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theodosia ([personal profile] theodosia) wrote2011-04-28 04:15 am

From Twitter 04-27-2011

  • 07:31:29: Ack! Must go and sign Papers today for the new job -- and start tomorrow. Also, formally resign from supermarket job, the least fun task.
  • 12:16:56: @raveninthewind -- Yeah, it's 36 minutes if you trust Google Maps, except for the congestion -- an hour is more like it! Still glad!
  • 12:21:39: @careersourcecam -- It just fell for me, got a 6mo contract for a professional programming job. I will email details for your records!
  • 12:23:19: Contracts signed. Contemplating health insurance options -- yep, I get my choice of plans, too! And dental and vision!!!1!
  • 17:31:18: Violets have bloomed in my backyard! This very small patch fills me with much happiness -- next to lilacs they're my favorites!
  • 17:31:44: RT @brianstelter: Amazing moment on Birmingham's WBMA: huge tornado caught on the station's Tuscaloosa SkyCam. Screen grab: ...
  • 17:55:01: There is a squirrel barking at me. We seem to be at odds over just whose backyard this is.

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