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theodosia ([personal profile] theodosia) wrote2011-04-29 04:16 am

From Twitter 04-28-2011

  • 06:55:47: "We Meat Again" via @poorlydressed --Love this. Wish there were more pictures, in fact.
  • 11:30:17: Dropped by my old Job Search group to bring them the good news in person (hopefully some job-getting rubbed off!)
  • 11:48:27: Mental Health Break via @dailydish -- Duckling Vs Dog. Made me laugh and Spare Cat got upset (bonus!)
  • 14:35:59: Oooh! Faerie Winter is waiting at the library for me. I might as well run some errands in that there direction, oh yes.
  • 14:36:52: Also before the rain starts...
  • 17:54:16: Telling grocery store I was leaving was total anticlimax - they were understanding, I suspect they may have expected me to be temporary....

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