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From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 08:25:56: RT @tzikeh: Just woke up. Apparently two people I've never met who represent an obsolete and offensive manner of governance got married. ...
  • 08:28:11: RT @wildestranger: Is Prince William wearing the Barrayaran imperial uniform?
  • 08:28:19: RT @angrygoat: I'm really hoping this is the start of a live action Doctor Who episode.
  • 08:29:22: TwBirthday of @ConnieHirsch is on 20 June 2007, godfather is @dmk, certificate at via @TwBirthday
  • 09:13:02: RT @xenijardin: Good morning, Cape Canaveral. We are here to attend the royal wedding of a spaceship to her sky.
  • 10:11:11: OKay... my next tweet may well come from work... if not, then after! Wish me a good first day!
  • 15:42:50: Only a 3-hour workday today -- I had to set up my own computer. Will start with a 30hour Tues-Fri schedule and ramp up. 3 day weekends?!?

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