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theodosia ([personal profile] theodosia) wrote2011-05-06 04:18 am

From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 06:40:56: Must take car back to service -- it's stalling out when slowing or stopping.
  • 09:25:55: Still at the dealership, still waiting for a loaner car. Still haven't had a breakfast... I may just have to leap ahead to lunch.
  • 13:10:23: RT @mrdavehill: Today I am just going to just try to be the best me I can be. Not sure what I am going to do after that, maybe get a sa ...
  • 14:57:03: RT @sparkymonster: HOW TO ENRAGE A SCI-FI/FANTASY FAN: 1) Wait for one to say something. 2) Say "I disagree." -- too often true!
  • 15:44:05: Car on shop for overnight. Better than it crashing into something with me in it. I suppose.
  • 20:08:30: I got to do some lite programming today -- starting to work with UI elements. Day had rocky start but did get some better.

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