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theodosia ([personal profile] theodosia) wrote2011-05-07 04:16 am

From Twitter 05-06-2011

  • 06:26:01: RT @alqaeda: Not happy about being hastily buried at sea, but at least the Westboro Baptist Church couldn't picket the funeral.
  • 07:52:25: My car is fixed -- or so they say. Will go pick it up now on the way to work....
  • 08:25:08: Got car! Life is better already!
  • 11:27:44: IM IN YUR JOB WRYTING YUR PHP!!!1!
  • 19:27:56: I'm so damn tired and achey! But I survived my first week of work, and evidently I've got them convinced I know what I'm doing....

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