Aug. 25th, 2008 11:52 am
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Last week I started the final module of my courses at school -- Flash Animation I & II, plus a final lab project.  We've already made a couple very Flash files (bouncing ball, words morphing) which I won't burden you with.  After all I've done with other programs, this is pretty simple, although once again, there's a whole different paradigm underlying how the tools work, so it should be fun to learn, and potentially very useful.

Homework this weekend was to find some good and bad examples of Flash-based sites, so I thought I might as well share my picks with you....
(note: as my friend said, great cause, worst site possible for a great cause)
(note: this will auto-expand your screen.  And despite looking at it for a long time, I'm still not sure what it's trying to do)
(note: fun musical interface, actually, but what does this have to do with architecture???!?)
(note: indescribably bad design, as in My Eyes My Eyes Let Me Spork Them)

And to balance it out, a couple good ones incorporating Flash:
(note: graceful as anything they do)
(Note: best viewed full-screen -- the intro is so delightful I've played it four times)
(note: this used to be all-Flash but they scaled it back and now it's just well-integrated Flash elements.  Be sure to watch the Flash animation about the history of APOPO, an organization that trains native rats to be minesweepers in Tanzania.)

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TC Logo 2
Originally uploaded by moxie58
And we're starting out with "Photoshop for Video", as it turns out that there's a lot of tools that I didn't know about that lets you turn out some accomplished-looking AVIs and whatnot.

I think the quality of what's been uploaded is pretty crappy, but it should give you an idea!
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cabinet_update, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Programming is being awfully awful tonight -- not only can't I get things to work (which isn't unusual) but the instructor can't get them to run either, which should probably cheer me up more than it is, since It's Not My Fault.

I got a call from my ex-coworker Sally because she heard from a recruiter who's looking for a Lotus Notes Developer with a lot of Web design experience. Hmmmm....

But, at least I got more work on the animation done today. Which may not look a lot different than yesterday, but look! Doors that open! Glass shelves! Arched panes! I may have a second career ahead of me as a furniture designer....

Edited to add: I just realized I grabbed the wrong render -- which is only halfway done in this picture. I'll fix it when I get home....
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fireplace_progress, originally uploaded by moxie58.

More set dressing. Considering that most of the action will take place on top of the mantle, I've spent a whole lot of time on the fireplace. SIGH

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[Error: unknown template video]
Seven seconds -- the cool thing is that the surface of the egg is itself animated. It's a living Easter egg!
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[Error: unknown template video]
A 4 second SFX clip -- all created in 3dsmax except for the sunset background
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We're still on the unit for physics and effects, and today we got to... EXPLOSIONS!

This brings together two great fascinations for me, computers and pyromania, so it was a quick four hours indeed. And I was charmed that one of the settings for the explosion parameters was "Fury"!!1!

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For those who didn't want to load a 3.3meg GIF file to see my fountain animation from yesterday, here's the same image embedded in a higher quality (and strangely enough, lower size) Youtube clip:

From the other clips that Youtube associates with it, it appears that fountain animations are relatively common... well, I never did claim what I was doing was unique, anyway. :-)
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We're on the next to last unit of the 3D animation course, so now we're into all those cool special effects that you can do with computers -- making things glow, giving off sparks, searchlights and like that. Stuff you want to play with immediately, but because you'd better learn the hard stuff first, you don't get to do.

Today we played around with adding effects together, so the fountain behind the cut has lighting, drops bouncing off the surface, and a moving camera, too. It's a lot to put into 3 seconds, and the resulting GIF that I put together is about 3.3Mb, but at least I know it will play on about any browser....

This definitely gets a cut for size )
In other news, I've finally managed to get a Java program correctly querying a MySQL database on my iBook, which only took about two weeks to get working. I comforted myself today by describing it as learning to drive a car (Java) by first taking out the engine and having to recreate the carburetor from scratch. With incomplete instructions and no pictures....
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In case you wondered what I've been up to this week, there's this 3 second animation:

Dog Jumping

and this, the girly pirate that I modeled the other week, animated with a random Motion Capture file:

Girly Pirate
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wakingup screen, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Now that we're dealing with Biped animation, I'm learning a great deal about how humans move -- while the computer handles the tweening, you still have to dictate where every body part ends up at key moments in the sequence.

Bodies are very complicated.

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Spinning TV Animation
Created from a 3DS Max .MOV file imported as video into Photoshop...
Spinning TV Animation

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More finished TV, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Here's the latest version of the model I'm making for my portfolio page -- added a whole lot to it, no? I think I can state that there's a definite illusion of 3D here.

I could animate it, make the screen pivot, and put pictures on the view screen too. But that's next module....

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viewscreen sample, originally uploaded by moxie58.

No seriously, the reference pictures we were given for this really is ridiculously long-legged and unrealistic, but that's the instructive text we're working with. It's all game-oriented, I fear, so I suppose I could be glad that it's not worse than it is.

Considering how fast this went this morning -- I got in at 9:30, an hour after they'd started because the cats didn't wake me up, the little furry traitors -- I may actually have improved my speed and ability with this modeling stuff!

Note that there's more pictures if you follow the link back to Flickr!
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working, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Just posted a bunch more pictures of the modeling we've been doing this week -- doing a face is HARD WORK. Like, we've been at this for about 20 hours of class time now, and I'm betting we'll do another 4 tomorrow and still not be finished.

Anyway, this picture is of the 3ds Max program we're working with, and this is the workspace version of what I've sculpted with the 3D tools you see arranged on three sides of the picture. Along the way from it starting as an unassuming block, I tried to take a couple representative pictures of the process, which if you follow the picture back to its Flickr set, shows off what it took to get here!

I spent about three hours today sculpting an ear, realizing as I did so that I've probably not spent enough time LOOKING at ears until now, because damn, there's a lot of detail to get just right.

Yet, it is recognizable as an ear -- I am pretty amazed at myself. And then I went back and started refining the eye, the nose, and mouth, cheeks and chin. I feel like I took a big leap in ability this week.

During the break I got up and took a little walk, saw a calendar, and realized that the 30th of this month, it's been a year since I was laid off. If you'd asked me a year ago today how I'd be spending today, I'd never have guessed that I'd be making an ear with 3D software....
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Wireframe, originally uploaded by moxie58.

Here's the first of a quick set of our work this week, showing off the figure we've been modeling. This shows off the "anatomy" of the character figure.

The idea is that its in this stiff and spreadout pose so that we can add an internal structure later on to be able to animate it properly. Not to mention that it will look like cloth or skin or leather or whatever the surfaces should be to look "real".


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