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theodosia ([personal profile] theodosia) wrote2011-04-27 04:17 am

From Twitter 04-26-2011

  • 09:20:44: Our 26 Favorite "Haters Gonna Hate" Images - Urlesque (Or "Adversaries will be most displeased."
  • 13:20:02: The recruiter has called and left a message, sounding rather cheerful. I'm scared to call him back!
  • 13:21:16: Oh -- from yesterday -- they took down most of the Easter stuff, starting putting up picnic/backyard supplies. #firstsignsofsummer
  • 13:42:19: The place I interviewed with last Thursday wants me to start this Thursday. Eeep?
  • 15:01:15: Amazingly, I've now gotten TWO calls from other recruiters about other projects. It must be Hire Me Season or something.
  • 15:29:50: Oh god, I'd completely forgotten that I have class tonight! Things are maybe happening a little fast for me...

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